The Division 2’s First Raid Receives New Info On Objectives, Mechanics, and More Through Datamining

New limited-usage special items, details on multiple objectives, and more.

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The Division 2 will be receiving its first raid soon. Not too long ago, a user on Reddit found interesting details about the eight player-raid through datamining, and now, through yet more datamining, they’ve uncovered some more new details about the mechanics and objectives that will be in play during the raid.

The most notable new mechanic that’s come to light is items known as PowerPlay (or at least that’s their placeholder name in the game’s files). These are limited use items that players have to find in specific areas, which provide unique and hugely advantageous boosts. These items are locked in specific areas (which seems to change on a random basis), and to gain access to these areas, players have to take down Elite soldiers. In the raid’s Legendary version, PowerPlay items are not included.

These items can have a wide range of effects, from restocking your ammo or recharging your skills, to marking vanity or exotic items on your mini map, or turning Hunters to your side against Elites during combat for a short time, or even unlocking a checkpoint in the raid at your current location.

Details on the raid’s multiple objectives have also come to light- for starters, objectives in the Legendary raid will be different, with only a few common ones to be found. In the raid, the first objective sees players fighting their way across a bridge while one agent from the squad is marked as a target that needs to be protected by the remaining players. The next objective sees players having to split into two squads of four each, while yet another objective tasks players with escaping an area while dealing with a new device that can instantly deplete your skills, stamina, and armour.

There are puzzles in play as well, as well as fighting against heavy artillery, or looking for specific items, or being tasked with taking down certain enemy units. From the looks of it, it’s looking like the raid is going to be a long and varied one, with PowerPlay items scattered throughout to inject optional objectives and even more variety.

These details remain unconfirmed for now, but if they turn out to be true, fans of The Division 2 will no doubt be elated. Stay tune for more updates in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, Ubisoft recently spoke about when World Tier 5 will be added to the looter shooter’s endgame- read more on that through here.

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