89% of Famitsu Readers Believe That The Xbox One Is Priced High

While 60 percent believe the PS4 is priced just right.

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According to Famitsu, 89 percent of its readers believe that the Xbox One, at $499, is priced “high” or a “little high” while 60 percent said that the PS4’s pricing was just right. Also, 34 percent stated that the PS4’s pricing was actually quite low.

SMBC Nikko Securities analyst Eiji Maeda spoke to Famitsu regarding the PS4’s price announcement, and how Sony managed to steal the show. “A lot of people were paying attention to SCE, something you could really feel on the show floor as well. The PS4’s price announcement at the conference was probably the most energized moment of the show.

“Talking to people on the floor, a lot of people felt that between the system’s capabilities and its lack of used-game restrictions, SCE is the one company looking towards gamers the most. Microsoft generated a lot of attention at the show as well, but especially with the price difference between Xbox One and PS4, the reaction in Japan hasn’t been all that big.”

Currently, the PS4 will be launching in Japan by year end while the Xbox One is set to release in early 2014, with Japan being designated as a “tier 2 country”. The Xbox One is expected to release all over Asia by late 2014.

Via: Polygon.

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  • kevin

    Price is right where I have been expecting it to be at .

    • Russell Gorall

      You are using Microsoft Economics.

  • Shawn Pearson

    yea me as well i can’t believe sony undercut there shelves they should of kept the camera in the sku and just charged 450, they are taking much of a lost on each console …

  • Sheldon Prescott

    I only have a problem with the price cause it will make it difficult for me to buy all the games I want for it. I COULD buy the cheaper PS4, but they didn’t show too many games that I wanna play, other than Infamous.

  • deeboy17

    Hell what isn’t. Gallon of milk 5.00. Water and air is high just for the simple fact it can be bought.

    • Russell Gorall

      That is a terrible analogy.

    • deeboy17

      Only if you believe paying for things you need is not expensive. Things we don’t need like next generation consoles is a matter of opinion about the price. How bout this what’s more expensive open heart surgery or a gaming console. How bout people argue price on things worth arguing about?

    • Russell Gorall

      Again, you are arguing about your opinion. My thoughts is your opinion in the form of your analogy… was terrible. There is nothing wrong with arguing prices, inflation and such.

      Your analogy was terrible. That is all.

      If you “compare” things like the PS4, any decent end PC graphics card, etc. Your analogy is also terrible.

      It isn’t you, necessarily, it is the analogy about milk, paying for milk?, and air and water.

      Bad analogy.

    • Russell Gorall

      This is the second time I read an opinion just like the one here off Disqus comments feed. Are you literally copy and pasting this stuff?

    • deeboy17

      Might point is argue about something meaningful.

    • Russell Gorall

      I have no idea how to comprehend that in the English language.

    • deeboy17

      Do you have a problem comprehending? Boy your English teachers must have smoked a lot of joints after dealing with unrivaled intelligence. You’re sitting here arguing about a price on a product that you don’t need. When you pay constantly for things you need on daily basis that are more expensive. You only have to pay for a console once then you can support it or blow it up. If the complaining is base on being too expensive for some peoples budget. Then i say they’ve got bigger problems that need to be addressed first like finances. Now if you don’t understand that don’t bother replying because i have no more time to deal with ignorance or misinterpretation.


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