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An Interview With Michael Pachter: Current Gen Consoles, Delayed Games, Timed Exclusives and Much More

Wedbush Morgan analyst talks everything going on in the gaming industry.

White Night Interview: And Then The (1930’s Drenched) Darkness

OSome Studio co-founder Mathieu Fremont talks about the noir-esque adventure.

Payday 2 Crimewave Edition Interview: The Ultimate Heist Experience for PS4 and Xbox One

Producer Almir Listo talks about the current gen port and the possibility of Payday 3.

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops Interview: Bite Sized Arcade Action on PlayStation

Wired Productions talks about its diminutive but action-packed arcade shooter.

Dragon Fin Soup Interview: Rogues, Red Hoods and RPG Action in the Current Gen Era

Grimm Bros speaks to us about their upcoming rogue like, SNES-esque RPG.

Amplitude HD Interview: Concept Record for a Musical Shooter

Harmonix's Nick Chester talks about the beat-matching shooter's HD resurgence.

One Way Trip Interview: The Six Hour Hallucinatory Gamble on PS4

What is real and what really matters collide in the upcoming indie title.

Bladestorm Nightmare Interview: Joan of Arc Goes Heel on Xbox One and PS4

Producer Akihiro Suzuki talks current gen development and new features for the remake/sequel.

DmC Definitive Edition Interview: Capcom’s S Style Remaster is Ready to Rock

Producer Rey Jimenez talks about bringing value to the remaster.

FMOD Studio Interview: Crafting Interactive Sound for the Current Generation (and Beyond)

Firelight's Brett Paterson about the creation and evolution of the audio suite.

Superhot Interview: Becoming the Weapon in a Turn Based FPS Environment

Piotr Iwanicki of the SUPERHOT Team talks the simplicity and style of the upcoming Xbox One game.

Project Nebula Interview: Returning Home to the PS4

Director Joan Pons talks about the present and future of the PS Home-esque virtual space.

Armikrog Interview: Developing A Stop Motion Clay Animated Adventure Game

Mike Dietz, founder of Pencil Test Studios on everything related to Armikrog.

Y2K Interview: ‘Our Biggest Focus Was Believability’

'Turn Based Combat is something that seems to be dying it games,' says Andrew Allanson From Ackk Studios.

Lost Orbit Interview: ‘Indies Have Their Place As Risk Takers And Innovators’

Alex Golebiowski of PixelNAUTS on what makes Lost Orbit special.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Interview: ‘We Have A Weakness For Studio Ghibli And Pixar’

Game Director Bendik Stang on what makes Earthlock: Festival of Magic different from other role playing games ...

Total War: Attila Interview – ‘We Wanted To Make Attila For Our Core Fans’

Project Lead Janos Gaspar on why community feedback played an important role in the development of Total War: ...

The Big Interview: AMD’s Robert Hallock On Mantle, DirectX 12, PS4/Xbox One, Free-Sync And More

'AMD is thrilled to be at the heart of the current-gen consoles.'

Dungeon Defenders II Interview: ‘Community Feedback Has Greatly Shaped The Game Into What It Is Now’

Philip Asher on what to expect from Dungeon Defenders 2.

Pathologic Interview: An Enemy You Can’t Kill

Creative Director Alexandra Golubeva on why Ice-Pick Lodge are remaking Pathologic.

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