Xbox One’s Capability To Run High End Games at 1080p And 60fps is Something That Remains To Be Seen

DayZ creator Dean Hall talks about the pressure that Microsoft and Sony are both facing.

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If you’ve played Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ, you know that Dean Hall isn’t just any one else. This is a man who not only created a mod that became more popular than the original game but managed to monetize it through early access alone. GamingBolt spoke to Hall about a variety of things, but most importantly about the PS4 and Xbox One.

Upon asking whether the Xbox One would be capable of running high end games at 1080p resolution and 60 FPS, Hall replied, “Well, I think that remains to be seen.” He followed up by saying that, “It’s a very exciting time. I would not want to be Microsoft or Sony right now, and I think I’ve said that to them.”

Which makes sense, given the frenzy that’s been created over 1080p/60 FPS games on the current generation of consoles. “That’s a lot of pressure, and the margins are really tight, and the consumers are right in their face with everything. Every decision they make gets torn to pieces on reddit or on the internet.

“It’s a really hard time for them, but good on them for getting in there and doing it. I haven’t looked a lot at the Xbox One or the PS4, I don’t actually own one myself, but what I have seen, it looks impressive. It’s a pretty big step in the right direction, particularly for the PS4. I was pretty critical of the PS3. It was very hard to develop on if you were a third party, but the PS4’s a lot easier to develop on.” This is primarily due to the PC-like architecture of the console.

“I had never worked on a first party PS3 title, but from what I could tell, you got a lot of special, good tools from Sony. Microsoft is coming from a position of strength here where the Xbox was always pretty easy to develop for because it was fairly similar to PC architecture as well. I think their push towards being very indie friendly is something Sony had been doing for a long time.

“I went to an expo in the UK, and saw Sony there doing their ‘We love indies’ thing, and Microsoft really wants to get into that. I think the cool thing is that they’re trying to take the best parts of PC gaming and bring them to consoles, and I hope they do that because I’m not a traditional console gamer, so if they can capture that market, perhaps they’ll capture my interest as a consumer, too.”

DayZ is currently bound for the PS4 but not the Xbox One. What are your thoughts on Hall’s opinions? Let us know in the comments.

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