Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Count May Be Increased To 70, Graphics Heavily Optimized For AMD

Keeping sides even in multiplayer may result in a player limit increase.

Posted By | On 14th, Jul. 2013 Under News

According to a source that spoke to BF4Central, Battlefield 4 developer DICE could be looking to increase the player count from 66 to 70 players overall. It could be even more.

This is reportedly due to the current unevenness of squads. 66 players, which includes two commanders, would mean 32 players for each side. This of course means that for 5 player squads, the seventh squad for each side would have only 2 players. The increase of players for each side would be done to ensure squads remain even all throughout (if 70 for just the players and not commanders, then it would become 7 squads of 5 players each).

Also, according to other reports, it seems that DICE is optimizing the game for AMD hardware as part of a partnership between EA and AMD for select titles. Considering that both next generation consoles are running on AMD CPUs with Radeon GPUs, this makes sense. However, even PCs will benefit from the deal.

As it is, EA maintains that DICE is working with more than one partner for having Battlefield 4 run smoothly. Suffice to say though, that AMD hardware will see the biggest gains in performance.

Battlefield 4 is currently set to release on October 29th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, with an Xbox One and PS4 release set for later.

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  • james smith

    Bring it!!

  • steven savage

    cant wait for this game


    my AMD 7950 Gigabyte will run over Battlefield 4 so glad I have AMD 😛

  • faloc

    AMD -.- still glad I got rid of AMD xD causing me trouble from 1995-2008!

    • freeshillery

      While ATi was an overall crappy brand and while they were still pretty crappy when AMD bought them out they slowly got better. In the last 2 years AMD has really turned it around and their cards are now on par with nvidias for the most part.

  • Anna McStaple

    Can’t wait the full version, the beta 60 players already is rocking !! got my beta from

    • scsinutz

      Yeah, sure. I’ll get right on that.

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