The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Guide – Armor Sets, Diagram Locations, Infinite Money And More

A complete guide for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC.

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After a long wait, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, which is the second and final expansion to last year’s excellent The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and the conclusion to Geralt of Rivia’s story. CD Projekt RED have said that this expansion is their best work yet- and you know what? They may just be right. It’s a staggering achievement, better in and of itself than entire games are.

There is more to do in Blood and Wine than there is in entire full price AAA game releases these days- so it’s absolutely possible for you to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content on offer. If you do, if you do get lost, you don’t need to worry. That’s what this guide here is for. From locations for places of power, armor set upgrades, and merchants, and more, any and everything you need help finding, is something this guide will help you with. We have also included a video guide that will help you to earn infinite money and crafting materials. Let’s get started.


There are multiple armor sets and upgrades to be found in Blood and Wine– and quite like in The Witcher 3, they’re spread out and hidden all over the map. So, you know- they can be a bit hard to find. And that’s where this guide comes in- below, we will be listing all the Armor Sets in the game that you can find, and we will also be providing you with videos so you know where to find them.

Tesham Mutna Armor Set (Vampiric Aura)

A black vampiric set.

White Armor Dye

This lets you recolor all your armor to white- which is honestly a damn good look for Geralt.

Manticore Witcher Gear Set

An armor set found in six pieces.

Pink Armor Dye

In case you decided that pink would look good on your itinerant Witcher.

Yellow Armor Dye

For those who like a dash of Pikachu on their Geralt.

Black Armor Dye

Gothic Geralt is best Geralt.

Gray Armor Dye

Because the world is full of grays anyway.

Red Armor Dye

This way, no one can tell when you’re bleeding.

Green Armor Dye

Good camouflage for when you are in the fields.

Grandmaster Ursine Bear Armor Set

Look like a complete badass as you go questing and hunting.

Grandmaster Wolf Wolven Gear Set

Dance with the wolves with this set.

Grandmaster Griffin School Gear Set

An armor set found in six pieces.

Gesheft Relic Silver Sword

An extremely effective sword. You need to be Level 45 or above to use it, however.

Vampire Lord Hen Gaidth Armor (Gloves And Sword)

No word on whether or not this set sparkles.

Grandmaster Feline Witcher Gear Set

Because even Geralt is susceptible to the internet’s obsession with cats.


A lot of the upgrades for the armor in Blood and Wine are simple color dyes- something you may have noticed if you perused the list above. Dyes are actually a brand new feature of Blood and Wine– and if you were curious about how they work, the video below should explain what to do with these dyes once you have your hands on them.


If you want to be able to buy dye for your armor freely, this video below will show you where you can find merchants on the map across the world:


There’s a whole lot of great weapons to find in Blood and Wine, mostly associated with various Witcher schools (although there are some that are not). This part of the guide here helps you to hunt them down, so you can have the meanest, baddest swords around.


Aerondight may be the best sword in the entire game- and if you are a fan of the series, you know that it has shown up in previous games too. It’s now finally available to procure in Witcher 3 thanks to Blood and Wine.

Go to the noticeboard in front of Cockatrice Inn, and pick up the quest ‘There Can Be Only One.’ At Lac Celavy lake, the hermit will tell you that you can get a special quest by proving your worth in five areas.

Honor: Go to the notice board in Beauclair, and initiate the quest Till Death Do You Part. Go to the cemetery, investigate the interaction between the ghosts, go back to the quest giver, and tell him actually, it was just a marital spat.

Wisdom: Go to a cave south west of the lake. You’ll see a bunch of people give you the quest Father Knows Worst, prompting you to enter a nearby cave and save their brother. Talk to them again, and tell them No One Dies. Not Today.

Comparssion: Go to Cockatrice Inn, and pick up the quest Big Game Hunter. During the quest, don’t kill any of the panthers. Once you return to the camp, ask the guards about the Count’s life (New life? Something wrong before?). Agree to come to his exhibition when he invites you (Sure, why not?), and then actually visit him when the time comes.

Generosity: When you reach Beauclair, a child will deliver a letter from Yennefer to you. Make sure to tip the child.

Valor: Northwest of Beauclair Palace, you will find a guard asking you for help. Accept his quest, and once he starts talking to you, tell him to Take the damned head, go back to Beauclair.

All of this should be enough to get you Aerondight- and once you have Aerondight, you won’t be wanting much else.

For all the other weapons in the game, check out the videos below!


Yup, Blood and Wine brings with it more Places of Power that you can gain temporary buffs at, scattered across the map- and finding all of them nets you an Achievement, too. Places of Power are simple- you go to one, you draw power from it, and then one of your signs is boosted temporarily. If you want to find all the ones in Blood and Wine, the video below should help.


Roach may still be an absolute idiot, but on the plus side, now he can be an absolute idiot while decked out in gear and outfits you picked out for him. If you needed a guide on finding some of the horse gear in this game, we have got you covered.

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