The Witness Mega Guide: All Puzzles Solutions, Collectibles Locations, Trophies And Achievements

A complete guide for The Witness.

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Jonathan Blow’s The Witness is now available and it’s nothing short of spectacular. The game consists of over 600 intriguing and innovative puzzles that will push your wits and your patience to the limit. But don’worry as we have compiled a guide that will help you solve all the puzzles in the game. Through this guide you will find all the puzzle solutions, find collectibles such as audio logs, briefcase vaults, discarded panels, hexagon paper puzzles 6 theater movies along with how you can unlock every trophy and Steam achievements in the game.

All Puzzle Solutions:

The Witness takes place on an open world island and it’s divided into a number of different areas, each with its own set of unique puzzles that you need to solve. Check out the video guides below which will help you to solve each and every puzzle within the game.

Entry Area – Puzzle Solutions:

Orchard – Cherry Blossom Area – Puzzle Solutions:

Glass Factory – Boat House Area – Puzzle Solutions:

Symmetry Island – Puzzle Solutions:

Desert Ruins – Puzzle Solutions:

Keep – Hedge Mazes – Puzzle Solutions:

Shady Trees – Puzzle Solutions:

Jungle – Puzzle Solutions:

Treehouse – Puzzle Solutions:

Swamp – Puzzle Solutions:

Quarry – Puzzle Solutions:

Windmill – Puzzle Solutions:

Town – Puzzle Solutions:

Bunker – Greenhouse – Puzzle Solutions:

The End – Puzzle Solutions:

The Challenge – Puzzle Solutions:

Collectibles Locations:

Collectibles in The Witness provide more insight into the game’s story. These include audio logs, briefcases, discarded panels, hexagon paper and six theater movies.

Briefcase Vault Locations:

Entry Area Vault and Mountain Vault.

Audio Logs:

You can find audio logs at the following locations:

Keep – Yellow Life Size Panels, Green And Purple Life Size Panel (in between)

Jungle – Entrance, Peninsula.

Mountain: Waterfall, Peak.

Tree House: Doc.

Entry Area – Main Gate, Side Gate, Entrance Roof.

Town – Obelisk

Symmetry Island – Upper Cliff, Cliff near Glass Factor

Discarded Panel Locations:

Keep: Blue Life Size Puzzle

Jungle: Log Bridge

Mountain: Waterfall

Tree House: Green Bridge, Burned House.

Town: Windmill

Entry Area: Side Gate

Glass Factory: Roof

Desert: Coast

Hexagon Paper Puzzle Locations And 6 Theater Movies Locations:

The Witness Trophy And Achievements Guide:

All of these can be unlocked using the guide above.

Get every trophy.

Shady Trees
Activate the Shady Trees laser.

Activate the Symmetry laser.

Desert Ruin
Activate the Desert Ruin laser.

Activate the Treehouse laser.

Activate the Keep laser.

Activate the Quarry laser.

Activate the Marsh laser.

Activate the Jungle laser.

Activate the Bunker laser.

Activate the Town laser.

Reach the end.

Complete a certain challenge.

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