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The Witness is a brand new and upcoming 3D exploration puzzle game from the independent video game development entity Number None, Inc, led by Jonathan Blow who is also the creator of smash hit puzzle game that saw cross platform commercial success, “Braid”. The game will be releasing at some unspecific time in early 2014 and is set to release on Microsoft Windows PC, iOS and PlayStation 4.

When the game launches on PlayStation4  it will initially be as a timed exclusive, before it launches on other video game consoles. This timed exclusivity will not affect the launch window for the upcoming PC and iOS version of the game. In September of 2010 a playable demo of the game was made available at the Penny Arcade Expo, whether or not a pre-release demo will be available remains to be seen.

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Publisher: Number None
Developer: Number None
Platforms: PC, iOS, PS4
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Puzzle

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