Andy Nealen Explains The Lack of Exclusives, You Won’t See Microsoft Pulling off GTA 4 Like Deals Anymore

“I think it’s mostly because people want to make money.”

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Ever since the advent of 7th generation of consoles, there has been a drastic reduction in the number of consoles exclusives. Of course, they exist today but you won’t find too many third party exclusives similar to what we had during the PlayStation 2 days.

So what exactly is the reason behind the lack of exclusives on current gen consoles? GamingBolt recently caught up with Andy Nealen who specializes in computer graphics and is a consultant at Hemisphere Games. Andy also handles his day to day responsibilities as a professor of Game Engineering and Design at NYU Poly. We asked Andy about his thoughts on the lack of exclusives on current gen platforms and according to him it all comes down to people wanting to make more money.

“I think it’s mostly because people want to make money. Again, when we had fewer releases, it was totally viable for a platform holder to offer exclusive deals to developers. A developer knew that if they are exclusive to a console, and that console developer gives them a leg up, or funding, or marketing and advertisement, and that sort of stuff, then it’s gonna be beneficial for them. But these days I think at the end of the day, if your product or your game only launches on a single platform, and that platform is not mobile, then you’re going to have a tough time. And I think that’s the main reason that people are not seeing as many platform exclusives.”

“I mean, that said, Street Fighter V is console PS4 exclusive, right? So it’s not like we don’t have them. The games industry comes up with the wildest terms, though, right? I mean ‘console’ exclusives. So funny! I still remember back in the day when Rockstar announced that they got a billion dollars from Microsoft to make the GTA4 episodes Xbox 360 exclusives- I don’t think they can pull that off anymore. And those things were timed exclusive anyway! Unless you are a first or second party developer, those things are usually timed exclusive.”

At the end of the day, you will see a lot of first party exclusives like Uncharted 4 but you won’t see a popular third party AAA franchise like Fallout going exclusive to one platform. In today’s market it’s simply too big a financial risk to develop a multi-million dollar game for a single platform.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • J.j. Barrington

    But didn’t Street Fighter just do it? And isn’t Tomb Raider a step shy?

    Seems to me like it’s not that impossible. Though, for Microsoft, it might not be likely.

    • DeniseJSnider

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    • Alistein

      Yeah street fighter did it but in hind sight I doubt they’ll do it again same thing with Tomb raider.

    • Starman

      TR did great , could and would get more money going multi but , they did great .. SFV on the other hand …flopped and is a broken under developed piece of crap … I’m shocked …

    • Alistein

      Street fighter was never that big in the first place and I think it would have been better to do a new fighter series for Sony or something new like they did for MS last gen. The other fighter series that went exclusive Guilty gear Xrd also flopped. I hope next time around this multiplatform games go multiplatform from the start and avoid the segregation disaster.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Maybe not immediately. But big franchises may and will still become exclusive if they need to.

    • Alistein

      Only if platform companies are willing to put up the cash which I think will be more difficult in the coming years.

    • Mark

      Yeah that’s a good observation. But maybe there were big 3rd party franchises going exclusive more frequently before? Whereas now it’s pretty rare. I don’t know I’m guessing. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Activision, EA, UBIsoft etc, are just too dam big nowadays for any platform holder to afford their ip. I remember back then there were many more smaller publishers. Perhaps that’s why, but I don’t know. All in all I think it’s good that both MS and Sony focus on making their own new games while we can all get and share those beloved 3rd party blockbusters…

    • J.j. Barrington

      True. It’s unlikely that big GTA style deals will happen this generation. But I think the big difference in install bases might play a role, instead. Though, as you say, not for the biggest franchises.

    • Truth™

      Street Fighter V flopped so it just means console exclusives don’t sell and PC gaming always wins.

  • Truth™

    Technically they are all PC exclusives since PC runs multiplatform games the best. You wouldn’t want to play them on the Lunchbox One or P*ssweak 4 unless you were a moron who loves sub par experiences and being charged for online.

    • How’s Batman: Arkham Knight running for you?

    • Truth™

      I don’t buy broken games but it would be running 60FPS unlike the PS4

      How’s Just Cause 3 running for you? I’m running 60FPS. Has PS4 got past the 20FPS barrier yet? Or Firewatch? Or BroForce. A 2D Pixel indie game with severe framerate problems on the garbage PS4 hardware. So much for that “Supercharged PC” 🙂

  • Drac

    “a billion dollars from Microsoft to make the GTA4 episodes Xbox 360 exclusives”

    Really? O_o
    A billon?


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