Battlefield Hardline Beta Analysis: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC [60fps]

Our analysis of the beta version of Battlefield Hardline reveals that it’s not pushing hard enough on consoles.

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Battlefield Hardline has been under the scanner ever since it was first announced around a year ago. Hardcore fans were not happy with the way Battlefield 4 turned out and the Hardline beta back in June 2014 was somewhat of a mix bag. Visceral Games and Electronic Arts had no choice but to delay the game to March 2015.

Back during E3 2014, Sony confirmed that the game will be running at 1080p and 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 4. Furthermore, Visceral Games’ Ian Milham confirmed to GamingBolt that they are targeting the same standard on the Xbox One. So with around a month to go for the retail launch, have Visceral Games delivered on their promises?

Battlefield 4 ran at 900p and 720p on the PS4 and Xbox One respectively and it seems to be a similar case with Hardline. Games On have confirmed with EA that Battlefield Hardline will run at similar resolution as Battlefield 4 on both consoles so that they can achieve 60 frames per second on every platform. This is rather surprising since we were expecting that DICE would have improved the FrostBite Engine 3 since the launch of Battlefield 4.

PS4 versus Xbox One versus  PC video comparison in 60 frames per second. Please select 1080p for best possible quality. Please note that due to the dynamic nature of multiplayer, it was difficult to compare similar scenes, but we have tried our best to depict similar situations.

Microsoft have also done a lot of ground work since the Xbox One’s launch, allocating more CPU and integrating major improvements in the console’s SDK. Last year, a few AAA games like Destiny and Grand Theft Auto V ran at the same resolution across the PS4 and Xbox One. We hope that Visceral games will be able to improve the resolution of the Xbox One version since the image quality takes a hit at 720p. May be they can implement a dynamic resolution like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare? It will be interesting to see whether DICE will be able to achieve 1080p at 60 frames per second on both consoles at launch, however it seems likely that console players will be stuck with sub 1080p resolution in the end.

We tested all three versions across the three modes that the beta offers: Heist, Hotwire and Conquest. Performance wise, the PlayStation 4 version is able to keep at a steady 60 frames per second at most times, especially in Bank Job and Downtown maps. We saw frame rate dips in the Dust Bowl map but only when the on-screen action intensifies. In the same maps, the Xbox One version was able to maintain a 45-60 frames per second. Both versions suffer from pop in issues, dithered shadows at some places,  and the post-processing anti-aliasing solution seems to be broken at times with visible jaggies.

The draw distance is pretty impressive in Hardline, specially in Dustbowl map.  Lighting effects as usual are outstanding and the sense of speed is enhanced by effective use of motion blur and depth of field. Overall, the game does not look vastly different from Battlefield 4 on consoles. It seems whatever changes that DICE made to FrostBite 3 were related to performance as the rendering seems to be quite similar to what we saw in Battlefield 4.

Screenshot comparison between PC followed by Xbox One and PS4 versions. You can download uncompressed images from here.

Screenshot comparison between PS4 (left) and Xbox One (right) versions.

battlefield hardline pc graphical settings

Graphical settings of the PC versions are similar to what we saw on Battlefield 4.

The PC version is rock solid as far as performance goes. Due to the limited scope of this analysis, we only tested it across a single configuration consisting of AMD FX 8350 CPU, R 290 GPU and 16 GB of memory, which just about fits the recommended configuration released by Visceral Games. As expected we were able to achieve 1080p and 60 frames per second with next to no frame rate drops. Anti-aliasing, unlike the console versions, does not seem to be bugged in the PC version but level of detail still seems to be affected at some places. We will of course revisit the PC version and test it across multiple configurations when retail code is available.

It seems that Visceral Games have taken a safe approach with Battlefield Hardline. The game does not seem to be pushing any new technology benchmarks and largely looks similar to Battlefield 4. Even the PC settings of Hardline will instantly remind you of Battlefield 4.

Battlefield Hardline Open Beta is now available across all platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Spencer

    Pretty sure the beta is not 900p on PS4. Strange, given that the earlier beta looked and ran significantly better. I don’t know what the downgrade to 720p is about, but hopefully they iron that out before release. 900p is great looking to me still and doesn’t bother me at all especially if we’re getting 60fps as a result. 720p though.. Yeesh, it looks terrible.

    • GamingBolt

      It’s 720p and 900p on Xbox One and PS4 respectively.

  • Cenk Algu

    I think XO and PC been captured @30fps!

    • GamingBolt

      Nope. All three versions have been captured at 1080p with their respective frame rates. Our analysis is based on uncompressed versions. We cannot upload uncompressed videos but we have included links to uncompressed images in the article.

  • V3

    You guys lost all comparison integrity after that Dying Light nonsense from last week.

    • Xbox One Lover

      What are you talking about? This site is the first one out there that has confirmed that the Beta runs at 720p on Xbox One and PS4 is much smoother. Do you even read this site often? Did you even read the follow up to the Dying Light analysis? Let me help you then.

      You are the one losing credibility and ‘integrity’, you troll

    • GamingBolt

      So sad that you think that way but thanks for checking out us anyways 🙂

    • GamingBolt

      And just as Xbox One Lover pointed out below, you should check out our final analysis of Dying Light.

    • V3

      Actually im speaking about the youtube comparison video that was inaccurate and called out. People can see for themselves in the comments section of those vids.

  • Larry Hundley

    I have played the beta on both XB1 and PS4 and the biggest difference is.. lots of JAGGIES on XB1 version. So far the PS4 and XB1 version do seem to run a lot better than BF4 EVER DID!

  • DarthDiggler

    Destiny and Grand Theft Auto V ran at the same resolution across the PS4 and Xbox One.

    This is true, but there was some graphical differences between the two. I believe foliage was slightly muted on XBONE.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Who cares about the blah blah. I have been playing it non stop on the ps4 and yes it looks d*m good. I just officially gave up on call of duty advance warfare. That game has so many problems despite it not being realistic or small maps. Hacking people cheat so bad on there. The guns are the worst in call of duty history. Just not fun to pay 60 dollars for it to freeze constantly or people cheating. I have had so much fun with battlefield it is so addictive and to see 64 people playing on one screen is impressive. Battlefield is a kick as* game.

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Game is absolutely rancid on all platforms. Beyond poor asset quality and PS2 level modeling and lack of performance options on PC.

    Frostbite 3 needs a major re-work.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      The game is looking good and doing good. The servers have been packed with people. You sound stupid. You don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Roonda

    Make money playing video games in your free time.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Wow you couldn’t even adjust the display for the Xbox version? It’s zoomed in because you morons didn’t do the UI border adjustment. BTW I bought a PS4 today in anticipation of Hardline, until I realized there’s not a GODDAMN thing to play on the PS4. I’m taking this POS back and sticking with the Xbox One.


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