15 Greatest Modern Video Game Endings That Were Totally Worth It

These endings had a lot to live up to and delivered in spades.

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Game endings are tough to handle. It’s the moment of culmination, the finale for a player’s epic adventure and failing to deliver a satisfying conclusion can tarnish a fun experience. However, most modern games – from the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the PS4, Xbox One and Switch – have featured some unforgettable endings to their tales. Whether your favourite is mentioned or not, let’s take a look at 15 greatest modern video game endings that were totally worth it.

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Red Dead Redemption

Much has been said about the last stand of John Marston. Marston is essentially forced to hunt down members of his old gang. At stake is his family, no thanks to the government. Eventually, even after completing his task, Marston is assaulted by the government and fights to the death so that his family may survive. Years later, Jack Marston finds his father’s murderer and promptly exacts revenge. From Marston’s brief moment of solace to his sacrifice and Jack avenging him, Red Dead Redemption’s ending ranks among the best.

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