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A few days back, we brought to you a spectacular feature, in which we listed out some possibilities we would like the Xbox 3/Xbox 720 to incorporate. In continuation of the same series, keeping up the promise we made at the end of our previous article, we now present to you this piece of work, in which we will discuss some possible features of the PS4, and how it can become a better console than the PS3.

Before proceeding, we would suggest you have a look at some interesting designs we collected a few weeks back for the PS4.

Let us begin now, and have a look at how PS4 can become the best console of Generation 8 of gaming.

Let’s Move it, Move it

The PlayStation Move might not be half as successful as its rival Kinect (the sales have not been as impactful, and Kinect has been getting nigh perfect reviews everywhere), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as good. While some people might say that Move tries to mimic the Wii controller, I say it tries to heavily refine it, to the point of perfection- and it does its job wonderfully. Move is unimaginably responsive, and Sports Champion is a hell lot of fun to play, and I simply cannot wait to get my hands on the more “hardcore” Move titles, such as Killzone 3 and the like. I would simply love to see the PlayStation 4 incorporating Move as one of its main controllers. And since all the Sony franchises will be supporting Move with all their might, plus all the third party franchises, no one would complain about the lack of hardcore games anymore.

But why would Move be such a wonderful addition to the PS4? And if Sony have released Move right now, in 2010, why would they release the same tech and depend on it in the next generation, a few years down the line? Well, I believe developing PS Move for the PS3 was kind of just like a test- they were testing if it would be met with acclaim and success, to see what people like about it and what they hate about it, so that they could perfectly refine this motion sensing controller and incorporate it in the PS4.


With Sony having implemented the third dimension into almost every area they cover in the market, 3D has become a very, very important aspect of the PS3, and Sony is working really hard to promote it, and sell it as an idea that works properly. But the PS3 doesn’t have it as its main focus, it’s one of the PS3’s many focii. PS4 should have 3D incorporated as a feature that all games on the system have to support from the get-go. If only 3D would be implemented in PS4, as an optional choice, of course (I don’t want to throw up every fifteen minutes, not even if it’s to play games), it would be fantastic. Oh, and yes- no glasses please. I know that basically depends on the TV mostly, but it depends a bit on the system as well.

New Controller- PLEASE!

Notice any difference? No? Are you serious?! Well, neither do we. Except for the colours and the wires, and a single button added in the third controller. I mean, it’s good to have a controller that we’re familiar to, and are acclimated to, but having the same freaking controller every time around?! Look at the Xbox, the PlayStation family’s (current) rival. The Xbox and the Xbox 360 have had the same kind of controller, but have been very different from each other. Even Nintendo comes up with new controller designs every generation. Think up of something more futuristic, like the Boomerang- of course, not exactly like the Boomerang, just try something new like you did with it… and try it better, please.

Keep It Blue

Blu-ray is awesome tech- not only has it almost completely thrashed the DVD format to hell, it also has proved to be rather convenient for the games industry. It has not only managed to make the games sharper looking and more “HD,” they can also fit into a single disc, unlike the Xbox 360, where it takes several discs to store certain games. Keep Blu-Ray as your optical format for the PS4, Sony, and I’ll be one happy ass. Just please, oh please, don’t go the PSPGo way with it.


Before anything else, let me tell you people something- PlayStation Network is a brilliant community, and one of the best things the PS3 has to offer. It is, however, still only playing catch-up with Xbox Live, its rival service. Of course, with PSN Plus, the paid service of PSN which offers a lot more than it originally did, the service is ever closer to matching Xbox Live’s quality. But still, we want to see the same level of content that we do on Live, and we want the same free services we get from PSN. Like give us exclusive demos and exclusive downloadable games, something which have seen happening recently. Just a few more additions to the service can make PSN a dream come true for any online fanatic.

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