Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End


Naughty Dog


Genre:Action Adventure

Release Date:2015

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is an upcoming third person perspective, action adventure shooter video game with platforming elements that is currently in development under the industry renowned and massively respected Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog found huge success with their Uncharted Franchise as well as “The Last Of Us”, which has won multiple game of the year awards from several publications.

The game is also slated to be published by Naughty Dog’s parent company, Sony Computer Entertainment with the usual Sony platform exclusivity in mind. The game iscurrently set to release exclusively on PlayStation 4 with no mention of ports, though this isn’t surprising.

At the time of writing, there’s no concrete release date for the game, all we know is that the game is sitting under a predicted date of some time in 2015. But the game will be made available via digital download and at retail when it launches.

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The first official teaser for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was revealed at the Spike TV PlayStation 4 launch show which aired on November 14th 2013. The teaser was released saying that the next Uncharted would be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4.

But following this, the series writer Amy Hennig and the game’s creative director as well as Justin Richmond (game director on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End) had actually departed Naughty Dog and moved on to join Visceral Games, who previously found fame with the Dead Space series.

In the absence of Amy Hennig, it was announced that Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, the two who directed The Last of Us (Naughty Dog’s previous smash hit) would be replacing her for the game’s development. This was announced in June of 2014 when the game made an appearance at E3 2014.

The voice actor who starred in the teaser for the game that appeared at the PlayStation 4 launch event, Todd Stashwick, was set to make an appearance in the game as an actual character. However in April 2014, Todd was announced to no longer be involved with the project, having instead being replaced after the role was recast. It’s not yet clear whom he was slated to play.

In December 2014, a 15 minute gameplay video was released showcasing several new mechanics and the game’s advanced graphics system. It was also recently announced that the game would make use of IK Animation system. “IK” or Inverse Kinematics is (in itself) not an animation technique, it’s an equation that will determine the parameters of Joints in their movement. Thus making them a better option for animators, where it’s refereed to as “IK Animation”, to use over rag-dolls because of the greater emulation of reality.


uncharted 4 ps4 3

There are no plot details currently available regarding the game, thus far any plot theories are based on the games title and the fact that the gameplay teaser showed a map that was resting on Ile Sainte-Marie. An Island off Madagascar that was a popular retreat for Pirates, perhaps pointing towards a tale of buried treasure.


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Gameplay was shown of at the PlayStation Experience Event and shows that the game has, for the most part, remained unchanged in regards to how it is played. The game is still played from a third person perspective with the player taking control of Nathan Drake, a globe trotting roguish treasure hunter.

There is still a heavy focus on platforming through the games somewhat linear levels, though some gameplay has shown the stages to be a tad more vertical than those that have come before it, but whether or not this points to linear levels or divergent paths remains to be seen. To aid in climbing, the game shows Nathan acquiring a climbing spike to help with these sheer rock faces.

In an event that the developers would probably like you to think was organic, but was clearly scripted, a grenade lands next to Nathan whilst he’s engaged in a gunfight. The player then jumps of a cliff and deploys a previously unseen grappling hook before swinging off an edge and landing in a take-down attack against a foe, then gathering up the persons rifle then rounding on an attacker. Whilst too perfectly executed to be organic gameplay, it does show how impressive and fluid the game can be.

Like mentioned above, the gameplay remains largely unchanged, thanks to the established formula of the game and its genre.


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Thus far we only know of three characters in the game for certain.
These characters are:

Nolan North – Returning as the voice of Nathan Drake
Richard McGonagle – Nathan’s friend and comrade Victor Sullivan
Troy Baker – Troy Baker makes a vocal appearance in the game, starring as Sam Drake, Nathan’s brother.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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