DirectX 12 Will Allow More Technical Features, Will Add Richness To The Screen

Pearl Abyss are considering a DX12 version of the MMORPG, Black Desert.

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Black Desert is an upcoming  massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss. The game has been in closed beta for a while and if the opportunity arises the developers might bring the game to the new consoles, PS4 and Xbox One.

Speaking to Do-Sung Go, the project manager of Black Desert, GamingBolt asked about what kind of changes DirectX 12, which is due for a release in 2015, can bring to games development and whether they have any plans to utilize it in Black Desert.

“Utilization of DX12 is in our consideration,” Do-Sung Go said. “If the API improves, and developer’s accessibility towards graphic pipeline increases, more technical features can be applied. After all, it will add more richness to the screen.”

The game will release on the PC first. Jaemin Youn, Pearl Abyss’ Chief Operations Officer, recently announced that a PS4 version might be released and they are talking with Sony to make it happen.

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  • Mark

    DX12 will be great. Not all about performance. But I think people r underestimating how important tools are. Imagine what u could carve from stone, going from pick axe, to a laser beam? Uhh ok that’s stupid but still lol. It will take less time for these guys to code for exactly what they want, which means they can do more in the same developement time, based on what Oxide Games have been saying.

    Also, new APIs bring more efficient algorithms, like advanced lighting (hopefully Voxel Cone Ray Tracing?) for cheap, compared to older APIs. This happened with Tessellation. Actually Sony’s using some stuff now – Voxel Cone Ray Tracing in The Tomorrow Children (sick lighting!). Their OpenCL, said by atleast one studio, is recorded to be a beast for developers.

    I am in the camp that values these things more than flat out 1080p resolution. But we do need frame rates to not dip too low. Lol. Look at this Spartan screen, my goodness. It is in game too, Bonnie Ross confirmed it. THIS, IS WHAT DX12 WILL ACHIEVE!

    • Jeff Maxwell

      Dx12 isn’t for x1 or ps4 you do know that don’t ya? Voxel cone tracing cannot be used extensively in games like cod or wit her cus the consoles can’t handle that plus all the gfx. In tomorrow. Children it seemed be light on alot of other users asked using the power to do that. Although can be used on pc cus it owns

    • Mark

      I’m lost Jeff……..what do u mean it isn’t for Xbox One? Are u saying DX12 won’t impact X1 like PC? I feel u on that one. But Bonnie Ross confirmed DX12 is being used to develope Halo 5. I can’t find the video, I think it’s from Gamescom. The Xbox already has some of the features available to studios since launch or atleast GDC earlier. There’s slides that show the current Xbox DX12 “alpha” features and others that will come next year (I believe it’s bundles and dual rendering). Brad Wardell spoke of this too (dual rendering for Xbox).

      I already know u know this, so help me understand what u mean. The Xbox already has to the metal API?

      Also, I had Psionic say the same ur saying about Voxel Cone Tracing. That it’s too compute heavy to implement in an AAA shooter or action game. Understood. But hey I’d take an indie like The Tomorrow Children with this ANYDAY! Lol

      Regardless though, consoles will be great. Judging things by The Division, Quantum Break, Ryse etc, my mind is already being blown.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      Dx12 won’t make much difference to the x1 and that’s straight from Phil spencers mouth. The main thing dx12 brings is low cpu overhead and closer to the metal programming which is what consoles are all about anyway. There are other things which will help but end of the day the console is really underpowered.i wouldn’t expect halo 5 to look the way it does on release tbh. Dx12 is mainly for pc gaming tbh bringing a good api to free up our performance. It’s going to help us severely decimate the consoles. A problem with cheap PC’s are the cpu can be the bottleneck with mantle and dx12 it’ll change it and cheap PC’s will start dominating

    • Mark

      Phil said “DX12 won’t bring a massive change”. “Change” can be interpreted as “performance” or “developement”. He even said DX12 will be like going from PDZ (Perfect Dark Zero) to Halo 4 in his tweets. What does that mean? Left up to interpretation.

      I side with u on most of this though. One programmer has said X1 already has low overhead. So yeah, agreed. My initial statement above was really referring to the other benefits outside of performance for Xbox.

      Also, there’s no need to point out how PCs will “severely decimate” consoles lol. It’s supposed to. Finally. U spend money and deserve it. I think the PS4 fanboys (mainly) are the reason there’s even a debate between PC and console…….reading these “PS4 will run Far Cry 4 on Ultra settings” headlines haha. They start grouping together to claim the almighty PS4 powah. Not insulting the system’s hardware, but c’mon.

      Check this out. It’s from AMD and Microsoft’s developer conference. What do u think? A strong improvement on Xbox once the Esram gets fully utilized? Or not.

    • Mark

      Here’s the image.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      Was talking that cheap PC’s will dominate the consoles worth dx12 as the cpu is the main bottleneck in cheap systems so by removing that limitation performance increases alot. Look at mantle and nvidia cpu optimised drivers there is significant improvements to low end performance. The utilisation of esram properly will mainly mean it can hit 1080p more but the fact is its got an incredibly underpowered gpu inside doesn’t help things. 1.3TFLOP versus 5TFLOP when the new gpus are released in 2-3 months they should be hitting 6 TFLOPs major power gap. Ps4 will hit ultra on fsr cry 4 because the game is built with parity in mind from the start so far cry’s ultra will be more like high setting in most other games

    • Mark

      My bad Maxwell, avoid those other Esram images. Check this out n gimme ur thoughts. It seems they haven’t been using the Move Engines yet.

    • Mark

      Sorry Jeff, the images aren’t poppin up. The slide is called “Esram – The Four Stages of Adoption”. Talking about the 4 main features of Esram. Oh well, it looks interesting.


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