Valheim Guide – How to Create Portals and Build a Raft

Getting around the 10th world of Yggdrasil is easy with the right tools.

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Valheim’s world can be pretty rough, especially when you’re trying to cross great distances to return home. So wouldn’t it be great to just teleport? Though fast travel isn’t available, players can construct Portals from the workbench to enable teleportation to and fro.

You’ll receive the recipe for creating a Portal after collecting Fine Wood. Along with bringing certain materials back to your base, the Portal can also be easily dismantled and reassembled. For instance, you could be traveling about, find a good location for a permanent Portal, use a temporary Portal to head back to base, craft another one, and then return to set up the permanent Portal.

Portals are connected by interacting with them. Once this happens, you have the option to tag it, which will connect two Portals. Of course, due to how useful they can be, certain items can’t be taken through. Currently, these are Tin Ore, Tin, Copper Ore, Bronze, Copper, Silver Ore, Silver, Iron, Scrap Iron, Black Metal, Flametal Ore, Flametal, Dragon Eggs and Black Metal Scraps.

How to Build a Raft

Naturally, you’ll need other ways to haul materials around like the Raft. It’s actually fairly easy to build. Make sure you have a workbench near the ocean, then use 20 Wood, 6 Leather Scraps and 6 Resin to build the Raft. Eventually you’ll have options to craft the Karve and Longship but the Raft is best to start with.

Rafts can be tricky to use at first. You’re essentially counting on the direction of the wind and must adjust the sail accordingly. Check the compass for wind direction – you’ll be notified when it’s at your back. This is the best time to have it at full sail. There’s also the rudder, which can be used to turn left or right when needed. The rudder can also be operated if there’s no choice but to sail against the wind.

The Raft is most useful for crossing large bodies of water. Chitin can also be found in the ocean and used to craft the Abyssal Harpoon and Abyssal Razor, two very strong weapons. Just be careful of the Kraken that’s lurking in the water. Subsequent updates will flesh out the ocean more while also adding ship customization so stay tuned.

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