World of Warcraft: Legion Update 7.3 Brings New Locations, World Quests

Class Hall missions, a new dungeon, Artifact Customization and more arrive in Shadows of Argus.

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World of Warcraft Legion Shadows of Argus

Blizzard Entertainment has updated World of Warcraft: Legion with some major new content. Update 7.3 aka Shadows of Argus brings a new location for players, namely the Burning Legion’s homeworld Argus where the Army of Light will collide with the forces of evil in a climactic battle.

To travel to Argus, players will use the Vindicaar. They’ll visit new locations (including Invasion Points where players will enter portals and battle the Legion on different worlds), partake in new world quests, explore the new Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon and even see some new animations.

With such a heavy focus on story, where the Legion plotline will finally be wrapped up, players will have lots of new PvE content. The Class Hall will offer “dozens” of new missions, new Troop types and even the ability to increase the item level of your Champions to 950.

You can check out the full patch notes here with a few notes below.

Argus World Quests

As you progress through each of the areas to explore on Argus, you’ll unlock new World Quests and new Emissaries eager for your help.

Artifact Customization

Harness the power of Argus to activate the Netherlight Crucible aboard the Vindicaar, allowing you to augment your Artifact Relics. The Crucible can be used to strengthen and customize Relics, increasing their raw power and allowing players to choose from a set of additional powers, including a second Artifact Trait to improve.

Combat Animations

New and updated animations, effects, and audio are coming to all three Mage specs, all three Priest specs, and Elemental and Restoration Shamans. Restoration Druids have updated animations.

Class Halls, Champions, and Missions

Your Class Hall and its assorted Champions played key roles in the defense of Azeroth, and their keen efforts are needed to succeed with the new challenges of Argus. You’ll find dozens of new missions, along with new Troop types, and an increase in your Champions’ item level to 950.


Loot dropped in Normal, Heroic, and Mythic dungeons is now increased in power by 20 item levels:

  • Normal: item level 845
  • Heroic: item level 865
  • Mythic: item level 885

Mythic Keystone rewards scale up to a maximum of item level 915 in the dungeon, and item level 935 in the weekly chest, both capped at Mythic Keystone 10. This cap in will increase to Mythic Keystone 15 at a future date.

The difficulty of Heroic and Mythic dungeons has increased to reflect the improved rewards. Normal dungeon difficulty is unchanged.

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