Crackdown 3 Delay Disappointing, Says Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

“We are very committed to shipping Crackdown 3 to the level of quality the fans deserve.”

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Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that they will be delaying Crackdown 3 again, this time into early 2018. There are many things that can be said about this delay and what it means for the overall state of Xbox’s games portfolio, some good, most of them not so good. However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer himself decided to chip in on the delay on Twitter.

“It’s always disappointing to move a date. We are very committed to shipping Crackdown 3 to the level of quality the fans deserve,” he said. Which is about as standard a response as you can expect from a company in a situation such as this. He has not come out and addressed how dire the state of Xbox exclusives is looking at the moment (as of right now, the only games Microsoft will have launched this year are Super Lucky’s Tale, Forza Motorsport 7, and Halo Wars 2)- but hopefully, his actions in the coming months speak louder than his tweets could.

That said, even as Microsoft themselves drop the ball on games, their third party partners are more than filling up for them. Speaking on Twitter, Spencer confirmed that third party support for the Xbox One has been far more than what he anticipated. Which is fair, more third parties seem to be rallying behind Microsoft on Xbox One X than did behind Sony on PS4 Pro. Microsoft definitely deserves some credit there.

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    One less exclusive this year, dont worry, it will be here soon, like scalebound…

    Here are the xbox fanboys waiting for xbox exclusives:


    • Dougdec92


  • Xbox.. crackdown 3!?.. whahahahah xD.. where the xbots at? It’s silent in here o_o.. somebody died or something? Whahahahhah i cant stop laughing! Xbox is dead i am so happy :D!

  • SalvagedXBot

    Microsoft should stop pretending that they make games, I’m tired of it now.

  • Dougdec92

    Lol and they said Sony loves to announce games that won’t be in in a lifetime…no scalebound vibes I hope.

  • Dougdec92

    Meanwhile Sony just put out hellblade and subsequently uncharted lost legacy

    • Fweds

      What are you talking about ? Sony didn’t put out Hellblade it’s a third party indie game that is also on PC and also coming to Xbox. (Announced as coming to PS4 console first ).

      Uncharted Lost legacy was announced as download DLC that they then decided to call standalone and charge a standalone full price.

      Thankfully when Turn 10 announced Forza Horizon 3 Hotwheels DLC they then didn’t change it to Forza Horizon 3 Hotwheels standalone at full price.

    • Mr Xrat

      Lost Legacy is not full price and is about 8-10 hours long, which is more than most of your trash is.

      At least you didn’t put that piecemeal DLC on your upcoming games list like you did with FH2 DLC in 2014. Maybe you should have done, would have bulked up a spectacularly weak year for you.

    • Dougdec92

      Sorry bro, lost legacy isn’t full price and it started as dlc but it is 10hrs long at most and it is now standalone priced at 40 bucks. And as to what turn 10 did, it is up to them.

  • Mr Xrat

    This thread sure is quiet.

    • Fweds

      This thread is quite because there is nothing to say, games get delayed all the time take Sony’s last releases how long were they delayed for ?

      If the game is not ready then they shouldn’t release it yet which is what they are doing,

      Do you think they should do what Sony did and allow half finished games that were a mess to be released i.e Street fighter, Driveclub and No man’s sky

    • Mr Xrat

      Of course there’s nothing to say, there’s no amount of damage control you can do to mitigate this. Another “awesome holiday lineup” is totally compromised and the year in general has exposed MS’ utter weakness when it comes to delivering software. Remember when Xgimps told themselves about all those games Uncle Phil would announce at E3 that he started in 2014? I remember.

      “Do you think they should do what Sony did and allow half finished games that were a mess to be released”

      They were more than happy to do that with ReCore and Halo 5.

      NMS is a third-party indie, by the way, just like Hellblade. SFV is third-party too. Nice try.

    • Dougdec92

      I remember bro, all of it, at least there are some 22 and something platformers and a racer to play…and yh overwatch cos it is multiplayer and they can play it years without end, so technically they are damn good.


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