Trials Rising Guide: Gold Squirrel Locations, Best Tips And Tricks

Some tips and tricks for Trials Rising.

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trials rising

Trials Rising is here at last, and maybe this is going to be your first time going hands on with Ubisoft’s crazy motocross racing/stunt jumps series. Even if it’s not, it’s been five years since the last main entry came out, and maybe you’re rusty. So, here are some basic tips and tricks to get you started.


  • It’s not all about speed. The thing is, air time can help you get flips, but it’s also slower than being on hard tarmac and speeding. Sometimes, it’s best to ease off the gas as you near the edge of a ramp to get fewer air time, but more time on the ground to regain speed.
  • Complete the tutorials—Trials is basically a platformer, and a physics based one at that. The tutorials will help you come to grips with the physics and controls of the game, which is always helpful.
  • Experiment with the bikes. There’s no “best bike”, so don’t try to find one in vain. Just try different ones—maybe the traction on one will be to your liking, or maybe you’ll like the rapid acceleration on another. Experiment.
  • Flip off! No, I’m not cussing you out. Flips are an important part of the gameplay loop in Trials, so learn how to do them—lean in a direction as you near the ramp, keep leaning to start flipping in that direction, start leaning in the opposite direction to counter your rotation as you are about to hit the ground.
  • Explore the tracks! There are a lot of secrets and collectibles for you to find, so make sure to go off the beaten path, such as there is one, to see what you can scope out
  • Sell duplicate items. Yes, you can do that, and it’s an easy influx of cash when you are running low.


There are 62 Gold Squirrels to find in Trials Rising, and getting them all nets you an Achievement/Trophy. This video below shows you where to find them.

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