Dev Accuses Sony of High TRC Certification Costs for PS4 Indie Games

Is Sony overcharging on TRCs for indie games?

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Leonard Pitter, who is working on the indie title Nowhere, recently tweeted about how many indie games the PS4 would have but then added that Sony had “bribed” a few developers to port their titles. Then The Witness’ Jonathan Blow intervened and turned what was a normal albeit short rant into a rather revealing conversation. So yes, it’s kind of a funny story.



At this point, you’d wonder if Pitter has gone loony. However, he brings up the TRC/TCR (Technical Requirements Checklist for Sony, Technical Certification Requirements for Microsoft) certificates that each game is required to have. What are they? Think of them as documents given to developers and publishers detailing technical requirements for games on the platform in question. These documents are confidential, restricted to game testing organizations (though many requirements may fall outside the field) and as such not available to the public.



Blow reveals that he has not set up publishing for The Witness yet (which is a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4) and as such hasn’t seen any contracts.



Nonetheless, it’s fairly interesting considering Sony’s pro-indie stance. Granted, this could be something – like with Microsoft’s SDK for developing on the Xbox 360, which was non-refundable and in the range $10,000 – that is required. Even so, could Sony bump it up just to ensure that only select publishers and developers which can take the financial hit get in?

Take this all with a grain of salt, because like in Glengarry Glen Ross, it’s two guys “just talking about it”. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know below.

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    I don’t know about this one. Not one of the many indie devs releasing a game at launch on the ps4 have complained so far, in fact it’s all been praises of how enthusiastic sony are towards indies.

    • Crapgamer

      Did you see how poorly Sony’s first party games have been received? Sony basically needed to push indie games because they don’t want that drought that the Wii U suffered from. Indies are basically the only thing the PS4 has going for it right now.

    • Jason Mounce

      Deranged and misinformed person. You know how many first-party studios that Sony owns that have yet to reveal their games? You mention ‘First party games that have been poorly received’ and you amiguously make it sound like that there’s a lot or plenty to name, that of which you don’t.

      So, because Knack and Killzone ALONE got mediocre to 70’s in score… somehow jump to a conclusion that that means ‘ALL’ Sonys’ first party games will be poor and that they fully rely on indie games?…. Dude. Do you even lift?

      Do you know how many first party games are still being made and/or have yet to release or be announced? Many buy the console because they know the near-future games coming out are what makes it worth it… Launch titles are there to essentially wet your lips with like 360 had Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo or Halo 2. None too great, but were good enough.

      Nonetheless, your post comes off as petty with such sentences as “Did you see how poorly Sony’s first party games have been received? Sony basically needed to push indie games because they don’t want that drought” – Do some research and think before you speak.

  • extermin8or2

    Pretty sure sony openly said if the game seems good enough to them/they can get some sort of console timed or permanent exclusivity fee’s like the mentioned one could be paid for them but that otherwise it was just a couple of hundered pounds or something similar to the ps mobile’s system… I’m pretty sure-could be wrong but…

  • Slay

    Sony is already having a disastrous launch. Stocks have plunged, ps4 still available to walk in and buy, Consoles constantly bricking hours after use (one example is the ps forums… mad house. PSN doesn’t work. (So much for those 3000 servers) The plot thickens…

    • You are flat out wrong

      Lots of production, servers on new releases always get overwhelmed, current failure rates appear to be withing acceptable boundaries. So sad, Xdrones didn’t get what they wanted. They’ll get what they need once Elop becomes CEO of Microsoft, though: kicking out of the console industry! ^_^

  • ExuberantOne

    Fact: Sony has more preorders than xbone. Fact: Stocks are low becuase of negative PR trying to bring them down. Fact: the PS4 is a better buy and will offer higher quality games. Don’t tell me a game like Ryse which is AC combat will be good. Forza we have Drive club and Gran Turismo. Killer Instinct? We have Injustice. We have Infamous launching in months Deep down the ONLY RPG on next gens. Just bc xbone can press the source button for you doesnt make it a better console.

    • Crapgamer


    • You are flat out wrong

      You have Ryse to match that. Actually, that’s unfair, Knack is more of a game. ^_^

    • ExuberantOne

      Ryse is Assasins Creed Combat (which sucks) with nothing else. So it won’t be very good.

    • ExuberantOne

      11 days ago i said it was going to suck. looks like I hit it dead on. “meh” combat with nothing else. WIN

    • Guest

      Knack = KACK!

    • You are flat out wrong

      All those downvotes. Facts make Xdrones very butthurt, it seems.

    • Dakan45
      How about thos better games come out first.

      Deep DOWNGRADED is a f2p crap, who cares?

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    rather peculiar…have to wait longer to see what exactly the blather is all about once the dust settles.

  • Crapgamer

    The reason we aren’t hearing more about these things is because of the NDA’s. Kevin Dent went on record basically saying it’s $2500 for a PS4 dev kit compared to $500 for an Xbox One dev kit.

    • Obambush

      It’s all falling apart for sony, just like the PS4 Faulty HDMI ports, loud fnas, and the red light of death is back and yes it’s real folks!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Eat shit, Xbox Mafia retard.

    • Dakan45

      whats that? ps4 is full of overyhpe and underdeiliver? Errors? issues?


      Shadowfall graphics king? NOPE

      “Killzone: Shadow Fall is a good- looking game, though that mostly thanks to the art design. Textures are a bit blurry at times, and the physics have a habit of freaking out, while the overall graphics really aren’t much of a leap from the PS3 and definitely struggle to outmatch the very best of what a comparable PC can do. That said, art direction does trump hardware horsepower, and Shadow Fall has that where it counts”

      -jim sterling.

      Yoshida is dissapointed by ps4 low score reviews
      dissapoitment awaits not greantness.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Some consoles have issues at launch? What a shock.

      Meanwhile, the Xbone is still a flop and Ryse is still terrible. Cry more.

      Also, LOL that last image. Best sellers and hot new releases is dominated by PS4 games because people are making their final choices now! What a blunder!

    • Dakan45

      Well i did saw some shadwofall perfomance and analysis and gameplayand then some dear rising 3.

      While shadowfail is 1080p, it has more jagies than dead rising 3, while its over 30 fps, the framerate keeps jumping up and down, while in dead rising 3 is more stable.

      If i had to pick one of the two games to play, id play dead rising 3, it looks fun, shadowfail doesnt.

    • You are flat out wrong
    • Dakan45

      From the tech analysis i saw dead rising 3 is more stable while shadowfall jumps around everywhere and cerny’s game, knack struggles to maintain 40 fps and goes down to 16 fps at specific momments.

      Lets face it next gen is BULLSHIT, just build a pc.

    • Orlɛanž

      I’ll wait for the actual statistics before listening to some crazed fagg fanboy on the net. You’re BS console war rubbish is childish and you should grow up. You’re not changing anyone’s decision. My PS4 is working great, and and games are doing great. Can’t even believe you went through the trouble of list all these one-sided opinions. I could do the same, but than again, I have a life.

    • Dakan45

      I am not the one who startd this shit, but its nice to laugh at the sony fantards for a while, they gonna deny everything and suck sony’s dick once again, i can be happy for a while though at the failstation floppage.

      But by all means be in denial wiht bullshit about greats games which you DONT HAVE and a ps4 that you DONT HAVE that suposselly works great and having a life, i bet you will reply and prove you have no life, or that you make time to defend sony’s new piece of shit.

    • Guest


    • You are flat out wrong
    • You are flat out wrong

      More Xdrone FUD. They effectively hand them out for free if they can match certain criteria.

  • You are flat out wrong

    He sounds pretty salty. Now I guess this little indie is going to get feted by the Xdrones, huh?

    In the last six months they’ve been grasping at straws instead of playing videogames.

  • Huhuh

    Meanwhile…flashback to a few months ago

  • WellWisher

    Looking at some of the comments below, some people seem really short-sighted. I’m a PC gamer and although I game on Nvidia cards, I’m always hoping that AMD do well so that Nvidia are forced to be competitive.

    It’s the same with consoles. If you’re a PS fan you should be wishing the Xbox well and vice versa because competition is what drives better value for consumers. Wishing failure on the ‘other’ console is pointless and destructive. The industry is under threat from mobile games and nervous investors and we need to stick together.


  • You are flat out wrong

    Yep, sure sounds like another beat up. What next for desperate Xdrones? Overblowing a few thousand consoles having problems out of hundreds of thousands at launch? Nah. They couldn’t possibly be that…



  • Guest

    Wow, the $0N¥ PauperStation Foul walls are crumbling down now eh. Only a low IQ pauper without a brain from N4Gay or NeoFAG would buy such a PoS anyway.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Looks like the drones spoke too soon.


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