Can PS4 And Xbox 720 Character Models Look Like This?

What is your take?

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The PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 are coming soon. There are no two ways about that. With the advent of next generation consoles, there is also a lot of excitement among avid gamers about the visuals that those two beasts will be capable of. Just like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, developers will take their time in learning the system mechanics and will try their best to utilize the available resources.

With the rumored PS4 and Xbox 720 specs leaning more towards a powerful PC, we should see an immediate jump in the graphics department. Through this article we take a look at how next generation character models will look like. Obviously the talented artists who developed them had their vision of their own but they closely resemble to our expectations.

For more interesting top 10 lists and features, please click here. What expectations do you have from next gen consoles? Do you think they will be able to achieve this level of fidelity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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You love survival horror games, right? And of course you may have also appreciated Tell Tale Games The Walking Dead? This is how a next generation zombie will look like. Current generation consoles have bland textures but see how the important details of these guys’s teeth and skull are at display here. Source.

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  • maybe_later_music_dude

    what people don’t understand is that all the games on pc that only look slightly better than 360/ps3 version is because they are based on dx9/shader model 3 games because of the consoles holding back the market. crysis 1 is dx10/shader model 4 and that looks way better than consoles because it was developed from the ground up with dx10/shader model 4. since ps4 games will be built from the beggining around dx11 they will look way better than current pc games that are all built around dx9 because of consoles. the only true dx11/shader model 5 graphics that have been seen are tech demos. even if ps4’s gpu is only rated at 1.8 teraflops it will be like having a 3-4 teraflop gpu when you take away the windows overhead that exists in pc. ps4 ma only be 1080p but it’s gonna have way better texture and lighting and soft shdows…. smoke and partcle effects. if games don’t look atleast as good as the Crysis 1 tech demo i aints bying!!

  • maybe_later_music_dude

    i have a modded build of GTA 4 on pc that runs in 1080p but is super-scaled internally at 4k and it looks amazing. way better than ps3/360. buildings look almost photo-realistic.

    • maybe_later_music_dude

      also another thing thats making recent graphics look better is game companies are starting to use texture assets that have a way higher source resolution than texture assets from a few years back. building a visual library based around textures sampled at 10 mega pixel and beyond resolutions must take years to aquire. also ps4 isn’t stuck using the dx whatever api that eats up rendering power… they can use opengl or whatever they want to make games look 2-3 years ahead of what is curently on pc. or it could just come out in 2014 and be based on Nvidia Maxwell architecture. then i would sleep with it on a pillow next to me like Sledge Hammer!!! i would also carry it aound with me in a holster and talk to it from time to time.


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