Crackdown 3: You Can Actually Flatten Out The Entire City, Use Rocks And Debris To Take Down Enemies

Playable female agents confirmed.

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Crackdown 3 was by far the best game on displaying during Gamescom last week. Featuring cloud based processing from the talented folks at Cloudgine and Reagent Games, Microsoft’s Xbox One all of sudden becomes a beast and is able to process 20 times the compute processing than it would usually do.

The Gamescom demo showcased intense destruction however that is not all. Creative director of Reagent Games Dave Jones has confirmed in a community Q&A that players can flatten out the entire city if they want to. This can result into some intense multiplayer gameplay mechanics, however it will also be interesting see the performance parameters such as fps if such a situation ever happens. Furthermore, players will also be able to use debris and rocks to take out their opponents.

Jones also confirmed that the game will have playable female agents and goes on to explain the difference between the single and multiplayer component of the game along with how cloud can potentially change multiplayer gaming.

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  • spideynut71

    I can’t wait to try it, but I also can’t help but feel this level of destruction would be better used in a special mode, like in Red Faction Guerrilla.

  • GHz

    “Microsoft’s Xbox One all of sudden becomes a beast and is able to process 20 times the compute processing than it would do usually.”

    Its all just so surreal. Media is going from constantly dissing the XB1 to finally realizing its full potential, and giving credit where credit is due. Now gamers can finally see that what MSFT engineers were telling us about the XB1 is true. Those of us who knew about this tech never had a doubt. Gamers need to realize that this is good news for everyone, not just XB fans. What we want is this tech to be everywhere in regards to games. I no longer have a PS4, but it’ll be fun to see how Sony follow up & showing us what it can do with the cloud in this fashion. Good news for all gamers!

    • efnet

      The media will still diss MS because so far there’s only been 3 sites talking about crackdown 3 and it’s showing and capabilities while other sites like eurogamer mainly avoided speaking about it because it used the power of the cloud the very phrase they used as a funny punch line aginst the xbox one

    • GHz

      well i expect that from eurogamer and their team of arm chair developers. havent been on that site in a looooong time. But eurogamer input dont matter because in the end, these games end up in gamers hands and we get to see fr ourselves. News will spread. GameRadar, TICGN, XboxMAd, even the lowly IGN had to confront the truth. I’m glad gamingbolt is helping spreading the news too. I really didnt expect them to this quickly, but the reality is this is just too big to ignore.

      Knowing eurogamer though, I think they are working on an expose’ on the tech involved and are probably investigating how Sony fits into all this. Being that they are pro PS4, they will generalize the tech to include not just XB1, but PS4, PC etc. @ least thats what I think.

    • Mark

      People will come around in time. Once Crackdown drops, it’ll be CLEAR u can get this kind of experience no where else….hell, for the next 18 months we’re gonna be drowning in nothing but big time first party IP. Can’t wait to see Recore and more of Sea of Thieves

    • efnet

      I hope you’re right man

    • Mark

      Read this real quick, from NeoGaf. A possible X1 cloud dev, who got banned lol. This was awhile ago, but his claims are even more believable now…follow the guy named “Kampfheld”.

    • Mark

      Wow dude. If there ever was a game that says “next gen” on it, this is it, and it’s dam clear why. These next 18 months for the X1 will be loaded, I’m dam near buying all the exclusives. They all look crazy good. Almost too good to be true.

    • Mark

      I know u remember this guy, from NeoGaf, a possible X1 cloud dev. He made these claims awhile ago, but his statements are now more believable than ever. Follow the dude named “Kamphfheld”. He got banned too lol. That has to mean something haha.

    • Orion Wolf

      This is the first thing i remembered after the CD3 demo.


      EDIT: But of course he was banned. Neogaf :/

    • Mark

      When his game’s revealed, he needs to let everyone know about Gaf. Or, just let the tech show n prove..

    • GHz

      1st time hearing about it. Every gaming and tech site was saying that microsofts claims were all about PR or they tried to convince us hat it’ll be ready for NEXT, next gen consoles. So now the question is, If they expected this cloud tech in the next 5 years and its available on the XB1 now, what does that make the XB1? 🙂

    • Mark

      Haha good one. 900p aside, this thing is transforming so fast, from back compat, to UI updates and added features, to the future of gaming, cloud compute for games. Microsoft’s ideas are far ahead, but people have to learn to give them some time to IMPLEMENT.

      Awhile ago, some Xbox insider said, Microsoft will catch Sony with their pants down lol, and imo, they may just have..

    • GHz

      I never worried about the 720p or 900p thing ever cause I knew better. Quality of pixels 1st. Sony’s best looking game is still the THe Order and thats 800p. 1080p only worth it when devs really ake advantage of quality of pixels. Otherwise what you have are last gen textures in 1080p and that don’t mean anything. I use to ask pple, what would look better, a 1080p game on WiiU or a 900p game on the PS4. Answer would be PS4 because of the quality of pixels and additional fx. Even now I’d ask people which game looks bettr, The Order or Uncharted 4, and the answer is the order still. Quality of pixels.

      Well you think about it, MSFT slogan for the XB1 is jump ahead beta tested in the future. 1 1/2 years later their technologies are finally catching up to the XB1 hardware, proving that what they were claiming in 2013 to be true. Beta tested in the future. BRILLIANT! The games are the proof! 😀

  • Mark

    There’s gonna be massive demand for mp beta access next yr…..I hope they allow all of us to get in and test this.

  • Mark

    Check out this guy named “Kamphfheld” from NeoGaf. He made these claims about the cloud awhile ago. Now, his statements are even more believable….and yes he got banned too lol. No surprise

  • d0x360

    But but…I was told time and time again i was an idiot for believing this was possible.

    Cloud?. The cloud can’t do this impossible! !!!!!

    Microsoft it’s about to eat Sonys lunch and dinner…and dessert….and breakfast….and steal their dog.

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