Vampyr Mega Guide: Unlimited Ammo, Health, Cheat Codes, Collectibles, Skills, Farming Materials And Shillings, Medicine Recipe Locations, And More

A complete guide for Vampyr.

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Vampyr is a game that is all about making difficult choices. You play as a vampire, but your character is also a doctor at a time when the Spanish Flu is spreading throughout London. You can choose to kill many NPCs throughout your playthrough, or you can go the pacifist route and try to spare them all. There are many different ways to approach any situation, and it can all get a little confusing, and that’s why this guide is here to help you out!

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


Use Your Vampiric Senses

When you use your vampiric senses, you will be able to see the quality of an NPCs blood as well as any ailments that are affecting them. This will help you in coming up with an appropriate cure if you want to.

How The Blood Meter Works

Apart from your health and stamina bar, you will also notice a red meter which indicates your blood meter. Once the protagonist has leveled up and unlocked special abilities, he will be able to use these abilities only at the cost of this blood meter.

Don’t Just Kill Everyone

In this game, you have the choice to kill many NPCs, but don’t be hasty! If you kill some characters off, then any investigations and story related to these characters will get closed off. As such, think twice before you dispose of NPCs.

Combat Is A Waiting Game

After you lock onto an enemy, wait for them to attack first and then dodge the incoming attack. Once you’ve done that successfully, follow up with your own attack. That’s pretty much all there is to it!

Make Up Your Mind About What Playthrough You Want

If you want to go the pacifist route, you’ll have to commit to it early on. There’s also no point in just killing some NPCs and leaving others alive, as this will make you lose out on story content anyway.


There are various kinds of skills to choose from in the game and they all have their uses. The most important skill to upgrade right away is Stamina, and you can then upgrade health and other stats depending on how the game is going for you. You can find below a list of all the skills in the along with their uses.

Active Skills:

Blood Barrier: Forms a shield of blood around your character, being able to absorb a maximum of 3 hits once it is leveled up. The top upgrade path will absorb 2 hits and last 5 seconds and will also reflect damage back to the enemy. This upgrade path will cost blood. The bottom upgrade path will absorb 3 hits and last 10 seconds, and it will be completely free to use.

Coagulation: This skill temporarily freezes a target enemy for a period of time. The top upgrade path will increase time that the enemy is frozen. The bottom upgrade path steals the enemy’s blood for your own use.

Autophagy: This skill allow you to heal yourself for a small blood cost. The top upgrade path reduces blood cost. while bottom upgrade path will make healing instantaneous at a higher blood cost.

Spring: Lets you lead forward and do shadow damage to the target. The upgrade paths either increase damage or cause a stun.

Shadow Veil: Allows you to turn invisible. The upgrade paths either lets you deal damage and stun when you turn visible or makes the skill free to use.

Shadow Mist: A puddle will form below the enemy that will explode and deal a lot of damage in the area of effect. The upgrade paths either increases damage and the blast radius, or will deal less damage but hit the enemy multiple times and also drain their blood.

Claws: Allows you to use claws to deal physical damage. The top upgrade path deals less damage but will drain blood. The bottom upgrade path will deal much more damage and will also cause a stun.

Bloodspear: This is a long-ranged offensive skill that you can use. The top upgrade path will make the spear bigger and cause it to deal more damage, while the bottom upgrade path will cause the spear to split into 3 but with less damage and lower range.

Ultimate Skills: 

These skills are very powerful and have no cost to be used, but have a very long cooldown.

Blood Cauldron: Deals damage over time and causes an explosion at the end.

Abyss: A puddle forms below the enemy and then suspends them in air for a while before slamming them to the ground.

Rage: Turns your character into a beast for a short while, damaging any enemies it approaches. Works best for crowd control.

Passive Skills: 

Physical Prowess: Increases amount of stamina you have.

Body Condition: Increases amount of health you have.

Fast Regeneration: Amount of health absorbed from enemies when using bite attack is increased.

Hard Biting: Bite attack damage is increased.

Blood Capacity: Increases amount of blood you can have.

Big Thirst: Amount of blood regenerated when biting enemies is increased.

Cartridge Bag: Increases amount of ammo that guns can hold.

Medicine Bag: Increases number of medicines you can hold.


This is already a challenging game, and trying to complete it without killing any NPC can make it that much more difficult. Killing NPCs provide valuable XP that you will have to now find elsewhere. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to finish the game without killing anyone to earn the ‘Not Even Once’ trophy.

Have Healing Skills And Items: Have defensive skills like Blood Shield which can absorb damage, and also carry around healing items which can end up saving your life during a difficult encounter.

Get The Claw Combat Ability And Use Bite: The claw combat ability is great to use in battle and can deal decent damage to multiple enemies. Using the combat bite is also a great way to deal with enemies as you will be able to stun them using this attack.

Complete Every Investigation You Can: Since you will be low on XP, try and complete every single investigation you can find for the XP. Killing standard enemies provides XP, but not nearly enough.

Cure NPCs For Extra XP: You will gain a little bit of XP for every NPC you cure, so try and cure as many as you possibly can.

Use The Shadow Veil Ability: Although many enemies can detect you even while using this ability, this ability will allow you to get past quite a lot of enemies without having to engage in battle.

Upgrade Your Weapons: You will need to look around for important weapon parts and store these so that they can be used to upgrade weapons. Parts such as Good quality handles and triggers are very valuable when it comes to upgrading weapons.


The Spanish Flu is spreading throughout London, and you will have to do your best to save as many people as you can. You will have to first find the medicine recipes before you can craft them. You can find below a list of the different tiers of medicine in the game.

Tier 1 Medicine: Available automatically from the start of the game. Includes the Treatment for Anaemia, Treatment for Fatigue, and Treatment for Sepsis.

Tier 2 Medicine: At the beginning of chapter 2, once you talk to Nurse Crane in Pembroke Hospital, she will send you to find supplies in the morgue basement. You will fight a Skal boss here and once you’ve defeated him, look for the recipe in the right corner towards the back of the room inside a container. Includes the Treatment for Pneumonia, Treatment for Bronchitis, and Treatment for Cold.

Tier 3 Medicine: In chapter 2, outside the main cemetery gates, you will see a crater at the right with a corpse. The recipe can be found on the corpse and it includes Treatment for Migraine, Treatment for Headache, Treatment for Neuralgia.


If you keep an area healthy enough, you may eventually get the place to a healthy condition. However, if you want the ‘London’s Burning’ trophy, you will have to actively take some effort into making the different districts fall.

Every district has a pillar of the community and you have to take down this pillar in order to turn the district hostile.All you have to do is kill as many citizens as you can, and let the disease spread without doing anything to  stop it. Once you get the Mesmerize skill to level 5, you can also eat as many NPCs as you want, and you should make use of this skill. Killing people isn’t enough, and at some point you will have to decide the fate of the pillar of the community, which will finally turn a district hostile. After you’ve dealt with all four pillars of the community in the different districts, you will earn the ‘London’s Burning’ trophy.


The Mesmerize skill allows your character to feed on innocent citizens throughout the city. Doing so will lead to a decrease in safety in the area, but it grants a huge amount of XP. This skill cannot be leveled up like other skills in the game. It will gain levels only as you progress through the story. You just have to complete main quests to level up the skill.

To feed on some characters, you will need a higher level of the skill, so you will just have to wait to complete enough quests for the skill to level up.


Weakness of Vampires: Fire and Sun

In the Prologue, you will need to find shelter in a building. Inside this building, on a shelf in a corner of the room, you will find this document.

The Guard of Priwen: New Practices, New Tactics

This next document can be found in the First Chapter, in the side of the docks opposite the bar. It will be on a blood-sucked corpse inside the second warehouse.

Weaknesses of Vampires: About the Use of Garlic and Wooden Stakes

Inside the Hospital, on the ground floor in one of the desks in Thomas Elwood’s room.

Species of Vampires: Rare Species of Vampires

In the same hospital on the 2nd floor, in Dr Edgar Swansea’s office. You enter this room during a cutscene in the Second Chapter.

The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole: The Ban of the Dragon

This is found in the sewers near the hospital in Second Chapter, on a corpse.

The Origin of Vampires: The Antique Figure of the Vrykolakas

Check inside Darius Petrescus’ house storage room.

Species of Vampires: Supremacy of Ekons.

In Chapter Three, Mine Area, search the room Harriet is in.

The Skals: Origin of the Skals

After your decision about Sean, the document can be found outside the Night Asylum, in the Western Docks. Between some wooden boxes on the outside of the fence next to the path leading to the ‘North Docks’.

The Great Hunt: The Blood Night Tragedy

After speaking with Lady Ashbury in her mansion, you will find yourself deposited outside her house. Enter it again and you will find it in the same room Lady Ashbury was in.

The Origin of Vampires: The Heresy of the Pure Blood

In the same Chapter Three, inside Kimura Tadao’s house in West End. Beware for there is a Level 27 Vampire Fight right outside her house, which is North of Reid’s Mansion.

The Story of Ascalon: History and Purpose of the Ascalon Club

You can find this document inside Ascalon Club’s building, Ground Floor, Right Room.

The Need for Blood: Of the Recreational Use of Blood

Same Club building, Basement. Key to the basement can be found in the 2nd floor.

The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole: The Lost Library

West End, Venus Crosley’s House, 2nd Floor drawer. However to gain access to the house, you must first level up Mesmerizing for her to let you in. The house is East of the Ascalon Club.

Species of Vampires: The Violence of Vulkods

Gifted for defeating Boss Leon Augustin on your way to Aloysius.

The Great Hunt: The Crime of Lost Knowledge

Another Chapter Five collectible, this document can be found in the room where you will find ‘Usher’ in Dawson’s Mansion. Right after the battle with Leon Augustin.

The Guard of Priwen: Laughing at the Guard

This is a Chapter Six collectible. To get this, you need to go back to Southwark and kill a beast in one of the foundry buildings. You will be given a Foundry Key once you kill one, which can be used to find the collectible in the 2nd floor of the 2nd Foundry building.

The Story of Ascalon: Vampire Factions and Skals

Can be bought from ‘Martin Nightingale’ in the Docks, South of Night Shelter.

The Origin of Vampires: Fertile is the Belly of the Beast

Head South of the hospital and you will find Mortimer Goswick’s house where the collectible can be found. To get inside you will need the key which you can take from Mortimer’s body after you embrace him. He’s in the hospital with his mother.

The Story of Ascalon: Vampire Club

On the map, the collectible is hidden in the small blue circle next to the letter H of Hospital.

The Legendary Vampires: The Myth of the Horned Vampire

Before the final boss fight, on your way to Harriet in the sewers, you can find this in a straw box on your left. The sewers can be interested from behind Ascalon Club in West End.

Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole: Origin of the Brotherhood

Granted upon completion of the side mission Usher the fortune-teller tasks you with. Note that you will only get this collectible if you do not read his journal.

Off-Hand Weapons

Used Stake

Found in Chapter One. Once you unlock your first skills, go downstairs and attack the enemies that break through the door. Teleport to the next building once you finish them and on a corpse downstairs, you will find this weapon.

Used Liston Knife

Found in Chapter Two. Search the basement of the morgue, on your story path.

Good Dagger

Found in Chapter Four. Search the 2nd floor of the Ascalon Club.

Used Priwen Stake

Found in Chapter Six. Can be found in the same room as Collectible no. 25. Undertake Thelma’s quest in the Hospital to get there.

Gwyneth’s Surgical Knife

Embrace Gwyneth in the Hospital.

Thoreau’s Surgical Knife

Embrace Dr Thoreau Strickland in Hospital and take the weapon from the next office.

Sabrina’s Dagger

Embrace Sabrina in the Docks.

Ichabod’s Stake

Embrace Ichabod in the Western Docks.

Giselle’s Dagger

Embrace Giselle in the Western Docks. She is sporting riot gear and attacks on site- she is marked with an exclamation point on the map.

Charles’ Truncheon

Embrace Charles in West End.

Charlotte’s Stake

Gifted to you by Charlotte upon completion of her quest. Teleport from Venus’ Balcony to the house on the opposite side and then shadow the blood trail.

One-Hand Melee Weapons

Used Machete

Found in the Prologue, this is the very first weapon you run across in the game. Pick it up to defend yourself against enemies.

Used Bludgeon

Found in Chapter One, you get this after defeating William Bishop.

Used Hacksaw

Found in 2nd floor of the Hospital.

Remarkable Saber

Found in Chapter Four. Received for defeating Doris Fletcher.

True Dragonbane

Found in Chapter Six, this is by far the most complicated weapon to find; you need to have found Collectible No. 30 before. This weapon can be found behind a wall in West End, on the path that leads to Usher, which happens to be lined with pressure plates on the ground. Sometimes a glitch when the area has hostiles will allow you to enter by hitting it with any weapon.

Clay’s Hatchet

Embrace Clay at the Hospital.

Newton’s Saber

Embrace Newton, also in the hospital.

Rakesh’s Surgical Saw

Embrace Rakesh in the hospital and then loot his box.

Seymour’s Bludgeon

Embrace Seymour in the Docks.

Archer’s Hatchet

Embrace Archer in the Docks.

Louise’s Machete

Embrace Louise in West End.

Two-Handed Melee Weapons

Used Scythe

Found in Chapter One. Found after the hideout, when you cross a bridge and enter a tunnel with Jonathan. The scythe can be found in the middle of the tunnel.

Common Barbed Cudgel

Found in Chapter Two. Search for it in the beginning of the sewer.

Common Mace

Found in Chapter Three. Found in the area in the Hideout where you meet Bridget.

Common Axe

Found in Chapter Five, after the Leon Augustin battle. This weapon can be found just before the exit out of the sewers.

Samuel Connor’s Mace

In Chapter Six, embrace Dr Corcoran Tippets in the Hospital and then loot his box in the Doctor’s room upstairs which yields a tiny key. This key opens up the basement of the morgue where on a corpse lying on a table, you will find the mace.

Booth’s Axe

Embrace Booth in the Docks.

Rodney’s Scythe

Embrace Rodney in the sewers, near where you run across Harriet.

Ranged Weapons

Used Revolver

Given to you in the Prologue, in the upper floor of your shelter when you begin your game.

Used Lupara

Found in Chapter One. After the bar and after you get to the other side of the river, this can be found in the 2nd floor of the 2nd building you see, in a chest.

Common Pistol Parabellum

Found in Chapter Three. You win it after defeating the guy with the flamethrower in the docks- Jimmy ‘the Spark’.

Remarkable Pump Action Shotgun

Found in Chapter Four. Found while investigating the source of the epidemic in West End, it is in the eastern most house you will search through.

Good Double-Barrelled

Found in Chapter Five. Search the chocolate shop in the 2nd floor of the shopping mall in the North portion of West End region. Defeat the enemies in the lower floors and then teleport up.

Milton’s Shotgun

Embrace Milton or buy it from him at Pembroke Hospital to get this shotgun.


Shillings and crafting materials can be found throughout the world of Vampyr. You just have to search every container and crate you come across to find them. Enemies will also drop shillings and certain types of materials.

To earn shillings, focus on completing investigations, and remember to sell and item that you are not using and are not likely to use in the future. You can upgrade weapons using parts such as the Good quality handle or Common handle. These can be hard to find. Your best bet to finding these is to check with vendors such as Calhoun Russell, Barret Lewis, and Milton Hooks. These vendors will have these items in limited stock, so once you’ve bought out their supply, just go to sleep to advance time and check again if they have more of the item.


Note: Please use the following cheats at your own discretion. Using cheats online or offline may lead to an immediate ban. GamingBolt or its staff members are not responsible for any problems arising due to their use.

If you’re finding it particular difficult to progress in the game, or if you just want to have some zany fun with the game, you can try out different cheats which grant benefits such as Unlimited Health, Unlimited Stamina, and more. All you have to do is download the cheat table provided on this site ( ) and select what cheats you want enabled in the game. This will enable cheats such as:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Blood
  • Unlimited Serums
  • Unlimited Inventory Items
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload

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