Anonymous warns Sony about future attacks in new video

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Anonymous has issued a second press release for Sony where they reveal that future assaults on Sony would continue, however they will try their level best not to make the user-experience suffer as a result of it.

You can watch their video above and read their full presser below:

During the last few days, Anonymous has been targeting Sony for their outrageous treatment of not only PS3 users and jailbreakers, but also of the general public. Their propaganda regarding jailbreaking implies that it encourages piracy and thereby makes people lose their jobs, whereas jailbreaking actually just means you are making YOUR device do what it should do. Imagine if Microsoft forced you to use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox or Chrome. Imagine if they denied users from using any other web browser than their own. Many people would obviously be pissed… but then, why aren’t you pissed at Sony?

The fact that their litigation demanded information on everyone who had viewed the material, was completely unacceptable. This is a threat not only to the gaming community, but to freedom of information in general. The fact that the privacy of individuals can be violated, simply for accessing information, and legal action can be taken for doing something with something you own, are steps far beyond the line. Anonymous decided it could not allow this to stand. If jailbreaking a phone for use of legal (unsigned) apps is found legal, why would this be any different for the Geohot case, seeing as Geohot explicitly states he does not support piracy?

Anonymous is not attacking the PSN at this time. Sony’s official position is that the PSN is undergoing maintenance. We realize that targeting the PSN is not a good idea. We have therefore temporarily suspended our action, until a method is found that will not severely impact Sony customers.

Anonymous is on your side, standing up for your rights. We are not aiming to attack customers of Sony. This attack is aimed solely at Sony, and we will try our best to not affect the gamers, as this would defeat the purpose of our actions. If we did inconvenience users, please know that this was not our goal.
This operation is a response to Sony’s attempt to deprive their customers of products they bought and therefore own, wholly and completely. Anonymous will not attempt to fight this by following the exact same course of action. We have plenty of tricks up our sleeves.

As a last point, we would like to point out that different operations are “run” by different people. Those who are involved in the organisation of OpSony, are not necessarily those involved in that of SonyRecon. Anonymous Operations are generally independent efforts, and it would be a mistake to assume that the same individuals are responsible for every action taken. Anonymous is comprised of people with diverse points of view, of which not all coincide with one another.

That being said, our campaign against Sony and others that would trample on the idea of free information will continue, until we are satisfied with the outcome.

We are Anonymous,
We are legion,
We never forgive,
We never forget,
Expect us.

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  • i don’t think Sony would budge even with this attack:/

    but Legion from Ghost Rider was badass:)

  • *sighs*…
    Geohot “borrowed” [we’ll say] the stolen security keys from Failoverfl0w, and then released them to the general public at large for all to see and used easily. This is why he is in trouble. And because he was exploiting the OtherOS feature, it was removed. And now that the trolls and these Anons got a taste of what is “possible” they want more. Now, Sony is only taking precaution because this has happened before and literally destroyed one of their major platforms.
    Sony allowed the jail-breaking of their PSP, which ultimately brought the platform to it’s demise, and brought a huge lack of developmental support from the Western end–unlike Japan, where there is moreover an honor system, and the majority of Japanese PSP users supported their developers. When you leave a platform like this open to anything, it’s ultimately open to piracy at ease. Sure, Sony would allow open access to it’s PS3–but because of all the people who would rather exploit the machine itself, especially because of the enormous amount of HDD space Sony allows on it’s platform, the PS3 would become the cheapest and best platform to pirate games (except for, well, the 30-40GB DLs on PS3 exclusives).
    The Anon way is, if it can be accessed or exploited, it’s legal, or, in the Anon way of speaking, deemed “right.” Like piracy–called duplicating or copying is “right.” Or cheating on CoDMW2 is “right” because it’s possible. Who do you think they were who invented the hack? Anons/trolls (just a quick note here, Anons ARE trolls).
    The only reason all of us gamers are drawn to these announcements, especially those of us at N4G, are because we want to know what’s going to happen to us, the customers, as casualties to whatever these anons decide to do. Whether it’s sporadic updates weekly that cause us constant inconvenience, a hack that opens up the PS3 again so Black Ops players are again inconvenienced by the same hacks that MW2 suffered from, or an attack that leaves Sony’s employees as open targets–any which way, it’s going to hurt us. There is no way “around” this. Just go away Anons. Go pirate more porn and games and believe you’re doing the right thing. Because in Anon logic, [sarcasm=”statement”] porn is wrong, being adultery, and games are wrong, being violent and profane, so that it makes it morally right to steal them. [/sarcasm]


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