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Badland Game of the Year Edition Interview: Mobile Development and Neutrality in the Console War

Frogmind talks development on current gen and caring about games more than platform differences.

The Technomancer Interview: Returning to Mars on Current Gen Consoles

Spiders' Jehanne Rousseau talks about the upcoming sci-fi action RPG.

Adventure Time Finn & Jake Investigations Interview: Getting Weird With Vicious Cycle

Finn and Jake return with the appropriate amount of hype.

Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends Interview: A Legend in the Making?

The rotund kung fu master and his friends will be returning in Vicious Cycle's upcoming fighter.

Troll & I Interview: A Study of Dual Protagonists

Spiral House delves into its upcoming crowd-funded fantasy adventure.

Invisible, Inc. Interview: Procedurally Generated Spy Noir and PS4 Plans

Klei Entertainment talks design philosophy and gameplay for the rogue-like strategy title.

Velocity 2X Interview: Porting to Xbox One, Winning Hearts and Future Plans

FuturLab talks about bringing its game to a wider audience and building credibility as an indie.

Unmechanical Extended Interview: Escaping Upwards in a New Generation

Teotl Studios and Grip Games talk about the puzzle platformers debut on consoles.

Unreal Engine 4, Kites and Photorealism: An Interview With Epic’s Ray Davis

General manager for Unreal Engine talks about the present and future of the UE4.

The Solus Project Interview: Unreal Engine 4 and Deep Space Survival

Teotl Studios founder talks UE4, DirectX 12, survival games and much more.

MotoGP 15 Interview: Off to the Races Again

Milestone returns to the forefront again with the newest MotoGP.

We Are Doomed Interview: Procedurally Generating Trippiness

Vertex Pop founder talks about the recently released twin-stick shooter.

Kursk Interview: Understanding Tragedy and Exploring Serious Issues

Jujubee Games wants its upcoming adventure thriller to change the industry while providing a fun experience.

Interview with Terry Scott Taylor: Armikrog Composer Talks Creative Process

The veteran composer talks about working on Pencil Test Studios' odd adventure.

LEGO Jurassic World Interview: The Perfect (LEGO) Dinosaur Park

What is life without LEGO dinosaurs?

Stealth Inc. 2 Interview: Send In The Clones

Curve Digital discusses its Metroidvania-style stealth puzzle sequel.

Submerged Interview: The Mysteries and Attachments of Sunken Cities

Upper Cut Games talks about the intrigue surrounding its beautiful new PS4 adventure.

Interview with John Hable: Dispelling the Uncanny Valley

Former Naughty Dog member and founder of Filmic Worlds talks about the future of realistic facial animation.

Unity 5 and Democratizing Development: An Interview With Founder David Helgason

Unity founder talks about the engine's newest features and upcoming plans.

OlliOlli 2 Interview: Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect

Roll 7 talks about its awesome side-scrolling skateboard game.

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