Uncharted 3 Beta: 10 Fixes That Need To Be Made

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The Uncharted 3 beta has been running for a fair few days now. Whilst it is a highly enjoyable evolution of the series’ multiplayer, nothing is perfect in this world. For all the improvements made to the Uncharted series, here are ten small fixes that could still be made before the game launches in its entirety.


Power weapons on map


         If Uncharted 2 is anything to go by, the full Uncharted 3 will give players a huge choice of weapons in the multiplayer mode. For the beta though, it seems that most of these guns come pre-equipped with your load outs, rather than being found on map. There are a few power weapons on map, but most of them aren’t in particularly central locations. With a bit of tinkering an extra layer of strategy could be added to the maps, as players would have to fight for control of the vital weapons.


Melee system


            Uncharted’s creative director, Amy Hennig, has mentioned the new and improved melee combat mechanics that allow Drake to efficiently battle multiple foes in Uncharted 3. For all the good this will do in the single player component of the game, a multi-man brawl won’t happen all that often in the online arena. For the time being, we are left with a very basic melee system. You hit square to punch and you do some damage. The problem is that you need to put your gun away, making the blows feel slow, sluggish and unsatisfying. Some minor balancing of speed could clear this issue up.


Medal Kickback balancing


            The popularity of the Call of Duty series’ killstreaks mechanic shows that players like to be rewarded for playing well. Uncharted 3 has duly tried to implement a similar system in the form of medal kickbacks, where players can redeem medals earned in a match for extra fire-power. I think it’s a little extreme in some cases though, giving players already in the lead an unfair advantage. Powers like the RPG were a welcome reward for skilled play, but the creepy crawler kickback seems absurdly overpowered. The creepy crawler kickback will be a pre-order incentive for those who get their copy of Drake’s Deception from Gamestop and sees players transforming into a swarm of scarabs that literally decimate the competition. It also makes you incredibly hard to kill for its lengthy duration. Overpowered much?


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