Albert Penello Further Debunks Xbox One Dual GPU Claims, Assures Tools & Games Performance Improvements

“Consistent performance improvements over time” promised for Xbox One.

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After Microsoft announced its newest API DirectX 12, which would be coming to Xbox One and PCs in late 2015, something rather interesting surfaced regarding the Xbox One. Apparently, rumours have been going around that the next gen console sports a second GPU.

Head of planning for Xbox One and Xbox 360 Albert Penello had spoken out against the same on Twitter though, denying the existence of any additional GPU.

“I thought I had already said something about that. There is no 2nd GPU, there is no stacked GPU.”

Later on Reddit, Penello further clarified that, “I didn’t think it was festering because I thought I’d already commented on it. For some reason the DX12 announce seemed to make it resurface.”

“A missed thread in that tweet string which I think is important – I’m not interested in calling out any site. I see a lot of things on a lot of sites that aren’t right. If I see something here I try to correct it as well. My intention is not to give or take credibility from anyone. I’m just trying to set the record straight.”

Penello then added that, “It’s hard to stay on top of everything. I didn’t realize this was different then the dual GPU stuff that had gone on before which I’d said wasn’t true.

“You really can’t read anything into what I comment on or don’t. I’m not a PR guy, and I don’t have as much time to read and digest every piece of news – so I’m sporadic in things I reply to. I just happened to have a few minutes to kill today between meetings.”

He also clarified that there will be performance gains for the Xbox One as the tools improve over time. “I’m not completely versed in the nuances of DX12 and how it will impact Xbox One. I know we’re continually improving our tools for developers, as we did with Xbox 360, so you’ll see consistent performance improvements over time.”

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  • Xtreme Derp

    Another well deserved round of crow for the misterxers.

    Of course Xbox One game performance will improve with more efficient software, but the hardware is set in stone and not changing.

    • Psionicinversion

      its not got a stacked GPU in the X1 its got tons of GPU from the cloud so hes debunking local “second” GPU, you need to read between the lines man….

    • Michael Norris

      The cloud..really..GTFO the ”Cloud” is PR Bullshit.You can’t shine a turd,hardware wise the Xbone is just that.

    • Demetre HG

      STFU you dam turd

    • You are flat out wrong

      Demetre’s still upset the Xbone is a joke of a console. Deal with it, mate!

    • Steph

      Keep posting insecure comments, shows just how threatened by xb1 u are

    • Cinnamon267

      The cloud won’t be able to do anything with graphics on a per-frame basis. An entire game on it’s own, though? Sure. Fed to you through a 5Mbps video feed.

    • Psionicinversion

      why not? If brigade can render realtime raytracing at 30 frames per second turn it to video and send it, its alot cheaper on the gpu to just send the data and compress it to the x1

    • Cinnamon267

      It’s rendering real time raytracing, sure. But, the image is still insanely grainy and noisy because the software isn’t there and won’t be there for a few years. Plus, almost no one has the hardware capable of doing it. It’s still a few years off even being on the market. Creating a server farm of that hardware isn’t cost effective or intelligent.

      Dedicated ray trace units exists but, even then, it isn’t cheap and you still need the software to be where it needs to be and it won’t be there for a few years.

      I assume the “why not” is in referring to the cloud not being able to do anything with graphics on a per-frame- basis and it is because there is too much latency. All in the cloud will be the only option.

    • Psionicinversion

      ah right fair enough

    • Jacob S

      So what you are saying is in a few years, with the internet speeds continuing to increase- then the Xbox1 will have a lot more power at it’s disposal than the PS4… a lot more room for growth down the road.
      Really, what does it matter what you offload to the cloud? Whatever it is a CPU or GPU calculation your freeing up hardware resources. Games esp. Crytek’s games are a lot more CPU bound. Offloading to the GPU is going to become more important. With MS using Esram/move engines they are going to be able to use the GPU for CPU calcs in CPU bound games and this is where MS APU design has a big advantage over PS4. Yes, PS4 is going to do it too, but X1 is going to do it better. MS has a big advantage with cloud compute, resource tiling and GPU acceleration.

    • Cinnamon267

      “So what you are saying is in a few years, with the internet speeds continuing to increase- then the Xbox1 will have a lot more power at it’s disposal than the PS4”

      If everyone has insanely low latency, then maybe? Depends. Everyone wants 60fps which means your time to do something with the cloud is greatly diminished. You’ll have barely any time to do anything meaningful.

      We don’t know their advantage with cloud compute because it might never present itself. And if latency ever gets that low they won’t bother with offloading stuff they’ll just stream the entire game to you. Resource tiling? I assume you mean MS’s implementation of Partial Resident Texturing? PS4, like the Xbox One, is a 7xxx series AMD GPU and can do the exact same thing.

    • Kidd

      I know this is an old post but what do you think or have you heard about how Microsoft hide a Cpu from the main Cpu to do other task for the esram ? I think they also said it was for cloud purposes & they hide it so that it could be used at same time to do other processing. It was when Xbox One 1st released that Microsoft talked about this and since than went quiet. Xbox One is a Power House like you said it has untapped dormant tech!!!

    • Kidd

      Xbox One has 2 GPU’s and Microsoft will announce that they can do and run different Exclusive games & Applications that Ps4 will never see & plain & simple cant do cause Ps4 core’s will burn up!!

    • Dotcum22

      Wanne bet on it that this wet dream of yours will never happen?

    • Kidd

      Yup! & il add to it. The stacked Gpu is Nividia GPU with an AMD GPU!! Dx12 enables both to work together! But Ps4 will have this year then a melted core!!!!!!!!

    • Novatrinty

      That really apples to both Ps4 and Xbox One they’re basically the same GPU with one slightly faster than the other but the same hardware render features the AMD jaguar chips have been outdated for a year now so even with ddr5 there went be a leap in graphics technology I under the hood with marginal speed. . Xbox One is doing a better job with exclusive content

    • Xtreme Derp

      LOL no. 720p to 1080p or 30 fps to 60 fps is more than “slightly faster”. Keep spinning while PS4 outsells Xbox by millions.

  • Michael Norris

    Misterx won’t give in just wait till GDC 15!

  • Kevin Kirby

    It’s not double stacked it’s now triple stacked

    • You are flat out wrong

      Quadruple stacked. Xbone CONFIRMED being sold to Burger King.

  • titanhero

    Team Xbox is doing a great job with great exclusives like Forza, Titanfall, Dead Rising, Killer Instinct and even Ryse plus added functionality for hardware and UI shows the dedication to us the fans its truly been a great next gen start and the is no better Cussler for multiplayer exclusives right now


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