Does Battlefield 4 Look Better Than Call of Duty: Ghosts?

A recent video comparison highlights the graphics of both.

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battlefield 4 female soldier
DICE revealed Battlefield 4 at GDC 2013, debuting its new Frostbite 3 engine in the process, and Infinity Ward recently showed off the fruits of their labour with a “new” engine for the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts. The question was bound to come up sooner or later though: Which game looks better out of the two?

A YouTube user VidxHD took it upon himself to find out, and created a side-by-side comparison video of the two games, with Battlefield 4 on the left and Call of Duty: Ghosts on the right. Specific moments have been edited in such a way to showcase aspects of both games that can be compared, such as the facial animation and destruction. Check it out below.

We still think it’s too early to say, but for now, our money is on Battlefield 4. DICE has had a history of pushing for powerful visuals while Infinity Ward goes for graphics that can work on even the lowest configurations.

Of course, the latter’s approach to only include new graphical elements into the engine if the experience warrants it means they won’t be pushing to do things other games haven’t thus far. Let’s not forget that the Battlefield 4 footage from GDC 2013 was pre-alpha.

Currently, Battlefield 4 is set to release on October 29th in North America while Call of Duty: Ghosts releases on November 5th worldwide.

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  • Sharon Kieffer Steele

    this is like apples and oranges. Battlefield’s graphics are in-gameplay. CODs are pre-rendered.

    • Do you mean the physics in cod are precomputed?

  • Justin

    By far battlefield 4

  • lt.dan

    BF4 looks better, and this has been the case for every previous COD and battlefield comparison

  • jamin contreras

    they both look great to me…..then again im biased because i play both franchises and play on pc were i can max out graphics settings 😛

  • flingo mcballache

    cod is now boring and battlefield is classic style over substance

  • mt punk

    cod looks better.

  • jspillen

    They both look incredible.

  • there’s no arguing with this.
    it’s obvious BF4 looks better without watching the video!

    Ghost looks like it just got to the tracks of Cryengine 3

    while Frost bite 3 or 2? is on another level

  • Micheal Clark

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