Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country Complete Guide – Collectibles, Fast Trust Farming, Leveling Up Fast, And More

A complete guide for the Torna – The Golden Country expansion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Torna: The Golden Country is the final expansion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it’s big enough to have been released as a standalone expansion. The game will explore the story events 500 years before the story of the main game. There is lots to do in this game including finding collectibles, battling unique monsters, and more.  If there is any information at all that you would like to know about the game, then this guide is here to help you out.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


There are a number of collectibles to find in the game, and these can be used  to increase affinity towards blades. You can find below the full list of collectibles that can be found in this expansion.

Wingberry Cake – Jin 

To get the Wingberry Cake, you will need a few items and these are Ruska Flour, Cranberry Bell, Lactonut, Melosian Honey, and Weeping Flour. You can get Ruska Flour in Hoary Weald Camp, in Gormott. Check around the northern part of this area, and you will be able to find three points where you can collect this. As for the Lactonut,it grows in Torna in the Aletta area. You will be able to get Melosian Honey in the same place that you got Ruska Flour from. Finally, you can get Weeping Flour from the collection points in Torigoth Village.

Community Spirit- Minoth

You need the Memento Bark and some Sticky Stick Insects to get this item. You can find the Memento Bark in Gormott, in the Hidden Hunting Camp. As for the Sticky Stick Insect, you can find it also in Gormott, but in Torigoth Arch.

Galaxy Charm- Lora

For the Galaxy Charm, you will require a Ripple Lens,  Moramora Pearl, and a Planetary Crystal. The Ripple Lens can be found in Gormott at the Hoary Weald Camp. You can find the Moramora Peral in Torna in the Aletta Region. As for the Planetary Crystal, it can be found at the Torigoth Arch in Gormott.

Miracle Parfait- Mythra

For this item, you need the Lactonut, Melosian Honey, Nest Extract, and Moonbeam Banana. You already know how to get the Lactonut and Melosian Honey since you needed these for the Wingberry Cake as well. For the Nest Extract, you can get it in Torna, in the Aletta region. As for the Moonbeam Banana, it can be found in Gormott, to the south of Lyanna Meadow at the Lakeshore Campfire.

Golden Land Talisman- Haze

For this, you will need Bladed Holly, Golden Sand Cocoon, Angel’s Sage, Cotton Branch, and Shepherds’ Coronet. All of these items except for Cotton Branch can be found in the same area: just go to the Dannagh Region in Torna and then travel to the Turqos Plateau. You will be able to find these items in and around this area. As for the Cotton Branch, head out to the Outrider’s Forest Trail in the Dannagh Region in Torna and you can find this item there.


There is a method you can use to gain huge trust rewards quickly in the game. To do so, you will first have to  get your  hands on some necessary items. The first of these is the Hunter’s Chemistry III and it is dropped by Lapis Vang in Gormott that are between level 36 and 38. The place is east of Valafum Hill and northeast of Singbreeze Bough.

The next item you need is Hugo’s Heart Compass and you get it as a quest reward for completing the quest ‘Salvage the Salvager’ from Dudan. The other item you need is Addam’s Telepathic Bell and it is a quest reward for ‘Trail of Destruction’ from Bry and/or Kaym. Once you have crafted both these items, give +50 Trust when you reach max affinity which brings the Trust Reward to +110.Once you have both items crafted, equip Hunter’s Chemistry on all your characters and attack weak enemies with Arts to kill them quickly. This will allow you to instantly hit max affinity and also gain huge Trust Rewards.


You will earn experience in the game just by fighting enemies you come across, but this isn’t the most effective way to level up. There are a lot of side quests available in this expansion and they are the best way to level up in the game. You can find side quests marked with a blue marker on your map. Whenever you find yourself under-leveled, just complete a few side quests and you will level up in no time. The video below will show you how you can get from level 50 to level 99 in the game.

How To Level Up Your Community

In this expansion, raising your Community Level is very important as it gives you access to new quests along with other bonuses. Initially, the only way you can add characters to your Community is by completing side quests for them. However, later on, you will be able to get some characters for your community by just talking to them. You will see these characters marked with a smiley face next to them, so make sure you talk to them to get them to join your community.


All About Combat

The combat is pretty much the same system as you saw in the game, and you’ll know what to expect if you’ve ever played an MMO. You will just auto-attack an enemy when you target them, and once you’ve attacked them enough, you will be able to use Arts. Arts gain charge as you deal damage with auto-attacks, and these are special abilities that can deal massive damage to enemies. Once you use Arts, they will have to be charged up again before they can be used again.

By using enough Arts, you get to charge up Specials which are even more powerful abilities than Arts. Things are pretty simple up to this point. It gets a little more complicated with having to cancel actions at times. Basically, you can cancel auto attacks into Arts and you can also cancel Arts into Specials. You will want to use Action Cancels because they are much faster and it also charges Specials faster, but keep in mind that the action cancel has to be used on the last strike of an auto attack animation or after the animation for an Art is over. you can use Action Cancel in various ways, such as when switching blades to speed up the game for yourself, so keep trying it out to see what results you get.

Vanguard And Blade Switching

Vanguard Switching is a system whereby you can switch between controlling a Driver or Blade in between battle. Once the Rear Guard gauge is full, you will be able to perform this switch. Apart from giving you direct control of your Blade, this will also result in a Switch Art which is a powerful move. Furthermore, when you first use the Vanguard Switch, the Blade’s Arts will already be charge for use once. You can also switch between blades in combat, but there is a cooldown when in the middle of a combat.

Affinity, Combos, And More

You can increase affinity by having Driver and Blade fight close to each other and also by having them follow up on each other’s attacks. This will basically make them more effective in battle. In battle, there are also Talent Arts you can use at any time in battle but these are usually a trade-off. For example, you may be able to deal damage to an enemy by also losing some health.

There are various kinds of combos in the game such as Driver Combos and Blade Combos. Driver Combos allow you to inflict negative status effects on enemies while also getting some HP Potions and increased damage. With Blade Combos, you will have to use Specials in increasing levels. Once your party’s specials are charged, you will be prompted to initiate the Blade Combo, and that’s it. You can also learn to pull off special Blade Combos by chaining together Specials of certain elements. By using Blade Combos, you will charge up a gauge for Chain Attacks. Once the gauge is full, you can use Chain Attacks, and there will be elemental orbs to destroy. You can destroy the orb by using an opposite element Arts attack. When unleashing Chain Attacks, enemies can’t retaliate, so it can be very useful in getting some damage dealt. Chain Attacks are made up of rounds and as you destroy an elemental orb, you will get another round of attacks.

For using Chain Attacks, you will be able to fill up the Full Burst gauge and a Full Burst attack deals even more damage. If you manage to defeat an enemy when using a Chain Attack, you will enter Overkill which will grant extra XP, WP, and SP from  killing the enemy.

Slate Pieces Locations

You will need Slate Pieces to access the Cavern of the Seal in Torna. The locations for each of these pieces are listed below.

  • Leaden Slate Piece: Found in Tornan Titan Interior
  • Dawning Slate Piece: Found in the Lasaria Region in Mernes Falls
  • Indigo Slate Piece:  Found in the Lasaria Region in Porton Village
  • Crimson Slate Piece:  Found in the Lasaria Region in Feltley Village
  • Scarlet Slate Piece: Found in the Aletta Region in Hyber Village
  • Moss-Green Slate Piece: Found in Auresco, Royal Capital in the Orem Storage Ward
  • Peach Slate Piece: Found in the Dannagh Region in Loftin Nature Preserve
  • Rusty Slate Piece: Found in the Lasaria Region in Yanchik Harbor
  • Purple Slate Piece: Found in the Aletta Region in Aletta: Militia Garrison
  • Chestnut Slate Piece: Found in the Aletta Region in Tirkin Cliff Colony
  • Hollyhock Slate Piece: Found in the Aletta Region in Lake Sarleigh
  • Navy-Blue Slate Piece: Found in the Aletta Region in Hyber Village
  • Inky Slate Piece: Found in the Tornan Titan Interior
  • Cherry Slate Piece: Found in the Dannagh Region in Verdant Fairylands
  • Cinnabar Slate Piece: Found in the Aletta Region in Cavern of the Seal
  • Dark-Grey Slate Piece: Found in Auresco, Royal Capital in Sachsum Gardens

Barney Stone Locations

There are four different Barney Stones to find and you can find their locations below.

  • Another can be found in the Aletta Region in Torna. It can found to the north of Ossum Magnum in Millennium Grotta.
  • One of them can be found in Torna in the Lasaria Region just to the south of Secluded Boneway.
  • Another of the stones can be found in the Lasaria Region in Torna to the north east of Yanchik Harbor.
  • Finally, one stone can be found in the Dannargh Region. It can be found to the east of Dannargh Desert in Titan’s Ulcer.

Unique Monsters Locations

You can find below the list of powerful unique monsters in the game along with their locations.

  • Hurricane Anise: This is a level 100 monster and can be found at Pedestal of Stargazing.
  • Erratic Goliante: This level 45 monster can be found at Saints’ Practice Grounds.
  • Scowing Quincy: This level 25 monster can be found at Tirkin Cliff Colony.
  • Sentinel Capathia: This level 65 monster can be found at Feltley Village.
  • Gourmand Galgan: This level 38 monster can be found at Wrackham Moor.
  • Flying Fortress Desmor: This is a level 55 monster that can be found in Turqos Plateu.
  • Sleepwalker Mork: This level 33 monster can be found in Peln in Pilgrims Springland.
  • Mesmer Tlaloc: This level 85 monster can be found in Streamsand Corridor.
  • Overaffectionate Murph: This level 18 monster can be found in Lascham Cove.
  • Handwringing Bigelow: This level 25 monster can be found in Serene Springside.
  • Nomadic Rusholme: This level 44 monster can be found at Behemoth’s Roost.
  • Ravine Bunnit: This level 50 monster can be found at Hoary Weld Camp.
  • Harbinger Cavill: This level 23 monster can be  found at Haradd Hills.
  • Lunar Amaruq: This level 33 monster can be found at Hyber Village at night.
  • Sequestered Ludd: This level 48 monster can be found at Pulsating Passage.
  • Beatific Ophelia: This level 48 monster can be found at night in Loftin Nature Preserve.
  • Interceptor Grace: This level 40 monster can be found at The Great Breaksand.
  • Inospheric Mitchell: This level 50 monster can be found at Feltley Village.
  • Herculean Gibson: This level 75 monster can be found at Wrackham Moor.
  • Everdark Erg: This level 36 monster can be found in Lasaria Woodland.

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