Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Full Walkthrough

Here's what to expect from the Main Battlefields in Team Ninja's latest action RPG and how to get through it all with minimal difficulty.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty (14)

If you’ve played either of Team Ninja’s Nioh games, it shouldn’t be surprising that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is long. In addition to Main Missions (called Main Battlefields), there are optional Sub Battlefields in each region.

For this walkthrough, we’re only going to focus on the 16 Main Battlefields which constitute the story. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Full Walkthrough

Village of Calamity

The first Main Mission or Battlefield sees the protagonist meeting the Blindfolded Boy and fighting through the Yellow Turban Rebellion soldiers in the ruined village. You’ll eventually face off against Zhang Liang, General of Man. Upon defeating him in the first phase, Zhang Liang will transform into a more demonic form. Deal enough damage to him, and then unleash the Beast to win the battle.

Two Chivalrous Heroes

The next Main Battlefield sees your character awakening in a new area after the battle with Zhang Liang. You’ll fight off some Yellow Turban Rebellion soldiers and eventually receive the aid of Zhao Yun. As you progress through the fort and defeat various enemies, you’ll fight Zhuyan, an ape demon.

Defeating it sees the player progress further into the area, meeting Zhu Xia the blacksmith, and eventually encountering the main boss – Fengxi, a giant demon boar. Upon defeating it, you’ll meet up with Hong Jing.

The Valley of Crying Wraiths

Yes, it’s the valley from the first demo, except you’re accompanied by Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Many enemy placements have changed, while others are the same, but once again, you’ll be traversing the valley and entering the caves. The main boss this time is Zhang Fei, a sorcery wielder who’s also very good at melee combat.

The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven

A massive fort teeming with demons and Yellow Turban Rebellion soldiers sounds intimidating, but you’ve got Sun Jia. That should count for something. Upon clearing the area and ascending the steps to the main building, you’ll face Zhang Jian, General of Heaven. Defeat him, and you’ll finally unlock the home base – Mt. Tianzhushan.

In Search of the Immortal Wizard

Speaking to Hong Jing at Mt. Tianzhushan sees you embarking on a mission to find her master, Zuo Ci. As you traverse through the forest, even battling a regular version of Zhuyan, you’ll enter some caves that finally exit to a clearing. It leads to Aoye, a demonic-looking bull with ice attacks.

Once it’s defeated, the way to Zuo Ci is open. Before fighting the boss, check around the area for the Taoist’s House Key. From the Battle Flag, go straight out of the caves and then take a left (right goes to the boss) to find it.

Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch

This mission can be a little tricky (even with Cao Cao helping you), due to its Battle Flag placements, locked cells, and purple water that drains your Spirit gauge. You’ll need to eventually go down into the large concentration of water, traverse through it, and then climb back up to the other side. Upon defeating some soldiers, you’ll face Baishe, a half-serpent boss.

Defeat her, and you’ll make your way outside. In addition to pots with purple water, there are some new enemies – ninjas. At the end is the main boss, Zhang Rang, who conjures clones to buff himself. After beating him, it’s on to a new region – Tyranny.

The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass

It is a rare Main Battlefield where you don’t have any NPCs joining you throughout (though you can still use Reinforcements to bring them in). Traverse through this snow-covered fort, and you’ll be face to face with perhaps the toughest boss in the game – Lu Bu. He has two phases, a horse and deals massive amounts of damage. Defeat him, and it’s somewhat smooth sailing.

Centuries of Glory Burned Away

Liu Bei joins you for this mission, which has you navigating a burning environment. It’s a decently sized level that ends with perhaps the biggest boss yet – Taotie. It has three phases, but the fight isn’t too tough.

Darkness Over the Hanshui River

The next Main Battlefield sees Sun Ce and Sun Quan joining you as you traverse a port and its boats, dealing with water demons along the way. The main boss here is Sun Jian, who’s transformed into a tiger demon. Encouraging your allies and keeping a safe distance is enough to dispose of him.

Tyrant’s Final Banquet

The final Main Battlefield in Tyranny has you once again going it alone. The area has locked cell doors and purple water, but thankfully not as abundant. Reach the end, and you’ll fight Dong Zhuo, who uses a large spear.

War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely

Set in the Fortitude region, this Main Battlefield has you navigating the burned-out remains of a city en route to a battle with Xiahou Dun. Xiahou Yuan will accompany you, though it’s not a bad idea to call on more Reinforcements for this fight. Xiahou Dun uses fire attacks and flies around the battlefield, attacking in unpredictable ways, so defeating may take some tries.

The Way of the Warrior

Puyang has been retaken, but Lu Bu has captured the Xu Province and Xiaopei. You must head to the latter and rescue Liu Bei, an ally on this mission with Zhang Fei. Zhang Liao is the main boss, relying on Lightning and fast-paced attacks to deal immense Spirit damage. Once he’s defeated, you’ll receive Bixie, the Beast.

Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men

With Lu Bu reeling from fights with Cao Cao and Liu Bei, he’s retreated to Xiapi Stronghold. You and your allies lay siege to the location, with Hong Jing accompanying you. The final encounter is against a demonic Lu Bu, who has turned into a centaur that deals fire damage.

Behold the Glaive of Righteousness

After Lu Bu’s defeat, you must travel to the Malic region and help Guan Yu and Cao Cao fight against Yuan Shao. In the middle of the mission, you’ll need to battle Yan Liang and Wen Chou, though Guan Yu will help you. In the second half, Zhang Fei joins the team. The main boss is a demonic version of Liu Bei.

Decisive Battle of Guandu

Following Liu Bei’s defeat, the player must travel to Guando Fort to fight Yuan Shao. Interestingly, this Main Battlefield offers three bosses – a demonic Yuan Shao; Yu Ji, the mastermind behind the Elixir; and his demonic form, the Embodiment of Demonic Qi. Once Yu Ji is defeated, you’ll return to the starting level for a destined encounter.

The Crouching Dragon Roars

It’s the final Main Battlefield, and you enter with 20 Fortitude. There’s only one Battle Flag, and you proceed to the final boss battle against the Blindfolded Boy. Defeating him will grant a new Beast, Yinglong, and unlock Rising Dragon, essentially New Game Plus.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. It’s also playable on Game Pass. Head here for our review, and if it proves too tough, check out our tips and tricks feature here. You can also learn more about each boss and how to defeat them here.

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