Capcom Discusses Resident Evil 7 and the Future of the Franchise

Capcom discusses the series’ past and future.

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Capcom recently talked about its flagship Resident Evil franchise, discussing the origins of the series, and talking about where it saw it going into the future.

Talking about the continued success of the franchise, Capcom said it had to do with how thoroughly convincing the worlds within the games were.

“The secret lies in its elaborate settings and world. Horror is a common entertainment genre around the world, but Resident Evil adopted the setting of epidemic disaster that could be a reality rather than a wild fantasy in order to make the horror convincing,” Capcom said. “This sense of realism is smoothly incorporated into the story as well as feeding the fear as horror.”

Capcom also credited the compelling characters within the games and the series as a reason for why players still like the games.

“The main characters have made many appearances spanning all the titles and get older and more mature as the series goes on. A character who was a rookie police officer when he debuted is a member of an organization under the direct control of the president in the latest game, and a powerless young girl has matured into a U.S. agent,” Capcom said. “Rather than fading away over the 17 years, they have become even deeper characters. This character appeal has also helped to win firm fans.”

Capcom also credited the production team and development talent, laying special emphasis on the fact that each game is produced by a different team: “The development team and producers in charge of Resident Evil change for every title,” Capcom said. “Therefore, each creator adds their own touch to the strong Resident Evil identity, constantly creating a new Resident Evil just like a relay.”

Of course, as far as ‘continued success’ for Resident Evil goes, the exact meaning is up for interpretation. Resident Evil 6 was a massive critical bomb, being met with dismally low review scores, and then missing Capcom’s internal projections as well.

However, that does not seem to have stopped the giant from looking forward towards the future. Capcom also discussed the future of the series, hinting at a Resident Evil 7.

“In the future, the Resident Evil series will discover new possibilities and progress as a title that can compete globally without disappointing any expectations,” Capcom said.

[Capcom, via Gamespot]

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  • Ken Hulgaard

    Res Evil 4 or (despite its archaic quality) even Code Veronica have been the best two games of the Franchise so far. Number 5 and 6 have been thoroughly disappointing. Major reboot required. Fix it or fold it Capcom. Signed a very jaded Resident Evil fan.

  • Jay

    Capcom need to stop trying to please everyone. YOU JUST CAN’T!!! 1, 2 and 3 were all amazing, and with 0 and Remake on Gamecube they were going in the right direction. Then somewhere along the lines they got seriously lost! They need to ignore the films completely and give the Gears of War mechanics and quicktime event crap a rest (just because they had a bit of success with it in number 4 doesn’t mean they should milk it for all it’s worth in all their future titles and expect Res Evil fans old and new to enjoy it over n over). They should take after Silent Hill and just stick to what made the franchise so successful in the first place. Darkness, ambient eerie soundtracks, tight narrow spaces, jump scares, puzzles and UNDEAD MONSTERS! Seriously Capcom, it’s like you are trying to suck on purpose. Stop trying to fix what was NEVER broken because you are losing more true fans than you are making new ones!

  • Devlin_Chaos

    Reboot the series and start from scratch like Eidos/Crystal Dynamics did with tomb raider. The other thing is that you should make those small plots in the series playable like playing Barry Burton’s side of the story or Wesker’s in separate chapters like you did with Aida Wong’s story in RE 4. Lots of fans complain about games being too short so you should make every intense moment in the game playable. Note: It would be fun to play the characters when they infiltrate the mansion and not just start off in the mansion.

  • Joe Sharp

    I remember growing up with Nintendo, Sega, and so on. I remember thinking that Tomb Raider 1 was the greatest thing I ever played. Lol. I thought the graphics were epic. The new tomb raider graphics were excellent but I did not feel as if I was playing a TR game. Same goes for Resident evil. My favorites are RE2 and 4 but I like progress. I like things different. If every game was like RE2, people would then complain and be like Deja Vu. Everything can not be the same or it would be boring. There are similarities in some of the games. Imo, the only ones that were different were 4 and 5. The other had churches, labs, zombie infested streets, gun shops, etc. I like the idea of making the characters more versatile. Anyone can point and shot a gun but not everyone can be Jason Bourne. I imagine that if Leon did not learn something while training in the government then why even have him around? They do not just hire anyone to be their pawns. Even Mario progressed. Lol. Give me a great story line and great action and graphics. For me… the rest just a bonus.

  • steeve

    Ok, they need to turn the lights out and watch their own games one by one…The fist one was for me a classic. They where then, pioneers of horror. Lots of things got better with time, but they lost the essence…The mystery.

    It’s hard to say start over again. Good stuff came as well, mostly trough technology. Effects, shooters, all this will not replace a good story, a good script a good fear in the night.

    Go back to the real RE. The fright.

    As you walk down the corridors of the mansion, lurking in the dark…Thinking you’ve ben here before because it looks familiar, wondering if your team is still alive or turned againt’s you as you have to hurry to figure out a poem left by a lab employee…That was the good old fright crawling up on your shoulder when you turned off the light to play until the morning light.

    At one point this mansion was like a second home. Really! It was scary to spend so much time in there” that you knew it by heart at one point…Imagin the guys that worked on it..!

    Revelation as a bit of that feel with the boat being the same enviromant for some time. I like that. It runs the fear in as you walk the rooms again and again with crawling creatures…Still it was missing the mystery.

    We all long for mystery guys!! If I want to shoot stuff I get call of duty, medal of honnor, ect…What do you get theses days for mystery and horror…RE should spend time in the movie writer’s section and find a good scenario. There’s great writers out there in hollywood and elsewhere.

    That’s where a good story starts. You add one when you started long ago…Don’t kill it with another re-run…We want fresh mystery solving fearful heart pulling mind confusion darkness…

  • marcus

    create more resident evil more than five version or new story

  • RoaringStorm

    keep the COOP please and want to play as one male and one female character.

  • MartinRedfield


  • Paul Smith

    better story,maybe back to Mansion?the old atmosphere from Re 1 and 2.finish all the loose ends and story


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