The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Best Weapons and Their Locations, and Best Fuse Combos

Nintendo's sequel expands on the range of weapons, thanks to the addition of Fuse. Here are some top-tier choices and combos.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has an array of weapons available, some more powerful than others. With the addition of Fuse, it’s possible to make them stronger and imbue various effects. This can lead to some awesome weapon combos, not counting the different weapon properties.

What are the best options, and what can you Fuse to make them even stronger? Before that, remember: Weapon Attack Power isn’t the be-all, end-all when in combat. Like in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, preparation is key. Cook meals and Elixirs, and seek armor that increases your attack to gain an edge and unlock powerful set bonuses.

Also, there are tons of different materials which can work great when fused with weapons. Don’t be afraid to experiment with whatever you find, from materials dropped by the dragons (which bestow elemental effects) to the Flux Construct materials, which increase attack and durability.

Without further ado, here are some of the best weapons in the game.

Master Sword + Light Dragon Materials

This one is obvious – it’s the Master Sword, the Hero’s weapon. However, it becomes unavailable for most of the game after the prologue.

To get it, you need to find the Light Dragon, and the best way to do that is by progressing through the story. A quest, “Recovering the Hero’s Sword,” will be given, where tracking its location on the map becomes easier.

You’ll still need to upgrade your Stamina to two wheels to pull the Master Sword from its head. Complete Shrines and gain Blessings of Light to make that happen, or at least respec from Heart Containers into Stamina. Remember that you can obtain it earlier, even if finding the Light Dragon takes some doing. It wanders around the map, but try hanging around the Great Sky Island with a Zonai Glider, ready to go. For more tips, check out our guide here.

The Master Sword functions much like in Breath of the Wild. It only has 30 Attack Power but doesn’t break. It runs out of energy and requires 10 minutes to recharge before it’s usable again. It also grants double damage when facing Gloom-afflicted foes or bosses like Phantom Ganon. You can also fire beams by holding down the button to throw the weapon.

The best materials to Fuse with the Master Sword are, unsurprisingly, the Light Dragon’s parts. The Shard of Light Dragon’s Fang (from striking its mouth) and the Light Dragon’s Horn (from shooting or hitting its horns) grant 16 and 20 Fuse Attack Power, respectively. Light Dragon materials also have a special effect where dealing damage will replenish your health. Combined with the Master Sword’s beams, which rely on having full Heart Containers, you can effectively keep attacking foes at range and keep your health topped up to maintain the effect.

Of course, you could also Fuse a Diamond, which has a Fuse Attack Power of 25, though the material is quite rare. You’ll find it in the Royal Hidden Passage in Hyrule Castle, which is easy to access once you unlock the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and have the Paraglider. It’s also located in certain Shrines like Yomizuk Shrine, Sihajog Shrine and Jochi-ihiga Shrine, and be obtained from chests, slaying Talus or Battle Talus, ore nodes (though it’s a rare drop), and more.

Scimitar of the Seven + Lynel Horns

The Scimitar of the Seven is a Gerudo weapon and is rewarded upon completing a quest. First, you need to complete “Riju of Gerudo Town” and then the “Missing Owner,” which requires venturing into the desert and saving Isha from Molduga. After saving her, she’ll offer to make a weapon as part of the “Pride of the Gerudo” quest.

You’ll need to provide four Diamonds, 10 Flint, and a Gerudo Scimitar or Gerudo Shield (found throughout the desert in chests, especially those that LikeLikes have). Give these to Isha, and she’ll craft the Scimitar of the Seven, which has 28 Attack Power. However, it also doubles the power of the material fused to it.

So the best way to take advantage of this is to fuse Lynel materials, like White-Maned Lynel Mace Horns, which have an Attack Power of 40. You can find the White-Maned Lynel in the Faron Grasslands Depths or Central Hyrule Depths. Fuse it with the Scimitar of the Seven to double its Fuse Attack Power to 80, making a 108 Attack Power weapon.

The other option is a Silver Lynel Saber Horn, which is even tougher to obtain since you need to slay a Silver Lynel. It’s found in Deep Akkala, Tabantha Frontier, Gerudo Highlands and West Hyrule Plains. You can also find it in the Floating Coliseum in the Depths but must take down four other Lynels. Head here for tips on doing so.

The payoff is worth it as it has 55 Fuse Attack Power, the highest in the game. Fuse it with the Scimitar of the Seven to double its Fuse Attack Power to 110 and create a 138 Attack Power weapon. Since you can use a shield for more defense, this is probably the best (and most straightforward) offensive option.

If the weapon breaks, you can craft another one with the same materials, though this can get expensive.

Lightscale Trident + Lynel Horns

The Lightscale Trident was used by Mipha, Champion of the Zora, and can be yours after finishing the quest, “Sidon of the Zora.” Go to Dento in Zora’s Domain. He’s a blacksmith who can craft the weapon but will need three Diamonds, five Flint and a Zora Spear, which should be found easily enough in the region. Deliver the materials to get the Lightscale Trident, which has 22 Attack Power.

However, its damage can double if Link is wet, which is easy enough to do with Sidon’s ability. You can also put down a Zonai Hydrant and hit to be constantly drenched, keeping the effect going as long as your Zonai Energy Cell lasts. Of course, the double damage applies to materials fused with the weapon. Once again, you’ll want to Fuse materials like the White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn and Silver Lynel Saber Horn for some top-tier damage.

While it’s cheaper to craft the Lightscale Trident over the Scimitar of the Seven, it’s more situational, and you also can’t keep your shield up at all times (though you have longer reach). Nevertheless, it’s a solid option to have.

Gloom Sword

The Gloom Sword is a peculiar weapon with 41 Attack Power. Fairly high, and when fused with Lynel Materials, like the Silver Lynel Saber Horn, it can go up to 96 Attack Power. However, using it will drain your health, breaking your Heart Container like the Gloom.

There are ways to mitigate this, though, like equipping Gloom-resistant armor, eating meals that provide the effect or fusing materials from the Light Dragon, which will slightly heal you with each strike. The former is preferable when you want to go with a higher Attack Power when, say, facing bosses. The latter is ideal for taking out regular enemies.

How do you get it? By fighting Phantom Ganon. It’s first fought in a quest to save the Great Deku Tree. However, if you fight Gloom Hands, which can appear in the Akkala Citadel Ruins and Great Hyrule Forest Depths, Phantom Ganon can spawn, and the Gloom Sword can drop.

Royal Guard’s Claymore

The Royal Guard’s Claymore is the basis for some of the highest damaging weapons in the game. It has 32 Attack Power (which goes higher when discovering the Pristine version), but its passive ability, Breaking Point, will increase that damage when the weapon is close to breaking. Thanks to its low durability, you can quickly get that benefit and maintain it for several swings before it shatters.

The key here is that this applies to any fused materials as well. Fuse the Silver Lynel Saber Horn for a whopping 87 Attack Power, which is effectively doubled when the weapon is close to breaking. You can take this even further by equipping armor that enhances the attack of bone weapons (like the Evil Spirit set), eating meals that increase damage and fusing material like Molduga’s Jaw (from slaying it in the Gerudo desert) to the Royal Guard’s Claymore when it’s close to breaking.

All of this will stack for some insane damage output, and it was great for farm Lynels since the weapon wouldn’t break when mounting them. However, others have stated that this is no longer the case. The next best option is to use it on Flurry Rush since you’ll have a long window to get several hits. Dodge with a regular weapon, and before the Flurry Rush starts, quickly switch to the Royal Guard’s Claymore + Molduga’s Jaw. If the jaw breaks before the weapon, fuse another bone material and keep going.

If a more traditional damage set-up sounds better, equip armor that increases your Attack Power like the Barbarian set, eat a meal increasing your damage, fuse a Silver Lynel Saber Horn to the Royal Guard’s Claymore, and use it on a Flurry Rush. It’s not as crazy, but the damage output is solid, and the Saber Horn won’t break before the weapon does.

The Royal Guard’s Claymore is in the Hyrule Castle Sanctum. Fly there using Lookout Landing’s Skyview Tower and the Paraglider, and explore the sanctum on the first floor to find it. You’ll want to do this early on since the castle will swarm with enemies as the story progresses.

Royal Guard’s Spear + Lynel Horns

The Royal Guard’s Spear follows the same principle as the Royal Guard’s Sword. It will deal an immense amount of damage just before it breaks. With an Attack Power of 15 (which can be higher when finding a Pristine version), fusing a White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn or Silver Lynel Saber Horn will increase its total Attack Power to 55 and 70, respectively.

When close to breaking, that damage is effectively doubled. The play here is to hit an enemy a few times before it shatters and then throw it. Why? Because thrown weapons deal significantly more damage, the Royal Guard’s Spear is ideal for throwing (bonus points if you get one with increased distance thrown). If you’re willing to sacrifice away some prime materials for the sake of some quick burst damage, it’s well worth doing.

The Royal Guard’s Spear is in Hyrule Castle, like other Royal Guard weapons.

Savage Lynel Bow

Melee weapons aren’t the only way to go in Tears of the Kingdom. Bows are much more potent this time since you can fuse materials to each arrow for elemental effects, added damage, and more. Of course, if you’re going for the best bow, without a doubt, it’s the Savage Lynel Bow, just like in Breath of the Wild.

While its Attack Power is “only” 32, which is still pretty good, it fires three arrows. This allows for up to 96 damage if they all hit the same target. That’s only possible when close to an enemy, but combine this with head shots and fused arrows, and you’ll whittle down their health in no time. Another solution is to use Keese Eyeball-fused arrows, though it’s a gamble whether they’ll land on the same target.

Fun fact: If you find a Rock Octorok and feed it a Savage Lynel Bow, it will spit out a version that fires five arrows at once for even more damage (on top of repairing the weapon). Rock Octoroks can also upgrade melee weapons with different benefits, from increased attack to more durability, so it’s worth seeking them out.

You get Savage Lynel Bows from White-Maned and Silver-Maned Lynels, which usually hang out in the Gerudo Highlands Depths and the Lanaryu Wetlands Depths. They’re also in the Hyrule Castle Depths, Lanaryu Great Spring, and the Floating Coliseum in the Depths.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch. Check out our review here for more details.

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