Dev Explains Why Indie Game Isn’t On Xbox One: Microsoft Failed to Respond

Independent developer Owen Deery explains to GamingBolt why Small Radios Big Televisions is not coming to the Xbox One for now.

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Microsoft’s start to the current gen console cycle has been rocky. From the initial draconian DRM policies to the high price of the Xbox One, Microsoft took many missteps that has been the subject of much controversy but when one looks back, it’s nothing short of remarkable that Xbox One is doing fairly well, although it’s still lagging behind the PS4 in sales.

Microsoft have essentially fixed everything that they messed up in late 2013/early 2014. They have improved the console’s technical prowess via a number of SDK updates and did a fantastic job in launching AAA exclusives during the later half of 2014. But the id@Xbox policy is still a subject of bother. Many indie developers are still wary of the parity clause and despite its presence, Microsoft is asking developers to talk to them.

Adding to a number of indie games that will be launching on the PS4 and not on the Xbox One is Owen Deery’s Small Radios Big Televisions. In an exclusive interview with GamingBolt, Owen revealed why the game is not coming on Xbox One for now.

“At some point it would be cool to do an Xbox One version if I get the chance. I spoke to both Sony and Microsoft reps at the same event and after emailing them both Sony was the only one that ever emailed me back,” Owen said to GamingBolt.

When I asked him when did he approached Microsoft regarding the Xbox One version, Owen replied with the following.

“I approached a rep from Microsoft at the same event last Autumn where I talked to the Sony reps. I talked to them briefly about my game and working on it for ID@Xbox, and then I sent some follow up emails but never got a response. By that point Sony had already replied and said they wanted my game so I ran with that and forgot about Microsoft.”

He also clarified that the game is not coming on the Xbox One in the same it’s way as it’s not coming on PS Vita or Wii U. However there is a possibility that it may come to the platform but currently he is not in talks with Microsoft.

On a personal note, I believe that when Microsoft wants developers to talk with them, they need to maintain a proper communication channel with them. Simply avoiding or ignoring their emails is not going to help matters. Regardless, I hope that Small Radios Big Televisions does find a home on the Xbox One in the future. It has an extremely interesting gameplay concept according to the video above. For more on the game, we recommend checking out the game’s official site here.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Owen.

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  • JerkDaNERD7

    ZZZzzzZZzZzZZzzzz, …Oh wait …..was there anything relevant here?

    • Not at all. Just a story about an insecure, needy developer who doesn’t know how to use a search engine to find the application page for ID@Xbox, instead sending a bunch of emails to the wrong channels. I would’ve ignored him too. I have no tolerance for people that cannot follow directions or use a search engine. I mean, honestly. You’re an indie developer. If you want your game on a platform, put a little more effort into it then sending some emails.

    • Orion Wolf


      Sony allows anyone and everyone on their platform – quite a large number of people – so I have to wonder if their just auto-replying instead of actually going by a case by case basis (like MS does) which can result in:

      I get that some indie devs are trying hard and their games might be really good, but when you have no policy at all means that anyone and everyone can create a “game” just for a quick buck i.e. “If you
      want to proceed to the next level – $1; to unlock all levels you get a super duper price of $99” type of games start appearing.

      And having 10 great indie games is better than having 1000 BS indie games, imo.

      Btw it’s almost amazing how quickly was there an article written about this (never before heard off) indie dev not getting a response from MS – seems “almost” click-bait to me.

  • klarax

    I had the same thing. Became id@xbox developer about a year ago. Still waiting to hear…

    Sony however…

    • Psionicinversion

      sonys grasping at straws pretty soon all sony will have left on the hardware entertainment side is the playstation and thats a fact. There selling off there phone business…. well at least thats what i read not to long ago

      Maybe MS have that many developers that takes them a while

    • klarax

      That’s no fact. Got evidence? Link?

      Even if PlayStation was only thing that remained. still don’t change the fact MS didn’t respond, where as, Sony has.

    • Psionicinversion

      i read it somewhere but dont be surprised if in the next 3-6 months there phone business is gone. Seriously they arent doing that well even though my mate own an xperia Z3 and says its really good and tbh it is quite good tbh, but the market is dominated by apple and samsung and you cant get away from it. Think my mates recently had an LG android and i had a look when i went around last saturday its pretty good tbh, im on WP now i think i might go android next time but mainly for Star Citizen can use your mobile phone for aspects of the game so ill get it

      Sony used be ace, i had a sony walkman phone like pffft about 15 years ago was really good but sony has dropped off the map, ooh even owned a sony ericcson K850i or whatever its was a K series phone i liked that as well but in the last 10 years sony has dropped off.

      Probably down to the iPhone taking tons of consumers then google come up with android then it was basically whoever could launch the massive amount of different prices of phones to take the market and thats samsung

      So sony cant really compete i think thre phones were just breaking even last year but theyve sold that much stuff off or split it from the main company they may as well get rid of it

      The latest $1200 MP3 player is a joke. Who the is going to buy that in massive quanitites… nobody there out of touch, best thing they can do is sell it all off because some at people at sony have lost there minds

    • klarax

      I agree. I think i read about the Sony phones. But they will continue as a company.

      If anything id be better for them, as the phones wont be loosing any money for the company. Thus, more money for other products.

      I can see TV’s and Music equipment being gone for Sony before the PlayStation, as it makes a lot of money for them. Can always see the PlayStation around.

    • Psionicinversion

      The playstation will definately be around but not being harsh but that is pretty much all theyve got left. The TV division hasnt been sold its split off so if its not doing well its not leeching from other parts of the company.

      Theyve always got the insurance in japan which apparently is there most profitable venture. the movie industry side… well after that major hack and all that stuff got infiltrated about major actors ID’s security information plus all the dodgy e-mails they leaked out about sony execs and stuff talking crap about the actors that there employing…. i think sony is going to be doing some insane kiss a$$ing on that one. You dont mess with multimillion dollar actors as there good enough to get roles anywhere…..

      i can see in the next 10 years playstation is going to be one of the few things they have left and you can tell because there bending over backwards to get games to come to there platform, its like wounded dog backed into a corner… thats when its most dangerous.

      MS xbox is smallish they make all there money off online services and stuff so they can take the hit, sony cant. Sony may have $billions in net worth with buildings and that but will defo be shrinking over the next 10 years and you cant deny that

    • klarax

      I can’t, and wont deny that.

    • Psionicinversion

      one person that isnt in denial 😀

    • Psionicinversion

      oh also thats why i think MS is incorporating the Xbox brand into windows as whole including PC’s becuase they can see the market is changing. Imagine if Nvidia shield console takes off with the grid where you can play Witcher 3 1080p, ultra settings all the bells and whistles at 60fps on a $200 android console…. it would render ps4 and x1 virtually obsolete the only thing they would have left is there exclusives, i think MS sees that but Sony keeps alot for themselves so you will always need a playstation for sonys exclusives, MS not doing to well so having there exclusives means they can get away from the hardware side which lets face with those deals they do they are losing money on EVERY console sold. They need to go back to what there good at services and software. Games are software, provide that killer platform like Grid never know whats goign to happen in the future

    • Maxcer Maxcer

      what does any of this phone bull-sh*t have to do with indie games and the bad parity clause?

    • Psionicinversion

      escalation of conversation

    • Maxcer Maxcer

      no, you derailed the topic to focus on how Sony is restructuring it’s business. which in your mind means Playstation is doomed to fail.

    • Psionicinversion

      Playstation isnt doomed, the rest of sony is except insuarance of hopefully the movie industry

    • GotNews4Ya

      Sony has a finance firm that is more successful than any of its subsidiaries… so.. Sony will never just be a “Playstation Company” and as for everything else.. It is already widely known for its Playstation brand.. so why is this a negative thing? It just proves they know what they are doing in the entertainment world.. which is why Sony Pictures will not go anywhere either..

    • Jecht_Sin

      Bollocks. You rely too much on rumors. Sony’s head of mobile division explicitly confirmed that the phone business is not for sale:

      Sony is actually defining a new strategy for mobile more focused on SW and applications than on HW. Sony already has for Xperia/Android a large suite of applications rated in Google Play from good to excellent.

      The Walkman app for example eats Google Music for breakfast and the 29th will be changed into [PlayStation] Music with the integration of Spotify. In all PlayStation and Xperia devices.

    • Psionicinversion

      well the mobile section is just going to drag them down even more… keep on reaching. Because all there are reaching for is that RIP tombstone

    • Psionicinversion

      also google music app muhahaha Spotify is successul for a reason

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah because nobody else has spotify on there mobile/desktop/tablet oh wait… it does, doesnt matter what sony try to mask it as everybody still has the exact same thing available to them so its not a killer app. Its just sony lying to people again trying to make out its something special when it couldnt be further from the truth

  • Psionicinversion

    No offense to the guy, well done for coming up with something different but tbh it looks like a game thats best played on a smartphone/tablet it looks like its more suited for touch interface then MS+KB or gamepad

    hmm edit could be something for VR or AR but defo not a game for the conventional user

  • spideynut71

    LOL @ these cookie-cutter indies expecting MS to come begging for their games.

  • Ricoh123

    MS didn’t fail to respond.

    They chose not to.

    Simple as that.

    • andy

      And with No Man’s Sky Microsoft didn’t fail to respond, THEY failed to get a response after the screwup job the head of the Microsoft Worldwide Game Studios did with letting Hello Games bring their Joe Danger series to 360. Wanna know who it was? In Phil we trust lol.
      Look at it anyway you want, THIS is the reason Xboners went up to 10 weeks in 2014 without a SINGLE new release to play on their €500 Kinect machine.

    • Ricoh123

      And the lack of quality assurance is why the PS4 is littered with shovelware.

    • No Man’s Sky is going to hurt, no doubt about it. On the whole, Xbone has a pretty good catalog of games. Still don’t have a clear cut reason for owning a PS4. When NMS releases however…or Uncharted…. Lets just say there’s already space reserved in the ol’ entertainment center.


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