Dead Island: Riptide – ‘Water to heavily influence gameplay'; Improved PC version

Hub Defence gameplay added to the game.

Dead Island: Riptide is a zombie game with a soul, i.e., the developers are heavily invested in seeing it raise the bar for the genre.

In a recent interview with us, Creative Producer of Deep Silver, Sebastian Reichert, revealed that there have been a bunch of new improvements to the gameplay, and a new element will play a major role this time around.

What new element, you ask? It’s water. It will be interesting to see how it enhances the gameplay and there’s also a hub defence gameplay which is pretty self explanatory.

We added the element of water, which will be heavily influencing the gameplay through different aspects, be it dynamic weather, a new vehicle (the boat) and new quests,” he revealed.

“A very important new gameplay element is also the hub defence gameplay that offers a whole new quest experience that was not available in Dead Island.”

 Earlier we reported that there will be no HD packs for the PC, but as a developer with a good PC background people needn’t be worried about the quality of the port.

“As the developer comes from a PC background we are confident that you will be pleased again!,” he said. ” With Riptide we have a working engine, that can be pimped out to assure the best possible experience.”

The game comes out next year for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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