Xbox One X Has Helped PS4 Pro In Terms of Developer Support And Graphics Enhancements – Pachter

Wedbush Securities analyst talks about the dropping prices of 4K TVs also leading to more console sales.

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Xbox One X

You’ve probably heard all there is to hear about the Xbox One X and how powerful of a console it is. Perhaps unsurprisingly, developers have been jumping on board to enhance their titles for the console. From what developers have been saying, it doesn’t even take that much effort to properly optimize a game for Microsoft’s platform. So it’s good news for the company, right?

However, a rather interesting twist is how the Xbox One X could possibly be helping the PS4 Pro with developer support as well. Whether it’s by proxy or from public pressure (which goes both ways – remember the backlash against Destiny 2 when it was thought to support the PS4 Pro but not the Xbox One X?), it seems Sony is benefiting from the Xbox One X as much as Microsoft. Right?

We posed this question to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter who said that even though this is the case, the lower price of 4K TV sets are also a major factor.

“I think that the PS4 Pro also has the benefit benefit of being priced lower, and it seems to be selling a bit better, though that is a bit hard to tell with retail, because we don’t know exactly how many Xbox One Xs were shipped; they’re probably sold out for a few weeks. But yeah, I think that as opposed to the Xbox One X helping the PS4 Pro, I think the very low price of 4K TVs now is helping both.

“So if you’re going to buy a new TV now, say it’s time to replace your main TV, it no longer makes sense to buy 1080p TVs. The difference in price between 4K and 1080p screens is now negligible, literally a hundred bucks. So it just doesn’t make sense.  So if you’re a gamer, and you’re playing on a 40 inch TV, the difference in price is literally negligible.

“So once you make the decision to get a 4K TV, you might as well get a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X – and I know the Pro is not actually 4K, but that is how it is marketed. So, yes, I think all these things are connected. More 4K TVs lead to more sales for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, and more sales for those systems lead to more developer support for both. And you’re right, once you make a game enhanced for Xbox One X, you might as well do it for the PS4 Pro. So sure, you’re definitely right.”

Once again however, will it be enough to help Microsoft rally Xbox One sales against the PS4? Time will tell but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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