Adrian Chmielarz On Xbox One Reveal: “I Don’t Think Anyone from Sony Lost Any Sleep”

And that frankly says it all.

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Adrian Chmielarz, a former People Can Fly developer, who worked on Bulletstorm, and is now at The Astronauts working on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter had a lot to say about the next generation Microsoft’s console: Xbox One. And indeed, none of it was positive.

The Xbox One has been under fire ever since it’s reveal last week. Microsoft showed off the multimedia capabilities of the console but failed to impress the gaming audience by the lack of software support.

the witness ps4

“It’s very hard for me to stay objective here. For example, with all due respect to Mr. Spielberg, a Halo TV series is not the reason for me to buy a $400 (or whatever) box. I got way more excited when I saw Jonathan Blow on the PS4 stage. Not because of his game, but because of the message that Sony was sending this way,” he said to Eurogamer when they spoke to various developers about their impressions of Microsoft’s recently revealed Xbox One.

Sony has since been adopting many other indie developers into its fold, including Curve’s Thomas Was Alone, which recently released for PS3 and Vita.

“It’s fine to start with the non-gaming stuff, then please gamers at E3, but I wish Microsoft was more clear and vocal about it and set the expectations right.

“Because we all wanted to see the future of gaming, and we got almost none of that, and what we got were weak pre-rendered movies that looked worse than some of the games I have on my PC right now, or a dog and fish AI. I have no reason to prefer any console over the other, hell, I want them both to succeed – more platforms for our games, yay! But, to be honest, I don’t think anyone from Sony lost any sleep.”

He does make sense though. During their PS4 reveal back in February, Sony showed off a plethora of exclusives in Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack and inFamous Second Son. The games were missing during Microsoft’s showing and Sony probably has more to gain since they haven’t showed off the console till now.

Will Microsoft stage a fightback at this year’s E3? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • keysy

    probably not their image and direction is tarnished. I think the next xbox sell 4 to 5 million this year and next and put them around 15 million in two and a half years. their stance on used games will send a strong warning to moms and pops.until that changes even if people get the box they wont get the games on that system. A lot of people after the 360 RRod wont even get a launch system. me included so their market I feel has shrank drastically.

    • Edonus

      And you would be wrong.
      They have no used game stance. Its already confirmed you can play used games.
      A reveal is not a launch and the world is way bigger than the vocal few on the internet.
      Instead of looking at presentation let look at weapons.
      HAlO franchise guaranteed 10 million consoles probably more if the Spielberg series is a hit.
      Kinect has a brand name, casual people love it. Its moved over 24 million units as peripheral in 3 years and just came off of a major holiday season. Just for casuals and kids i’d say another 8 million console with in a year.
      This is before we get to all the big 3rd party support games like COD and Madden. and before we even see the new games they will bring out.

      The media center functions and features will push it over the top when a family man that is interested in movies sports and or cool tech is comparing the ONE and Ps4 for purchase.

      MS has the infrastructure and appeal to move around 30 million in the first year.

      A big factor is going to be how many systems are available. Because both machines will impress when out in the world. The one that isnt available may lose a sell. If I was MS I wouldnt launch in Japan for several months and make sure I have way more consoles in the US than Sony. the US is the biggest and strongest market and resources in Japan would be a waste seeing as they dont buy MS console any way. And whoever gets dug in here is in the best shape to run the industry.

    • Maximus8

      Keep smoking that good stuff. 🙂

  • kevin

    Blah blah blah, thank for your opinion but yet your opinion holds no sway & means nothing but to yourself inflamed ego. Cause as right now the Xbox One is step in the right direction & I look forward to owning one while forgo your pompous games. Good day.

  • Blankolf

    Adrian Chmielarz, you sir, just won the internet.

  • King Xbox Mart

    I’m an Xbox circle jerking Bro. Xbox ONE FTW! Nintendo and Sony are the SUCK.


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