Can Fable 4 Redeem The Falling Franchise?

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With the dust slowly settling on the release of Fable 3 late last year, now seemed a better time than any to reflect on where the Lionhead franchise is heading and where it has come from. With the series getting significantly lower praise from fans and critics with the previous two instalments, is there any need for a Fable 4 and would it help restore the series to its former glory?

Back in the halcyon days of the original Xbox, Peter Molyneux of Lionhead studios announced an RPG title for Microsoft’s debut console. We were promised many things in Fable: We were promised a hero who would physically change based on the environment and in game events. We were promised a unique experience for every player. Molyneux even went as far as to say that “it’s gonna be the best game ever.” Some of these points were delivered, and many were not. Was this a problem with Fable as a game? Absolutely not. Though the game failed to live up to all the hype, it was still a fantastic action RPG with it own unique style and brand of humour. In fact I doubt it would be a huge stretch to claim that Fable was one of the best games made for the original Xbox.

Fable gave us some solid gaming, without the usual RPG cliches

The problem with Fable was not in the game itself but in the aggressive marketing tactics employed by our dear friend Molyneux. This isn’t intended to be a hate article against the man as, for all his faults, he’s made some excellent games in his time and is a testament to what our industry needs more of. I’m actually quite a big fan of Peter Molyneux. The fact is though, that he built up the hype of Fable to an unnecessary level that the game just could not meet, regardless of its quality. With such a ridiculous image to live up to, Fable is never given quite the respect it deserves. Its unique fantasy setting, lush soundtrack courtesy of Danny Elfman along with its addictive gameplay made it one of the better RPGs of the previous generation.

After a Fable expansion back in 2005, the franchise went into hibernation for three years while Lionhead set to work on a Fable sequel. When that sequel arrived in October 2008 it met with generally positive reviews, though some fans still felt that they didn’t get quite what was promised. Fable 2 did a great job of redefining the original Fable engine. With the power of the Xbox 360 now available to them, Lionhead were able to create a visual feast in Fable 2; yet they were also able to completely alter combat and exploration as we knew it from the original game. Combat, rather than relying on hot-keying spells and equipment, made a streamlined improvement of mapping magic, sword and ranged attacks to separate buttons. The adventure sections were also made easier to follow through the use of a golden trail you could follow to your next objective, as opposed to the usual mini-map affair we’ve become accustomed to over the years.

The power of the 360 allowed Fable 2 to push the graphical boundaries

Yet for all of these additions and improvements the game still could not match the sheer velocity of the hype train. The promises of a deep co-op gameplay experiences were entirely too optimistic, the interlaced mechanic of the hero’s canine companion didn’t revolutionise the gameplay in near the way we were promised and the game seemed to recycle many of the set pieces from the original. With some ground left to cover, the Fable franchise seemed set to go for third time lucky after a two year hiatus.

It was thus in 2010 that we were greeted with Fable 3. The game set forth with an interesting new plot mechanic that saw you becoming king of Albion and having to engage in the complex moral decisions required of your station. Yet, despite this new narrative direction, Fable 3 felt largely like an extension of its predecessor and not an entirely new experience. With the engine and graphics not getting much of an upgrade, we were left with lukewarm improvements to see us through the game. Despite some clever menu and level up work-arounds, Fable 3 wasn’t much of an improvement for the series. For what it lacked it in originality, it was still an enjoyable title though. Lionhead began to really nail storytelling with Fable 3, and the plot was more engaging than ever. The one thing that the Fable series really needs to sort out though is the moral decisions. The game constantly forces you to make decisions that alter the game world, but then it reduces the complexity of these situations by labelling the choices as “good” and “evil.” With the first two Fable games this wasn’t such an issue as, quite irritatingly, the moral decisions were fairly basic. “Would you like to save the children or eat them?” That sort of thing. With Fable 3 and its themes on Machiavellian kingship the decisions you made became more intricate and compromising, yet the good and evil points still try to force an objective morality onto the player. This almost ruined the game for me. I may be putting my best interests first, but this might be for any number of reasons. Maybe I needed more money to upgrade my equipment to save more lives later? What if I found the troubled NPC suspicious and didn’t want aid him in any misdeeds? Without being able to explain myself to the game, I find it frustrating when the game then tries to judge the decisions I make. Down with the good and evil points.

As fun as Fable 3 is, I find it hard to swallow any game that judges my morality

If there is going to be a fourth Fable game this will be the first thing that should change. Sometimes hard decisions must be made to insure the needs of the many are served, and Lionhead need to grow up a little bit and understand this before they write the next Fable. Go read some philosophy and widen the mind Molyneux. A little bit of Kant and Kierkegaard on the side and then you can get back to it. Other things the Fable franchise needs to focus on are the mood and tone. Fable had a generally light hearted and jovial overtone that complemented the game’s humour well. The previous 2 Fables have, by contrast, been more brooding. Though it’s more of a personal preference I’d rather like to see the series’ humour come through more in future and take the series back to its roots. Despite my occasional misgivings regarding Fable 2 and 3, I trust Lionhead to keep improving the series’ gameplay, to the point where I don’t really have any improvements to suggest in this department. The main thing that will help Fable 4 along the most would be a little less hype from the get go. Molyneux is a great designer but, if he spent more of his time perfecting his games and less time talking about them, we’d have better gaming experiences to take from the Fable franchise.

Until Fable 4 gets announced all we can do is speculate and hope. Though the series is still going strong it has been declining slowly since the original. Fingers crossed the fourth entry will be able to redeem the series to its former excellence if it ever sees the light of day. Are there any improvements or new features you’d like to see in future Fable games? Please shout out in the comments section below.

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  • Jon

    I think we should go back into the days of the Old Kingdom. All that potential, all that history. Shame for it to go to waste. I got an idea, how about we got back to the days of William Black (Scythe), where he battled the Knight, Jack and Queen of Blades. It would be awesome if we got to do that. Actually make it a FABLE. Make it a thrilling experience to play. Make it epic. Don’t dump gameplay for story; include both. Don’t lie to the faces of still loyal fans of the franchise. Just be honest, and make sure you can bite off what you can chew. Don’t make up bulls*t.

    We just can’t keep going into the future. Fable 3 was set in the industrial revolution itself. Advance it by another 50-100 years and we won’t be that far off around WW1. What better place to take it back than the Old Kingdom/early years of the Hero’s Guild? Fable 4 needs a massive improvement, or the fans will have lost their patients. It has the potential to be a game of all kinds of epic, you just need to listen to the sensible part of the fanbase who knows what they want, and deliver it to the description of which you would claim it to be.

    • chaz

      YES, I completely agree, going back in time to Scythes error would be awesome. Bringing back the heroes guild would win me over, I extremely disliked how leveling up was done by opening chests, instead of at a special place in the map room of the Guild.

      Another Point, they need to have no guns, the guns make the game way to easy to appoint where you can just blow by enemies without trying, the biggest enemy was so weak. If they could just go have a prequel to the original Fable, and have armor and bows, instead of clothes and guns, it would be a terrific game!

  • SGHS2016

    I think they should just start over no continuations of fable 3 no pushing further into the future fable 3 did have its moments where our hero could actually talk or the touch where you could hold a NPCs hand but everything els just made me want to throw my xbox out the window. I think they should take tose two aspects and go back in time. Maybe before the first fable or in between 1 & 2 through fable 2 and 3 i was constantly asking where is the old fable that i fell in love with? Where is jack of blades where is the armor and bows? And where is that choice that made it an RPG? Ok sure you can be good or evil (i was pissed about no horns or halos in 3) but can you be a evil mage or a pure warrior? No it was just the same basic spells and weapons no choice between what kind of hero you are i still have faith in fable i still think that with fable 4 they could bring back the franchise but they will have to make some serious changes and defintley keep peter moleynuexs big mouth shut.

  • Tim

    What should be done about Fable, should they decide to relase a fourth one is really rather simple. Effectively what Jon said, maybe not exactly that time period, but I want to learn more about the history of Albion by creating it! Not just reading the story books sprinkled throughout the game world. Take us back to a time before the heroes guild, hell during the guild’s creation! I personally have to disagree with the article about the storyline getting gradually better. Maybe I am bias towards the first game but in my opinion (Including The Lost Chapters) the first game had the most engaging and captivating story out of them all. Perhaps a little cliche with the whole family dying bit (Though they didn’t really), but if we’re going to try and pull that card then what about the Princely Younger Brother bringing down the tyrant? That is a very common story, hell if anything Fable 2’s introductory story was probably their most “original”.

    Bluntly? As with most fans I couldn’t get enough of the first one, loved the second one, and liked the third.

    • Tim

      Also, like SGHS said, where’s my armor? Sure you brought back some fancy looking outfits to replace the true armor but if Fable is going to be a dedicated RPG rather than a free-world version of Soul-Calibur (A fighter game with a cool story) they need to impliment something more than just badass weapons. Armor, trinkets that you could carry around on your waist. (One of my favorite ideas was that you could put certain trophys on your person and get bonuses or penalties from them.)

  • Brendan

    It’s too late for Fable four to redeem it’s self, I’ve seen the trailer for and there’s no more hero’s left, and darkness is taking over, I think it’s all bullshit, why don’t we go back to simpler times when there were hundreds of other hero’s, to fight with, train with, and to go into battle with. Honestly the first Fable was the best in my opinion, you could choose armor to wear, really choose the weapons you like, and good story plot, getting your sister, defeating Jack of Blades, that’s pretty Badass, Fable 2 story line ok, but only four hero’s left out of hundreds, not likely, now Fable 3 plot Line, taking the kingdom from your brother because an old, blind, woman tells you to, what the hell! but honestly go back to the old Kingdom, wear your not the only hero left, or if there any,

    • Alex

      you saw the trailer for Fable Journey, but so far as I know there is no true Fable 4 trailer or game announced yet. I guess I’m one of the few that was not at all bothered by guns, there were still crossbows but again I guess that was just me.

    • chaz

      if you have not realized, that blind person is most likely Theresa, so maybe it’s in between Fable 1 and 2…


  • Olaff

    I just had to support the Fable games here and pull Mr. reith up on a couple of points. Whilst the article was engaging and I, personally, appreciate the cander of it and cannot disagree with every issue raised there are two. Firstly, I agree with the hype swallowing the product but I can’t help but feel, ‘what are we really expecting?’ I honestly cannot say that the game didn’t give me just waht I expected and maybe a little more – and I loved it. the morality points that were brought up do need to be questioned. It was said that life is a little more intricate than all decisions being good or evil; and of course, we can all agree with that but the way the general public see you, based on your decisions is largely black and white. So you can run about Albion with red smoke eminating from your lower regions and horns sprouting from your head and know that you done the right thing. History is full of people sacrificing themselves to public opinion in the name of doing what they thought was right; they even make a [oint of that in Batman – the dark knight. what are we expecting instead, here’s the question and now here’s an entire list of possible reactions and why you chose them? no, eat the child or save it; if your choice is for the greater good then it might just show through in the end and if not, well, that is life1 I think Lionhead is grown up enough to know that.

    Secondly, is my personal take on 2 and 3, it is said that they were more brooding and it is certianly true that they had darker scenes in them but I did like that. there was a happy, bouncy aspect to it in certain areas and a darker and even creepy aspect to others parts of it. The humour has been a key mark through the entire series and the darker aspect comliments it perfectly.

    yes, there are bits I liked from the first which i think are missing (ie – the differebt types of armour) from the other 2 but if Fable 4 comes out to play I will come out to play too.

  • Olaff

    I just had to support the Fable games here and pull Mr. Reith up on a couple of points. Whilst the article was engaging and I, personally, appreciate the candour of it and cannot disagree with every issue raised there are two. Firstly, I agree with the hype swallowing the product but I can’t help but feel, ‘what are we really expecting?’ I honestly cannot say that the game didn’t give me just what I expected and maybe a little more – and I loved it. The morality points that were brought up do need to be questioned. It was said that life is a little more intricate than all decisions being good or evil; and of course, we can all agree with that but the way the general public see you, based on your decisions is largely black and white. So you can run about Albion with red smoke emanating from your lower regions and horns sprouting from your head and know that you done the right thing. History is full of people sacrificing themselves to public opinion in the name of doing what they thought was right; they even make a point of that in Batman – the dark knight. What are we expecting instead, here’s the question and now here’s an entire list of possible reactions and why you chose them? No, eat the child or save it; if your choice is for the greater good then it might just show through in the end and if not, well, that is life. I think Lionhead is grown up enough to know that.

    Secondly, is my personal take on 2 and 3, it is said that they were more brooding and it is certainly true that they had darker scenes in them but I did like that. There was a happy, bouncy aspect to it in certain areas and a darker and even creepy aspect to others parts of it. The humour has been a key mark through the entire series and the darker aspect compliments it perfectly.

    Yes, there are bits I liked from the first which I think are missing (ie – the different types of armour) from the other 2 but if Fable 4 comes out to play I will come out to play too.

  • FABLE 1!!!!

    Look we all loved Fable 1 to bits in fact while i’m writing this im playing the lost chapters (Souls of heroes :D) and thats where Fable needs to return screw all these new “villians” Jack of Blades will NEVER be matched by all the Luciens and Crawlers the gaming world can create. What Molyneux needs to do is simply REMAKE Fable 1 with NOTHING changed in gameplay or story just update the graphics, perhaps add a few more silver and bronze quests to improve the games longevity and now that the tech is available LOOK back at all the little promises he made for it and make them a reality I miss the bows and swords that I fell in love with and I cannot stand the “overhauled” combat system of the new fables. my biggest complaint is, of course, the simple nature of the game what the hell is with Fable 2 and 3 not being able to die is just plain stupid now if I ever rub the dust off them and play them i’m not worried about heading into Balverine nests because I know I can’t possibly die whereas in fable 1 you might have thought twice. Who agrees with a Fable The Lost Chapters remake?

    • xxmodnarxx

      I wouldn’t buy the same game if all it got was an unneeded graphics update. It might sound like a good idea, but graphics don’t make a game, especially when the graphics of the game in question aren’t even that outdated.

  • Jared

    Things that should be used in Fable 4 in order to be successful:
    -The living weapons that change based on your choices. This was an intriguing idea and I think it has a lot of potential that wasn’t exploited in Fable 3. But only make some of the weapons like this, go back to the old augmenting system from Fable 1 & 2.

    -The Co-op experience from Fable 3. The Co-op was a welcome addition in my opinion. It was fun to be able to play with my ‘actual’ wife and enjoy marrying her again in-game. However, the Co-op should be improved so that it meshes with the story better. Actually include the other hero in the story, at least a little for goodness sake.

    -Dig-spots, Demon Doors, silver keys, and gold keys. This is just a part of the Fable series and needs to remain unchanged. If you are going to change it, then go back to the way it was in Fable 1.

    -The Dog. I liked the dog from Fable 1 & 2 quite a bit. It was an inventive idea that I think worked well.

    -Some kind of menu. Any kind of menu. I want to be able to view my money, items, properties, statistics, and all the other minute but important details WITHOUT having to go back to a different screen (the sanctuary) in order to view it all. The sanctuary was one of the biggest problems with Fable 3. I think that the sanctuary could work for some things, and it was a good idea, but nothing will ever replace a good old fashioned pause menu and inventory screen.

    -Way, way, way better battle system. Fable 3 was too easy. Fable 1 is probably the model to use for battle difficulty, and Fable 2 for battle style. I like that the ranged, melee, and magic are mapped to different buttons. Also put back in the part where I can kick decapitated heads.

    -Leveling up. An RPG needs to make me feel like the character I am creating is my own. I would like to see a system where I can choose my hero’s strengths, and I like that I can’t have it all. It makes the game interesting and adds serious replay value. Definitely look to Fable 1 for help here. I loved getting different kinds of experience points and choosing how to use them.

    -Fable 3 details. The graphics in Fable 3 blew me away. If Lionhead has one good thing going for them it’s this. Keep up the good work.

    -Lots of weapons, armor, clothing, haircuts, tattoos, etc. Fable should be all about customization. I want to pick my clothes and their colors. I want to be able to look like a bada** or a joker. I want the option of being a girl with a moustache. I want options! Maybe a good idea would be to have clothing or armor that changes and adapts to your choices. That way you don’t work the entire game just to get one awesome sword of death that totally rapes every other weapon imaginable, and then go and get the awesome armor of noob punishing that does the same thing! I want incentive to create a different look.

    -Cut out all the ridiculous DLC. I understand that DLC is where you make revenue after a game launch, but don’t overdo it. If you want to release a santa hat at christmas time, great. But don’t put a bunch of crap in the original game that reaks of the words “Go get the DLC!”

    -Expressions. The expressions in Fable 3 were garbage. I want to be able to pick how I interact with NPCs and other players. That was part of the fun of Fable 1. Fable 3 was too dumbed down.

    -Fix the NPCs. I want NPCs with souls. I don’t want to choose to be a female hero, and lead when I decide to dance with a male villager. (On a side note; MAKE THE GIRL HEROS GIRLS! I was so sick of the fact that the girl heros are so much bigger than the male NPCs without me choosing to make her that way.) Okay, back on track. Make the NPCs look different, act different, and have more than 5 british voices. When I am looking for a wife, I want to be able to find an attractive one. Not a bunch of old women who look like Angela Landsbury! I actually want to WANT to get married, but in Fable 3 I just felt dirty flirting with one of those mindless idiots. I felt like I was trying out pick-up lines on the short bus.

    I’m sure there is more that I can add to this list, but it’ll all get covered in other posts anyway. I love Fable as a franchise and as an idea. It is an incredible idea that has only been partially brought to life. The thing that Fable 1, 2, and 3 all promised that none of them fully delivered on was full-blown customization. I want a unique experience every time I play. I love the concept of good and bad choices. granted I want some tougher ones, but I love that concept. I love the idea that my choices affect the world of Albion. I want to see quests that change each game because I made a decisions seven hours earlier. I want to be able to lift a worthless outpost into a bustling town because I stimulated the local economy. I want to start out as a nobody and end up shaping Albion. And I want to look the way I want to look when I do it. If anybody at Lionhead reads this post, get one thing out of it. EXPLODE THE CUSTOMIZATION TO KINGDOM COME! Multiply it big time! That is what I was promised with Fable 1 and now you have a chance to do it in Fable 4.

    • chaz

      there were no dogs in fable 1, but yeah cool ideas

  • mike

    Fable 1: awesome, I loved that it wasn’t very linear at all and I didn’t feel compelled to do anything to do with the main story if I didn’t want to. The combat system, armor, weapons, and whatnot were what kept me looking for more side stuff til I knew I found literally everything.

    Fable 2: pretty decent story and a little bit more linear than the first, but still I could go wherever, whenever I wanted. WTF happened to my armor!? what was with the clothing. Also I preferred the first game’s combat system, but this one wasn’t bad

    Fable 3: terrible, I despised it. I felt like I was being dragged along the main story whether I wanted to or not. Also it was nearly impossible to keep everyone alive if you wanted to do everything which was considered good unless you bought nearly every building in the game. combat system was again mediocre and I was still pretty salty about the lack of actual armor rather than having to wear nothing, but clothing.

    Fable 4: please god go back to the Old Kingdom. After the first Fable I prayed they would continue with the story here because it was so rich in history.

  • Kurokon Shikyo

    Honestly, if you discard graphics, Fable 1 was the best game of the series, due to the versatile gameplay, decent humor, immediate choices that affect later play, and most importantly customization. With fable 2 and 3, sure, you get better graphics, but you sacrificed the complexity and strategy of the magic system, along with making the character invincible, which isnt as bad as it seems, except the often horrifying scars that cannot be removed. Fable 1 had mystery to it, a true depth of “what the hell happened?” instead of Fable 2’s “here you are, do this, this was done”. Sure, fable 3 got a bit better by adding the darkness, but the problem was, what the darkness truly was was never resolved. Maybe in a book, but shouldnt it be part of the story rather than a book somewhere? Frankly, the worst part about fable 2 was how cartoonish the morality characters looked. By that I mean, if you get too evil, you look like you were made from clay, too good, and you look like you were drawn as an anime character. Fable 3 certainly stepped up from fable 2, but they have a long way to go before matching more popular rpgs, like Elder scrolls. As a fan of rpgs, my two favorite original xbox games were fable and morrowind, but now, I see fable dropping to almost pathetic levels. Fable, the entire series, should have a redo, not because the last two games were just so horrible, but more because its pretty obvious they were not able to do all theyd like with the original fable. I have both fable 3, and fable TLC, I prefer playing Fable TLC, and thats just sad for someone like me to prefer the older version of a game. Lionhead studios has dropped from amazing, to lazy as shit.

    • Noel

      Agree, agree, agree. FABLE 4, microsoft!! Make it happen! Save the Xbox:One! Look at Skyrim and the Witcher 3, then make it with the same scope and depth but make it a “Fable” world!!!

  • Frederick

    People need to stop trashing this game yeah it has flaws but really people. Just grow up. I am a die hard fan of the fable games and personally I think they r great. Best rpg series other than fallout and elder scrolls. I do miss the armorial rating but I’m not gonna go and cry about it on lionheads forum. Molyneux did get a lot of people stoked about this game and quite frankly didn’t deliver all of his promises. But aside from that fable three was a great game that desreves a lot of praise

    • xxmodnarxx

      Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts wants to have a word with you… and I thought Fallout was an RPS (Role Playing Shooter). If it is… it doesn’t count. ;o I wholeheartedly agree with TES, but have only played Fable 1/TLC so I can’t give my opinion on Fable.

  • John

    I think they should bring it in more like the fable 1 cuz that was a really awesome game just the fact that they took away armor was an upsettin display and maybe add a little bit of fable 2 into that equation but please hardly anythin about fable 3…… fable 3 was just thrown into a bowl but you didnt mix it so in other words the taste came out bitter so how about make it to where you try to make something original make it to where you arent limited on your choices so much to where its just DO THIS AND YOU WILL BECOME A BETTER PERSON AND DO THE OTHER THING YOU WILL BE EVIL i think they should broaden the choices on everything i also think they should broaden spells cuz in fable 3 there werent really many spell choices but the thing that was cool about fable 3 was the fact that they took away horns and i also liked the fact that your weapon grew with the things you did but yea i just think that they should try to cut any connections in the story and start out fresh because in Fable 1 You have people close to you die and you get a way of seekin revenge basically by gettin trained by the guild but then in fable 2 you have the only thing close to you die i mean maybe cut out the pattern of someone dyin so you get pissed and want revenge make it more interesting

    • John

      and i do love the fables dont get me wrong preferably the 1st and 2nd ones

  • Bongo

    “Yet for all of these additions and improvements the game still could not match the sheer velocity of the hype train.”
    Golden trail is an improvement? Really?
    Fable 1 was an enjoyable game. Goofy humor fit well with the fairy tale setting and so did the generic story. Decent customization and various spells made me feel like i was building my own hero. Combat was rather fun. I didn’t play fable 2 so i wont say anything about it. Fable 3 was repulsive. There was no fairy tale feeling, no customization (changing colors of my clothing? Riddiculous.), no decent combat. Instead there was an annoying dog companion, scores of ugly soulless npcs and bland music. Oh, and a “breadcrumb trail” which shouted at me “I know your blind and/or stupid so i will show you the way!” Consequences of moral choices were laughable. If there will be a Fable 4 they should either stay with “save or eat a child” choices or make ones that really have a deeper meaning. Oh, and Peter should stop lying so much.

  • Vince

    I would like to hope that F4 would revive the series. I didn’t really have any real issues with F3 and F2, but I am hoping that the next of the series would eclipse the Fable TLC. So no matter what those other ungrateful fans (hobbes, I prefer to call them) say, I would be backing up Lionhead and Molyneux until the end of Fable.

  • J. Kieffer

    LT -use magic
    LB -cycle through spells on the fly
    RT -shoot
    RB -lock on (hold for first person mode)
    X -slash (hold to charge)
    Y -stab (hold to charge)
    XY -360 degree swing
    B -roll (hold to block)
    A -jump (hold to duck)
    AB -180 degree turn
    Analog sticks do the same motion & camera & D-pad remains a way to hot button items & expressions like the original

    When your dog is a level three treasure hunter s/he can find, dig up, & bring you level one treasures. When your dog is a level four treasure hunter s/he can find, dig up, & bring you level two treasures. Five to three & then for forth & fifth level treasures you are gonna have to do the digging yourself (dog can still locate & will scratch @ the ground until you start digging). Also added to your dog expressions – the ability to send your dog off on missions (retrieve this, protect them, deliver letter) or call him/her to your side.

    Please email if you have any other comments

  • hayate harima

    could you get japanese blades in there and more missions and could you please make a pet select there and more replay value and make two diferent stroies depending on gender i know this skyrocket you up a bit so please take my request

  • craizerduke88

    fable 1- awesome, it had memorable and bad*** characters like jack of blades who NEEDS to be in the 4th one somehow, actually had armor and cool weapons. the story was grade A material but they should have gotten deeper in the families legacy but whatever. the combat was actually enjoyable and the locations were interesting for the time the game was created. and the enemies were sometimes really difficult which is a good thing and you had to figure out how to kill the enemy like jacks minions were defeated easily with magic and trolls were killed easy long ranged. exploration was limited but not too many games were better with free roam at the time

    fable 2- characters were weaker and less memorable the only one i remember is Teresa and reaver but that’s cause Teresa is in all of them which is pretty cool and reavers in the second and third one and hes pretty funny, and the characters were shit in fights especially the she-hulk(i forget her name) lucien was kinda a good antagonist but their wasn’t even a boss battle for him like jack had two of them. i liked how a little of the the first one is mentioned but that’s was it, he dident he find out he was part of this great family with a dark past. enemies were weak, boring and forgettable except for balverines but they were WAY to easy, they just took every hit jumped over me and took more hits and i used like 5 health potions throughout the whole game, the magic was shit especially when you had to charge it up the randed was pretty good and the melee was alright , for every fun mission(ex.oakfeild massacre, and getting to bloodstone) there were like 5 boring ones and all the cool jobs were to f**kin easy like killin beetles or killing some lesbian in bowerstone. the dog was shit, he found shit treasure even with fully upgraded stats(i think the best he ever found was a condom) never told me about silver keys until i found them myself and that’s when he isent scared which is all the time, couldn’t fight or he just refused to and i healed him more times than i had to one myself. is was cool how he changed his appereance if you were good or bad but it really dident matter cause he acted the same way. and he loved you no matter how many times i scolded him but the dog idea was still pretty cool. i wont say anything about the graphics cause their pretty good. and no armor REALLY how do clothes stop musket rounds and swords but im not gonna rant cause everyone knows what im talking about. and that stupid breadcrumb trail had me staring at the floor hoping it doesent disappear or mislead me as it always does, i prefer a mini map. the economy and family stuff were a great addition even if it is really easy to get people to fall in love with you and almost all the girls look alike well the good looking ones do.even after all that i still like this game, is it as good as the first one hell no but its still fun so dont get me wrong i do like this game

    fable 3- the characters were a little stronger in this one cause i actually remember most their names so i wont talk about them too much and their fighting were improved greatly. the fighting was complete and utter garbage. the melee was WAY to drawn out, it took about 7 minutes with flourishes and all that to kill a single enemy and thats if their by themself which they never are for obvious reasons. the magic is actually overpowered in this one so i dident even use it so it was a ”fair” fight. i pretty much used my gun the whole game cause it wasent complete shit or overpowered. the main enemy the darkness was actually intresting for only one reason, im pretty sure the crawler is a reinvented jack of blades. i know it sounds crazy but if you listen to him all he talks about is how he waited centuries for albion to burn which is what jack always said and he waited for the main character whose great ancestors (dude from fable one) originally defeated him, and the guardians that the darkness use look just like jacks minions from the first one. the combat difficulty got even worse because i dident even use one health potion and all the regular enemies were boring, weak, and forgettable again. they still have no armour the clothes are actually worse and theres like 5 clothing options 3 of which are retarted. they made use pay for the the color black which is pretty dickheadish on their part like why would they do that to their loyal fans.theirs no boss fight with loghain even though the trailer showed one and the fight with the crawler did not make up for that.the the dog dident change one bit they just lowered the amount of shit treasure.

    so what fable 4 needs is memborable characters, enemies that actually give the gamer a challenge, jack of blades, go back to the time of heroes, go deeper into the story and history of this heroic bloodline, more stuff to buy and customize, bigger and more interesting locations with more free roam, and better in game options that effect future gameplay. there’s definitively more but thats all i can think of

  • Juliana Brown

    The whole series was great and improved exponentially with each installment. It got bigger… the story line kept improving and having more and more depth. Dialogue had more relevance.. the characters became written better and better. If you like stale acting and bland, undeveloped characters then definitely stick with Elder Scrolls and listen to Jim Cummings force himself on 20 more characters.

    My main issue with Fable 1 was the total lack of a female player option…. so I’m personally going to have to completely disagree with anyone who says Fable 1 had the best character customization. No.. it did not. I found it hard to rpg with some hulking dude who… I get punished with a more and more grotesque body the more I improve my skills… This made the game boring and almost unplayable for me personally.

    I could personally totally do without the armor and am glad it did not play in the 2nd and 3rd game. I personally don’t have a desire to be a big hulking mass of metal to be able to battle.

    For those who claim that Fable 3 lost the humor… I’m willing to bet they simply power housed through the main story line as quickly as possible so they could go and write a bitchy article about it as quickly as possible. I completely disagree that it’s become broody and less humorous. Only that… most of the humor seems focused more around side quests which are all cute and funny.. and/or you have a weak grasp on british humor. (like… everything that came out of Reaver’s mouth for example) Fable 3 is loaded with humor!

    While I do agree some of the moral decisions were objective… (i.e. I did not always agree with what they decided was good or bad) it really didn’t get my panties in that much of a bunch… It’s a game… whatever. *shrug*

    Also there were no bows and arrows in the third game because it was pre industrial era you ar-tard…. You really wouldn’t be particularly effective against anybody with one anymore. And the time setting… set us up for a bunch of other story points… the entire Reaver industries thing for one which I found fantastically entertaining. The whole steampunk setting of everything was absolutely charming and great.

    So yeah… guys… bottom line is… if you don’t like Fable… and you like Elder Scrolls and all those…. then play Elder Scrolls games…. and all the games that do fit your desire for fetch quests and pretentious, macho story and gameplay…. and stop trying trying to turn everything into what YOU like. You don’t like Fable then piss off… we won’t miss you! Have fun exploring the 87th identical Dwemer ruin or Nord burial catacombs….

    Tatty bye!

    • Oats

      Agreed, and thank you!

  • mbeecon

    Fable 4: The Old Kingdom – The only real way to save the franchise, bring back the normal fantasy from the first game and give us some abilities that are actually, you know, different. Magic has turned into whatever color you prefer; like blue? Use lightning. Like Orange? Use fireball. Here’s hoping the developers can actually listen to the community for once and try to give it’s fans something they actually want, rather than saying “This is what you all REALLY want, right?”


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