360’s exclusive line up for 2010 looks better than PS3’s

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2010 is looking like a world war year for games this year. The Xbox 360 was quoted by many as not having many games in 2009 to which we did a review of Xbox 360 last year. It had a decent library of games but lacked the stellar line up of the PlayStation 3. 2010 might actually be the year that may decide that which console will be the market leader for hardcore gamers. Now the 360 and the PlayStation 3 have both got off to a cracker. Microsoft has already started with a bang with the release of Mass Effect 2, which is easily the year’s first blockbuster game. PlayStation 3 too has got off to a cracking start with the upcoming release of the already critically acclaimed, Heavy Rain. But as many critics have quoted in the past that the 360 might actually struggle against the PS3 line up in 2010, I for one beg to differ. The Xbox 360 actually has a lineup which is as good as the PlayStation 3 one. Here is the list of the major PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 exclusives to be released this year:

PlayStation 3:

  1. God of War 3
  2. Heavy Rain
  3. Resistance 3 (not confirmed but has a very high chance that it is coming this year)
  4. Gran Turismo 5 (provided no more delays)
  5. The Last Guardian

Xbox 360:

  1. Alan Wake
  2. Splinter Cell: Conviction
  3. Fable III
  4. Halo Reach
  5. CrackDown 2
  6. Gears of War 3 (Nothing is confirmed yet, but we know there is one in the works somewhere)

So as you can see both consoles have some stellar games to come. God of War 3 should be an absolute feast and has that “Game of the Year” look over it. Heavy Rain reviews have already started coming in and it should be another great addition in the PS3 library. Judging by the trailers and the introduction of some really revolutionary game play elements, Heavy Rain is a must buy for any PlayStation 3 owner. Resistance 3, though still not confirmed, but I bet it will be shown at E3, just by logic really. 2006 saw the first entry in the series, 2008 saw Resistance 2 and 2010 should see Resistance 3 hitting this fall. Another PlayStation 3 game in the list is Gran Turismo 5. Well it’s been five years since it was announced, even if it gets delayed it won’t really bother us, but we do know that it would be awesome once it comes out. Team ICO is one of the most unique developers out there. It’s been five long years since Shadow of the Colossus, so The Last Guardian might actually be one of the games that will make your jaws drop due to its beautiful design and visuals.

Xbox 360 has some really good games coming out this year as well. I am really looking forward to Alan Wake. It will be one of those games that might actually revolutionize the survival genre. The recent video just shows that their hard work is really paying off big time. Check the video below:

Splinter Cell Conviction just like Gran Turismo 5 and Alan Wake has seen a number of delays. But Ubisoft have finally etched the release date in to a stone now. Never the less it is really looking like a very strong 360 exclusive judging by the screens unveiled at X10 event recently.  There has been a lot of talk on how Fable III will actually annoy players and Peter Molyneux has been a lot in the news these days, obviously for good reasons. Fable III along with Project Natal will actually be one trump cards for Microsoft this year. Crackdown 2 is without a release date at the moment. It was suppose to release in June, but I believe it should be ready by Fall, if not late. Next up is perhaps Microsoft’s most important game since its console made the debut in 2005. Halo Reach if successful (critics and sales) could really push the Xbox 360 in to dominating position by 2010 end. Time will tell whether history is repeated or not. Gears of War 3 just like Resistance 3 should logically be released in 2010. But chances of this are slim since I don’t think Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 released could possibly be released in the same year.

So, even if you remove Gears of War 3 from the list, Xbox 360’s line up does look very solid. So contrary to what many people said in 2009, the line up of Xbox 360 is as good as PlayStation 3. So in short it’s a win-win situation for fans of respective consoles.

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  • Jack

    This is some BS, splinter cell conviction is also on the PC, and u say that Gears of war 3 might be released this year? then u should add killzone 3, uncharted 3, R&C, Jack and Dexter on the PS3 list as well.

  • 360_rulez

    all the ps3 fanboys are kinda nerds ? xD

    360 with halo reach alone will destroy all the ps3 line up in 2010 and thats a fact. theres no ps3 title that cant match it.

  • KJ

    You forgot ModNation Racers on PS3 😛

    You might want to add Agent also but I’m not sure if you’d count that major.

  • sonyalias

    @ DOA, howcome everytime people compare PS3 to X360, they mention EVERY exclusive coming out. ModNation RAcers? Ill probably be one of the 10 people who will buy it. Yakuza 3 looks okay and why isnt White Knight Chronicles on your list? Oh, cause it scored like a 50 on IGN? HAHA!!

    And X360 games that are on PC, but not on PS3 give Xbox the advantage. Cause if thats the case then Little Big Planet isnt exclusive cause its on PSP.

    Another thing i wanna mention. When PS3 fans debate Xbox fans, all yall ps3 fans mention features likes bluray and free wifi/internet, and the xbox fans mention what matters. And that is GAMES!!! I like PS3 and i own all 3 consoles, but u fanboys suck.

  • adamm!


    mag- Terrible reviews (Average=7.2!)
    heavy rain- Beautiful Game, still Over-hyped
    god of war 3 -Beautiful game, yet brings nothing new to the table
    yakuza 3-n/c
    gran turismo 5-n/c
    mod nation racers-lol! stupid kart game that nobody wants
    the last guardian- Visually impressive, but what else? Nothing
    DC online- Who the f*ck cares? MMOs on consoles never succeed
    The Agency-same as above
    Resistance 3-Not even officially announce, a.k.a is alive by rumors
    Twisted Metal (or whatever it’s called the new David Jaffe game)- How can you assume his new game will be “amazing”? Yet again, living on hype.

    360 2010

    -splinter cell is not a 360 exclusive because it will be released on PC and most likely on PS3 eventually

    Actually Splinter Cell IS an exclusive. A MICROSOFT EXCLUSIVE, dumbass.

    -crackdown 2 looks like a PS2 game without exaggerating one bit (just at look at the trailer)

    PS2 game? WTF?
    That’s a PS2 game, so shut the hell up, cause it doesn’t even look like a PS2 game.

    -cliff bielensky said taht there wouldn’t be any more gears this gen, so if there’s a new coming out it’s because MS pressured him to do it, and therefor will be and afterthought (gears is all about graphics and the 360 lost it’s capacity to impress long ago)

    How do you know it’s Gears? Maybe it’s a brand new IP? If Gears is all about graphics than why did it get such good ratings? Why did it sell so well? Why was it so popular?

    Please answer those questions. lololo

    Learn how to use proper grammar and then come out and bash other systems..idiot.

    • name

      sorry no splinter cell conviction is NOT a exclusive.
      what is the defenition of the word exclusive?
      only available on a particular platform.
      now who is going to buy a 360 to play the game when they could play it on their PC?
      every man and his dog has a PC.
      as for the ps3 exclusives……… you sir are the idiot!
      no one wants mod nation racers?
      so than can you please explain why the beta was downloaded 100000 times within 16 hours?
      it was up on the EU PSN a few weeks ago but only for the first 100000 downloads, after that it was taken down.

  • name

    just a FYI guys if your going to try and make a argument which is completley false you need to at least have a title that makes seance.
    “360’s exclusive line up for 2010 is looking as better as PS3’s”
    you mean 360’s exclusive line up for 2010 is looking as good as ps3’s?
    or 360’s line up for 2010 is looking better than ps3’s?
    game journalism at its best!

    O BTW if your going to compare titles you need to compare ones that are actually announced so gears 3 and resistance 3 are out.
    you forgot mod nation racers, Agent.
    if you want to go on the rumor train than well you forgot to add the crash bandicoot remake, killzone 3, syphon filter 5, the title from the creators of BLACK.
    anyway, better luck next time.

  • gta_manic

    fail, based on guess work. the list is incomplete for booth sides, some aren’t exclusives and the title was typed by a kindergartner. Please edit work before posting

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  • Burn

    Why is it when ever EXCLUSIVE games are discussed 360 users seem to think something which is on the 360 but not the PS3 equals an exclusive?

    Exclusive means on a singular Platform. A couple of examples to try to help them comprehend….
    Half Life…. Nooooo fanboys thats on PC
    Halo… Nooooo fanboys thats on PC

    Hell PS3 owners may as well say CODMW2 is a PS3 exclusive using 360 fanboys dumb logic.

    Its been going on years, stupid 360 owners shouting we got more exclusives……. Nooo you havent, half the rubbish you dense lot call an exclusive ends up on the PC.

  • Joules

    The only thing that makes me think twice about going back to the 360 is the Gears of War series. It’s a cruel world that doesn’t allow Gears of War and Demon Souls on the same box.

    Alan Wake is the dark horse here, I think. I’m intrigued by it, I’m a sucker for great game atmosphere, but who knows how it will actually turn out.

    The Mass Effect series, it’s heavy on dialogue selection and Bioware spend a lots of of time on developing the movie side of the game (seem to be lean toward the movie business than gaming), which I think is time better spent on improving the game itself, such as adding multiplayer options. I had high hopes for Fable II to be a really satisfying, intelligent RPG…but it turned out to be a button-smasher, arcade-style rpg. A RPG where one of the main objectives is to get married, buy a house, have children, and eat healthy food. UGHHHH. I don’t want to do those things in REAL LIFE.

  • Anonymouse

    I will play Fable 3 on my pc. I will play Gears of War 3 on my pc. I will play Splinter Cell Conviction on my pc. I will probably (even though microsoft denies) play Alan Wake on my pc (2011). Enjoy your ‘exclusives’.

  • Mario

    Hey boys, get the hell out of here. What do you mean about what the word exclusive is? My explanation about that term is: Which company does produce XBOX 360 and PS3? MICROSOFT and SONY respectively, but I forgot something, MICROSOFT also owns WINDOWS, which is a PC operative system, which means that pc and xbox 360 have common exclusives. It is logical that MICROSOFT publishes xbox 360 games for pc. Splinter cell convictionis overwhelmingly better on x360. Next time when you talk about games have a look at GAMESPOT.com . By the way, don’t say that PS3 rules. Take a look at the new Slim XBOX 360 250GB at Engadget.com I have a couple of days that have bought one, and it is very very amazing. The integrated Wi-Fi is exellent, it is whisper quiet and very nice for your eyes.

  • tareq salah

    actually it ended up being ps3 year. their exclusives did better than xbox. and 2011 also looks like it will be the same


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