WRC 2010 Devs: “We are not scared about Gran Turismo”

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In an interview with ComputerAndVideoGames, WRC 2010 devs- game director Fabio Paglianti and head of physics designer Irvin Zonca- said they are not scared of Gran Turismo 5 and the guture of their upcoming rallying game, in spite of the fact that Sony’s megaton GT5 will be releasing a mere month after their annual rallying game is released. He insisted that WRC is “real rallying” and Gran Turismo is not.

“We are not scared about Gran Turismo,” Irvin Zonca said.

“No because our game is completely different to Gran Turismo, honestly,” Fabio Paglianti chipped in with his own comment.

“It’s another kind of game. We give the players a completely different experience. It is based on the official license, which has been missing from the market for the last five years for PlayStation users and I don’t remember if there’s been a WRC game on Xbox and never on PC I think so it’s like a new kind of market in this sense.”

“It’s based on a different type of driving style because with a game like[Gran Turismo 5 you drive faster but like a real car in the road. In rally it’s completely different you have to understand; what is the ground, the grip, the speed? And then you can try and do a handbrake manoeuvre, you can try and do a counter-steering manoeuvre so it’s a completely different way of driving.”

They also go on to say that Gran Turismo 5 is far from real rallying.

“In Gran Turismo you don’t have the official 2010 cars. They are not updated,’ Zonca said. The two of them also pointed out that the cars and locations in Gran Turismo 5 are three years old.

“For example, Tuscany is not a real location. If you look at the way the graphics are polished, they’re really beautiful but the fact is that it’s not real because you have this wide circuit covered with dust, it’s a circuit with one type of gravel instead of the tarmac.”

“If we would have done Tuscany we would have had not a circuit but a starting point and an ending point, with a lot of fans, different terrains, different objects in the circuit. With Gran Turismo there are no trees and stones and bushes in the circuit, it’s like racing on a dirty track so it’s really really different.”

Before signing off, Palgianti had one last thing to say- “A fan of WRC can find, finally, a WRC game for the console and for the PC. For someone who doesn’t know anything about WRC can taste the difference, which is the difference between WRC and all the other kind of games, because it’s a rally game – completely different.”

Don’t worry Black Bean, we have a hunch GT5 will be delayed again, and you’ll be saying this same stuff next year, when GT5 will supposedly be releasing a month after WRC 2011.

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