Uncharted 3: Do Chloe and Elena Look Any Better?

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Uncharted 3 had a great showing at this year’s E3. The latest trailer also revealed two familiar faces in Elena and Chloe.  One of the things that we noticed that the new character models for both of these characters look pretty different compared to their Uncharted 2 counterparts.

Please use the back-next button to navigate through the images. Apologies for our ancient gallery system. The new one will be better. The image above is from Uncharted 3 and the one below is from Uncharted 2.



So what do you think? Do Chloe and Elena look any better in Uncharted 3? Let us know in the comments below.
Note: Stay tuned for our indepth comparison with the NGP and PS3 versions later this week.

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  • Yeah, I think they do look better/more realistic. Esp Chloe!

  • I think a lot of it has to do with the lighting, facial expressions and the fact that both UC2 screens seem to be from gameplay and the UC3 ones from cutscenes. Their faces look dead in the UC2 ones because nothing is going on, but in the UC3 images they’re expressing as part of a cutscene. Also, it wouldn’t be a shocker to hear that work has been done on the characters for the new game.

  • @hush404

    Uncharted uses in-game models for cutscenes, this is nothing new. You point make no sense.

    Lighting… possibly. Expressions/models… sorry, they are the same in-game.

    • @ppSucks
      They use the same models but they use more advanced lighting shaders and facial animations in cutscenes. hush404
      knows more then you so dont be a #&#@

  • Just in these two screenshots you can see the amazing changes that Naughty Dog has made from UC2 to UC3. Notice how the improvements in simple things like spec lightning change the game. What really sets the screenshots apart and what make UC3 raise the bar are the advancements they’ve made in content rendering and bmap processing. Just look at the sleeves on Chloe [among other things, lol], and you can already see that clothing serves gravity among other functions, instead of slightly ruffling and getting wet.
    Probably the biggest thing to take away from is the improvement by the artists at Naughty Dog to better realize reality. What we once thought was realistic is now cartoonish again. The large eyes on Elena. The slender face of Chloe. Even the attitude of the character style has changed to a more mature and realistic standpoint. You can see the changes they’ve made to how the engine processes shadows, and just completely has blown me out of the water.
    If only they’d release a PC variant so you can make the game look even more amazing than it does on the PS3. A man can dream…

  • textures looked much better on U3 but it still can be improved.

  • i can see they changed elena’s face a little to look more like jennifer aniston (not a complaint, just an observation).

    but going by the elena picture (the only valid comparison between the two, as they’re both cutscenes), the lighting effects have been improved impressively.

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  • they look,pretty much the same, maybe some skin improvement,but the expression looks the same as Uncharted 1 and 2

  • Darek

    Chloe looks better


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