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Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain To Have Zombies?

Zombies or just status ids for NPCs?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Hinted By Insider, World at War 2 Not Happening

World at War 2 rumor debunked by industry insider.

New GDDR5 RAM Chips From Samsung Hint At PS4 Slim Possibility

Take this with a grain of salt.

Voice Actor Hinting At Mafia 3

Here we go again.

Further Indication That Xbox One Slim May Be Under Production

Several more job listings emerge for Xbox engineers.

Microsoft Have Possibly Begun Working On Xbox One Slim

Take this with a grain of salt but job listings suggest that Microsoft may be reassessing the console's archit...

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Requirements/Specifications May Have Been Leaked

If you have a quantum supercomputer, you *might* be able to run it.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Release Date Possibly Leaked

Is the game coming out in 2 months?

Mass Effect 4 Won’t Be A Prequel, Will Be Epic In Scale

When facts are in short supply, speculation is rife.

PS Experience To Be Better Than Game Awards In Terms of Games, The Order Demo Will Be 45 Minutes Long

Some possible updates on the PlayStation Experience.

Mass Effect 4 Won’t Be Xbox One Timed Exclusive, Development And Other Details Revealed – Insider

Find out how long has the newest Mass Effect been in development.

Sony Possibly Testing New PS4 Firmware Features

According to a job listing.

Did Kojima Reveal The Release Date For Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain?

If this is to be believed, we will be playing as Snake sooner than expected.

Assassin’s Creed Unity May Run At 720p On The PS4

The listing on SEN suggests so.

A New Resident Evil Remake May Be Coming Soon


Grand Theft Auto 5 On PC, PS4 And Xbox One To Possibly Receive Zombies DLC

An interesting piece of info uncovered by a GTA Forums user.

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