The Surge 2 Guide – How To Farm Tech Scrap and Level Up Fast

Tech Scrap is everything in The Surge 2 – here’s how to get lots of it quickly.

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Much like its Souls-like inspirations, The Surge 2 grants experience upon defeating enemies in the form of Tech Scrap. Gather enough Tech Scrap and you can level up stats, upgrade items and so on. Even cooler is the ability to bank Scrap so you can go out and farm more without fear of losing it all.

So what’s the best way to get Tech Scrap? First, stick near a Med-Bay area – every time you enter a Med-Bay, the level will reset causing enemies to respawn. Now go out and kill any nearby enemies, farming them to earn more Scrap. That’s just the basic method.

There’s another slightly riskier way to earn massive amounts of Tech Scrap though. When executing enemies, a small Tech Scrap bonus multiplier will start to build up. If you don’t rest at a Med-Bay, that bonus can continue building up, multiplying the amount of Tech Scrap earned. The multiplier increases with each execution and caps out at x3.0. This cap can be increased with implants. The best part is that if you die, you’ll be farming close to the Med-Bay anyway so it’s not too difficult to get your Scrap back. The multiplier bonus is lost upon death or resting at a Med-Bay so keep that in mind.

Enemies can also respawn in a level by accessing the Gear Assembly terminal. So if you want to keep the bonus multiplier going, you don’t even need to access the Med-Bay (Tech Scrap earned can also be banked without resetting it). Equip Reclamation Buddy as an implant as well since it increases Scrap earned from killing enemies by up to 40 percent.

A couple of areas with a decent number of respawning enemies include the back alley of the JCPD right after the prison which has 10 foes. There’s also the sewers right after the bridge enemy – if you take the lift down that way, you can unlock the door to the street by riverside, allowing for even more enemies to farm near the JCPD spawn.

Another decent place is Gideon’s Rock – head down to Cloud Canyon where you’ll find two enemies. Kill the melee enemy first and then the one with ranged weapons. Keep moving and a third foe will appear. Defeat these and head back to the Med-Bay to respawn them. There’s also the Underground once the boss has been defeated – head down the stairs into the Drained Hall. Defeat the enemy at the end of the stairs and drop down. A bunch of weaker enemies will appear – take them out, pick up the Tech Scrap, return to the Med-Bay and repeat.

For more tips, check out the video below courtesy of RPG Division. You can also check out some of our other tips and tricks for playing The Surge 2 here.

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