Warframe Receives Two New Weapons and Armour Set, Mirage Ability Changes

The Baza SMG and Cassowar polearm join Warframe’s growing arsenal of weapons.

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Digital Extremes’ Warframe has received two new weapons and a new set of cosmetic armour pieces for players to pursue on PC. The Baza is a submachine gun that’s silenced while the Cassowar is a twin-bladed polearm that can inflict Slash damage. Blueprints for both can be found in the Tenno Lab of your Clan Dojo for research.

The newest armour set is the Syrinx armour, which is meant to match the aesthetics of the new weapons. It consists of a chest place, leg plates and shoulder plates. If you’d like, it’s possible to purchase the Baza Collection which has the Baza SMG, Cassowar and Syrinx armour all bundled together.

The latest update also changed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability. Instead of placing a booby trap on nearby objects, it’s now a jewel that attracts enemies and can cause either a radial explosion to damage foes in the light or a radial blind to foes in the dark. When activated with Hall of Mirrors, each Mirage clone will place a small jewel to attract enemies. Mastery players can also note that Mastery Rank 25 has also been added as a new test. For full update 22.4 patch notes, head here.

For information on hotfix 22.4.1, which fixes numerous bugs and issues, check below or head here.

Mirage Sleight of Hand Fixes:

  • Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand jewels having the wrong texture when placed in the dark.
  • Fixed missing FX around Mirage’s Sleight of Hand jewels spawned by her Hall of Mirror clones.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand jewels spawned by her Hall of Mirror clones appearing in the floor.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand jewels being invisible for those on a low spec machine.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing the correct Sleight of Hand jewel texture if the Host does not look at the jewel.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand not applying your Energy color to the jewel when placed in the dark.


  • Fixed the Cassowar not awarding any Clan Affinity. It now awards 3000 Clan Affinity! For those that have already Research the Cassowar, your Clan Affinity will be retroactively awarded by opening the Clan screen or entering the Dojo.
  • Fixed being able to use Guandao Rivens on the Cassowar.
  • Fixed experiencing a hitch when transitioning to Cetus from the Plains as the Client.
  • Fixed losing your crosshair if you use a hotkey to switch from the Nosam Cutter to a Fishing Spear.
  • Fixed the Capture Target deviating from their normal navigation path and falling into kill volumes (water, etc) in the Plains.
  • Fixed a case of Latchers spawning at very high levels in the Plains and killing objectives instantly as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/881897-plague-star-mixer-defence-over-way-to-quick/?do=findComment&comment=9231661
  • Fixed the minimap appearing gigantic when loading into the first mission of the Jordas Veridict.
  • Fixed experiencing a long hitch when viewing your Sigils in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an invisible blocking volume in an air vent on Venera, Venus.
  • Fixed Zaw energy colours not working as per https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7f1w2j/energy_color_on_infested_zaws_infested_parts_wont/

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