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PS4 Exclusive Toren Can Make Your Wait For The Last Guardian A Little Easier

Travel to Swordtales' dark fantasy world in 2015.

Samurai Warriors 4 Interview: Porting The Game To PS4 ‘Was Not As Difficult As First Anticipated’

Omega Force's Akihiro Suzuki talks about the recently release hack and slash adventure.

Futuridium Interview: ‘PS4 Simply Munched Through Anything We Threw At It’, An ‘Easy Win’

Mixed Bag Games' co-founder Mauro Fanelli talks about the power of the PS4.

Space Engineers Interview: Xbox One Console Exclusivity, Gameplay Mechanics And More

Keen Software House founder Marek Rosa talks about the upcoming space sandbox title.

Skara The Blade Remains Interview: Gameplay Mechanics, Xbox One eSRAM, PS4 API And More

8 Bit Studios talks about its upcoming multiplayer online versus title.

Crytek Interview: Ryse Son of Rome PC, Ryse 2, Resolution And More

Crytek's Brian Chambers talks about the upcoming PC version and its various new features.

Among The Sleep PS4 Interview: Xbox One Parity Clause, Resolution/Frame Rate Debate And More

Krillbite talks about bringing its fantasy horror drama to the PS4.

Styx Master of Shadows Interview: 8GB of RAM In PS4/Xbox One Is Sufficient

Delve in to the world of shadows with Cyanide's medieval fantasy stealth game.

The Talos Principle Interview: PS4’s Very Own First Person Philosophical Puzzler That Is Not Portal

The studio behind Serious Sam wants you to question what it's all about.

Titan Souls Interview: A Little Known PS4 Console Exclusive In Which You Battle Titans

Designer Mark Foster explains the basic premise and why Titan Souls won't be on Xbox One any time soon.

Black Gold Online Interview: A New Take On Steampunk Fantasy

Snail Games' Senior Content Lead/Marketing Manager Johnny Lynch on everything Black Gold Online.

Fable Legends Interview: ‘We’ll Do Whatever We Can That Works And Screams Fable’

Lionhead Studios' Geoff Smith on how Fable Legends will return to the franchise's roots.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Interview: ‘This Is A Completely New Full-Blown Borderlands Game’

2K's Joe Eschler and Gearbox's James Lopez gives us the low down on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

World of Speed Interview: ‘You Can Play The Entire Game Without Ever Spending A Penny’

Slightly Mad Studios' Andy Tudor on all things regarding the upcoming free to play MMO racer.

Alien Isolation Mega Interview: ‘No Game Comes Close To The Dynamic AI of The Alien We Have’

Senior Designer Gary Napper talks how the alien in Alien Isolation is perhaps the greatest representation of A...

F1 2014 Interview: A Fresh Start For The Franchise

Senior Games Designer Lee Mather from Codemasters talks about the upcoming racing title.

PlanetSide 2 PS4 Interview: Companion App, Microtransactions, Engine Updates And More

PlanetSide 2 lead designer Luke Sigmund on what to expect from the PS4 version.

Yebis Engine Interview: Developing Physically Accurate Optical Post-Effects

Lead architect of Yebis, Masaki Kawase on how Silicon Studios are taking the engine to the next level.

Geomerics Interview: Realizing The Full Potential of Enlighten Using The New Console Cycle

Chris Doran, COO of Geomerics on how they are using the untapped potential of the new consoles to take their l...

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