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Rock Band 4 Interview: Don’t Call It a Comeback

Harmonix talks the return of Rock Band to the music games genre.

Soul Axiom Interview: Deep Dive Into an Inner Universe

The upcoming spiritual first person adventure is detailed by Wales Interactive.

Rebel Galaxy Interview: Loot Drops from the Edge of the Universe

The minds behind Torchlight delve into their upcoming space combat RPG.

Edge of Eternity Interview: The JRPG Renaissance

Midgar Studio founder Jeremy Zeler-Maury talks about the crowd-funded homage to JRPGs.

Tower of Guns Interview: Roguelite Callback to Twitch Shooters

Creator Joe Mirabello and Grip Games' Jakub Mikyska talk about the first person roguelite shooter.

FutureGrind Interview: The Stylized Flow of Grinding on PS4

Milkbag Games talks development and inspiration for its unorthodox racing title.

Wasteland 2 Interview: Unity 5 and Developing for PS4/Xbox One

inXile Entertainment talks about bringing Wasteland 2 to current gen consoles.

Zheros Interview: To Beat ‘Em Up Infinity (And Beyond)

Art director Fabio Ilacqua talks about the stylish yet comical sci-fi beat 'em up.

World of Tanks Xbox One Interview: Wargaming Invades Current Gen

Creative director TJ Wagner talks about the upcoming Xbox One version of the action MMO.

Interview With Brad Wardell: PS4/Xbox One Differences, DirectX 12, Ashes of the Singularity and More

Stardock CEO talks upcoming game and how it uses DirectX 12.

Gunner Interview: Space Invaders and Challenges in Virtual Reality

nDreams CEO Patrick O' Luanaigh talks the major hurdles and future of VR gaming.

Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited Interview: Return to Glory

Zenimax Online's Matt Firor talks changes and further evolution for the MMO.

Relativity Interview: M.C. Escher Meets Altered Physics

Creator Willy Chyr briefly talks about his upcoming puzzle title.

Small Radios Big Televisions, Magnetic Tape Decay and PS4 Development

Fire Face talks about its unorthodox PS4 adventure title,

RIDE Interview: The Future of Milestone’s Racing Heritage

Milestone talks about its cross-generational bike racing simulator.

Zombie Vikings Interview: Hackventures and Mega Zombies

Zoink Games talks the finer elements of weaponizing your friend's undead limbs.

Zombie Army Trilogy Interview: Walk Like a Nazi Zombie

Rebellion's zombies - and the snipers that hunt them - return.

Bastion PS4 Interview: Back to Where it All Began

Greg Kasavin talks about the debut of Supergiant's breakout hit on PS4.

The Hum Abductions Interview: Close Encounters of The Vicious Kind

Thotwise CEO talks about the upcoming first person survival horror with aliens.

Batman Arkham Knight Interview: The Knight’s End We Deserve

Rocksteady talks about the most fitting conclusion to the Arkham trilogy.

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