The Best DOOM (2016) Secrets and Homages

Demons and gibbing? Pfft. Secrets are the main appeal in id Software’s DOOM.

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id Software’s DOOM is finally out and much like earlier games in the classic franchise, it’s chock-full of secrets. We don’t even mean the odd secret here and there to get a chuckle out of you. No, DOOM is simply bursting with secrets to find, from homages to previous games in the series to other id Software properties and even other Bethesda games. What are some of the cooler secrets you can discover? Let’s take a closer look. John Romero’s head not included (or is it?).

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Demon Destruction

When you’re in Lazarus Labs, head over to where the Doom marine’s crypt is and check on the left side for a computer. Interact with it to start a little puzzle game, that functions a lot like Candy Crush but with classic Doom sprites. Doing this will get you the “Time Well Spent” challenge for the mission in case you needed any more incentive.

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