The Division 2 – D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions Patch Notes Reveal Skill Buffs and Changes

Cooldown reduction has been changed to skill haste, Brand Sets have been buffed, and much more.

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The Division 2 - Episode 1 - D.C. Outskirts Expeditions

The first big new content update for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is finally live, introducing new story DLC with Episode 1 – D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions. Available first to Year 1 Pass holders, the DLC adds some new main missions, new locations like Kenly College and Manning National Zoo, and new weapons to earn. However, the free update that buffs skills is live for everyone.

The most important takeaway is that cooldown reduction has been replaced by skill haste, though the latter will offer diminishing returns after 100 percent. Skill haste bonuses on Brand Sets have been increased significantly as well. There also damage increases to skills, like the Assault Turret, which has 22.5 percent increased base damage, longer duration, and reduced cooldown.

Check out some of the patch notes below. Full patch notes can be seen here for more details on the new Exotic Weapons, bug fixes, and so on. Episode 1 – D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions will be available on July 30th for non-Year 1 Pass holders, so stay tuned in the meantime and experiment with the new skills.

Skill Haste

Cooldown Reduction has been replaced with skill haste. Skill haste works equivalent to speed. So 100% skill haste reduces cooldown by 50%, like a car speeding up by 100% getting to it’s destination in half the time. This means that the player can invest in more than 100% Haste and still get something back. It also means there’s a diminishing return to Skill Haste, as opposed to cooldown reduction where each point was actually worth more than the last one. This allows us to have a good amount of Skill Haste possible from gear, but even larger amounts granted by high skill power Skill Mods, granting skill builds more frequent access to their souped up skills.

To that effect, these are the changes to Haste (formerly Cooldown Reduction)

  • Removed the 90% Cooldown Reduction hard cap
  • Lowered the minimum Cooldown cap for all skills from 10 seconds to 3, except for the Chem Launcher which is now 8
  • Renamed all instances of Cooldown Reduction on existing gear to Skill Haste, with a 50% increase to their base values. Eg: +10% Cooldown Reduction will become +15% Skill Haste
  • Increased Surge talent Skill Haste bonus from +10% to +20%
  • Increased Alps Summit Armament 1-piece Skill Haste bonus from +10% to +20%
  • Increased China Light Industries Corporation 3-piece Skill Haste bonus from +10% to +30%
  • Increased Petrov Defense Group 3-piece Skill Haste bonus from +10% to +30%
  • Increased Tip of the Spear 3-piece Skill Haste bonus from +20% to +40%

Specialization Skill Mods (granted from each spec tree)

  • Removed all Skill Power requirements
  • Bonuses greatly improved to provide a strong initial boost to the skill platform


  • Cyclone Magazine – Extra Mortar Ammo bonus increased from +1 to +3
  • SHD CPU V.2 – Damage increased from +7% to +100%


  • Magnetic Disc – Skill Haste increased from +9.7% to +80%
  • Larrea Tridenta Infusion – Healing bonus increased from +14.5% to +50%


  • Graphene Battery – Duration increased from +14.5% to +80%
  • Carbon Fiber Frame – Skill Haste increased from +9.7% to +80%


  • Microwave Amplifier – +30% Banshee Pulse Confuse Duration
  • Directional Transmitter – +30% Banshee Pulse Cone Size

Skill Platform Changes



  • Scanner Pulse will now begin its cooldown after a 3 second delay on activation, rather than at the end of the Pulse effect’s duration
  • Lowered Scanner Pulse base radius from 52m to 50m
  • Lowered Scanner Pulse cooldown from 90s to 40s


Lowered Remote Pulse cooldown from 120s to 60s


Lowered Jammer Pulse cooldown from 120s to 90s



  • Increased Assault Turret base damage by 22.5%
  • Increased Assault Turret base duration from 120s to 300s
  • Lowered Assault Turret cooldown 120s to 60s


  • Lowered Incinerator Turret base damage by 60%
  • Increased Incinerator Turret base burn damage by 60%
  • Lowered Incinerator Turret base burn duration from 5s to 4s
  • Increased Incinerator Turret base duration from 120s to 300s
  • Lowered Incinerator Turret cooldown from 120s to 90s


  • Increased Sniper Turret base ammo from 5 to 6
  • Lowered Sniper Turret cooldown from 240s to 60s


  • Lowered Artillery Turret cooldown from 240s to 60s
  • Increased Turret platform base health by 100%



  • Increased Restorer Hive base healing amount by 50%
  • Increased Restorer Hive base health by 20%
  • Lowered Restorer Hive cooldown from 240s to 90s


  • Stinger Hive damage is no longer affected by Explosive Damage modifiers
  • Increased Stinger Hive base health by 50%
  • Lowered Stinger Hive cooldown from 240s to 90s


  • Increased Booster Hive base health by 33.3%
  • Lowered Booster Hive cooldown from 240s to 90s

Chem Launcher


  • Increased Firestarter Chem Launcher base burn damage by 60%
  • Lowered Firestarter Chem Launcher base burn duration from 5s to 4s

Riot Foam

Increased Riot Foam Chem Launcher base radius from 1.5m to 3m

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