25 Games That Will Push Graphical Boundaries In 2014

25 reasons why 2014 is going to truly be a ‘Happy’ New Year!

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Technology has scarcely ever failed to impress us. More so when considering how the gaming industry has been catapulted into a new realm every now and then with its ubiquitous presence. More recently, with the coming of the new-gen consoles that apart from offering a heightened gaming experience, promise some serious eye candy. Alongside, chip manufacturing giants NVidia and AMD coming up with their newer line of cards ensures a darn good array of graphics card for both, gamers and developers. We’ll have to keep a close eye on AMD’s Mantle API to see just how much further PC gaming’s visual side is gonna go. So far, none have failed to impress.

We all expect mind numbing stories and gameplays so immersive that we know not when to stop, particularly nowadays courtesy the fact that so many game ideas have been subjected to the ‘rinse repeat’ formula. Nonetheless, every once a while we all need a little something to let our eyes feast upon. So the following list of the upcoming games of 2014 is just for those of you folk who stop playing the game for a bit and go nuts over how ravishing those dust particles floating about in the sunlight streaming through the tiny crack in the dark room look while your character takes brutal blows from an Ogre’s cudgel, or how amazingly intricate the huge fissure on the mountain 700 feet away from you looks while you’re falling down to your death.

25. Project CARS

Coming out in late 2014, this title from Slightly Mad Studios is to be released on a number of platforms including the Steam OS. Project CARS promises a beautiful and enriching racing simulation experience. This game is at par with the graphical standards being set with every passing day.

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  • Richard Gibson

    “The latter’s debut game, Titanfall, is set to release in March 2014 on the PS4, Xbox One and the Windows Platform.”

    Titan fall is Microsoft exclusive, no ps4 version

    • dave

      it would run at 1080p/60fps on the PS4, hopefully they will release it on PS4.

    • hayanaonaa

      confirmed that it will never come for ps4 and won’t run on 1080p on ps4 so don’t hope EA and respawn both confirmed that it will never come to ps4 just 3 months ago

  • someone else

    so you pretty much just listed every major game coming out. Nor will most of these games be pushing graphical boundaries. This is just a lazy article. You’re fired.

  • Kyle Jackson

    25 pages of ad click bait, thank god for ad block.

  • jb223

    I’m sorry but what about Titanfall is “pushing graphical boundaries”? It’s a 720p game whose developers have expressly stated that they are focusing on gameplay, not graphics, and while the demos look pretty, there’s no way that they look better than a game like The Witcher 3, or Infamous Second Son….no one, not even fanboys can argue that Titanfall looks better or pushes graphical boundaries more than Infamous is set to. also, if we are basing these things on the promise of graphical fidelity because of a franchises past, how is Halo here & yet Uncharted isn’t? Yeah we saw a tiny clip of a cinematic, but we haven’t seen any proper gameplay, just like with UC, which is coming from a developer who has consistently set the bar graphics wise with every release. I have no doubt that Halo 5 will look great, but I’d be very surprised if it ends up looking as good as the new Uncharted….great graphics and innovative techniques are a foregone conclusion for Uncharted.

    • hayanaonaa

      It is not confirmed that 720p, but I guess the guy was talking about the PC port whihc is for sure stronger than any console

    • jb223

      I was just going off of the news that the alpha is running at 720, and that the devs said the resolution in the alpha is the final resolution. But still we don’t know that for sure. I’d be all for putting that game in for “most innovative”, or even on a list for art design, but the devs have said they really aren’t striving to push graphical boundaries. I’m sure the PC version will look a bit better, but it’s still not touching the Witcher 3, if for no other reason than Titanfall is small enclosed environments, Witcher is wide open and amazing looking. I just don’t like the trend of putting Titanfall into each and every list like this, regardless of the content. It’s just a giant hype train, and those rarely end well when started

  • KingDadXVI

    Reset looks really interesting and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter looks really F**king creepy. You also made a mistake with TitanFall by stating that it will be out on the PS4. TitanFall is exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC.

  • hayanaonaa

    titanfall is not coming to ps4 dude, the writer is an idiot or is this just a mistake?

  • Axle_Magnum

    >no X

  • Yaya me

    Oh i so want Tom clancy’s The Devision and Watch dogs


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