Amnesia Dev On Whether Xbox Scorpio’s Power Could Be Put To Any Meaningful Use Despite Parity Mandate

“There is still a lot to be done.”

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xbox scorpio

The Xbox One Scorpio is going to be the most powerful console ever made- Microsoft have shouted that fact from the rooftops to ensure that we get it, and at this point, we do. But even knowing that, the simple fact that Microsoft mandate parity with standard Xbox One systems does raise the question of whether or not that power can ever be put to good use.

According to Thomas Grip of Frictional Games, who have brought us the excellent SOMA and Amnesia: Dark Descent, and who are currently working on the Amnesia Collection for PS4, there is still a lot that that power can be put to use for, even if gameplay parity is mandated.

“I think there is still a lot to be done,” Grip said, in an interview with GamingBolt. “As long as the biggest difference for a more powerful machine is not in gameplay-related stuff (such as map collision RAM use), then you can easily tweak. For instance you can make simpler lighting, and so on. This is what you do for most PC Games already.”

Thoughts on Grip’s comments? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • crazy_black_man-

    He just basically confirmed that the Scorpio is handicapped by the original Xbox One. We knew that. Microsoft needs to abandon parity with the original Xbox One, and allow Scorpio to have its own “premium” exclusives, or stop calling it a “premium” console.

    If the “premium” cost of the console is too high, it’ll be very hard to rationalize the benefit of having such power and then still be locked down to maintain parity with the weaker Xbox One. The Scorpio needs to be “a new backwards compatible next generation Xbox console”, not an upgraded Xbox One. The Xbox One is already a huge failure so don’t call it a comeback. Either market it as a next generation Xbox, or gtfo.

    The price of the Scorpio will determine its overall value, and the announced release day price will also have to leave room for further competitive discounting in the future. Microsoft cannot, and will not, make another next gen system this quickly after the dismal failure of the Xbox One, and immediately sell it at a loss again. That would be stupid, and it would be best to leave the stupidity to their customer base who are so willing shell out the cash for yet another failed Xbox experiment after getting screwed by paying over $500 for those day one Xbox Ones.

  • Mark

    Eh Pramath what kinda short interview was this? He just gave us a quick answer talking about some “simple lighting”, ahaha what the heck.

    • DMZ_P

      probably keeping the rest for 20 more articles.

    • Mark

      Ahaha. Yup. But I guess his job is to keep us reading, and sometimes it ends up being this…

  • Aenea

    “The Xbox One Scorpio is going to be the most powerful console ever made- Microsoft have shouted that fact from the rooftops to ensure that we get it”

    Please, you keep writing 3 short paragraph articles about the damn thing keeping it in the news, it’s not MS, it’s sites like this!

  • Andy Maas

    I’m getting the Scorpio day one

    • PawnSacrifices

      Diddo! Hoping they announce a continuation of the partnership with Oculus and (wishfully hoping here) Rift V2.0 launches along side.
      Fallout 4 in VR! & full game too, not just a Fallout “experience”.
      FYI; MS are also making a ‘Budget’ VR headset;

    • Andy Maas

      I’m not a big of fallout to be honest

    • Andy Maas

      I been a Xbox fan since the first gears game and the first halo game

    • Andy Maas

      To me fallout takes to long to beat

    • Tomaterrrx

      Who cares

    • Aenea
    • efnet

      What difference does it makes? It’ll still function with the scorpio.

    • Aenea

      It was incorrect, gives the wrong impression.

      Also, at this moment it’s unclear if they will be compatible with the Scorpio. They might because it’s using Win10, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet…

    • efnet

      It’s already been confirmed at the windows 10 event last month dude ….

    • Aenea

      Hmmm, did I miss that?

      Care to share a link where it states that they will be compatible with the Scorpio?

      PS. not a dude 😉

  • Starman

    Get off scorpio D**k !!!!!

  • Mr Xrat

    Oh look, concerns people with a brain have been saying. Or, non-Xgimps.

  • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

    Would this mean 720p resolution mandate parity with standard Xbox One for games?
    I guess this would be support and praised as OK

  • Aenea

    link? all the articles I have seen and can find now only mention that they might work with the Scorpio….

    • efnet

      I dont have a link i watched the event like i said before… try looking up the event and actually watch it.

    • Aenea

      Watched it, they didn’t mention Scorpio. *shakes head*

    • efnet

      The lies you tell ….

    • Aenea

      Then prove it mate, go rewatch it and give a link to the youtube video with the timestamp where they say these VR headsets will work with Scorpio!

    • efnet

      You just told a lie and now you want me to go and rewatch a video and then create another video for you?
      Dude youre asking way to much of me all for a device you dont own or will never own … lol come on now.

    • Aenea

      LOL, you can watch youtube videos too, right? There’s a share button that allows you create a link to the current timestamp. Or you can just say the time in minutes:seconds with a link to the video.

      But nope, you won’t do that because I don’t think you can prove it! Listen, why on earth would all the articles speculate that the Scorpio will be able to use those if there was rock solid evidence that they will work with it?

      You’re caught in making a mistake, not saying you lied on purpose, maybe you assumed things that weren’t actually confirmed, that’s fine, it can happen to the best of us, but don’t behave like a little kid and just admit you’re wrong.

    • Guest

      There is a chance and I wouldn’t be surprised that he lied. He has already been caught and exposed lying when talking of video games.

    • Aenea

      I dunno, might be that he just assumed they would work on the Scorpio even tho they never said they would…

      Heck, maybe they even will work, but it’s not been confirmed…

      It’s kinda funny tho that he is calling me a liar, he claims MS said they would work, I say they did not, I can’t prove my standpoint since you can’t prove a negative, but he can prove his if it were true quite easily but he doesn’t seem interested…

    • Aenea

      Nope, he just outright lied! He’s ignoring it now, thought he was busy, just saw him post on another article, ironically he replied to someone else “prove it”…

      It’s the same thing he did with his supposedly 3 faulty PS4 Pros, he posted a really, really dark video as “proof”, I asked for a clear picture of the thing to see if it has any breathing room for the airvents and he totally ignored that but kept repeating the same drivel about the Pro overheating, yadayada. He also kept trying to insult me and trying to paint me as the bad person. Same as he did here…


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