Dragon Age 3: Gigantic levels, in-depth customization, control your castle and Flemeth!

Blowout sort of.

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There’s a ton of info leaking out from the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo panel, where some BioWare overlords are releasing a bunch of details on Dragon Age 3.

You will be pleased to know that the linear levels from Dragon Age 2 won’t come to torture you in this game, and in its place there will be huge levels, and you will also be able to control your castle. Sounds fun innit?

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There’s a lot of focus on customization and players will also be able to customize their followers as well, according to Mike Laidlaw. He said it’s going to be bigger than Dragon Age: Origins in that department–which by the way was friggin’ awesome.

There was a hint regarding Flemeth, too. Dragon Age players will know who she is tsk tsk, and Bioware folks are hinting that she may be in the game. Here’s what Mike Laidlaw said:  “It feels wrong to not have a “little” Flemeth in your game *grin*”

He was also asked about the sex scenes, to which he replied: “You mean how much boobie?” … I admit that was funny.

Jon Perry the designer of the game revealed that the game had a longer pre-production period than any BioWare game he worked on which shows that they’re serious after the critical mauling Dragon Age 2 received. Going back to the drawing board I guess… but something tells me they’re gonna come out all guns blazing.

Perry also said that one level in DA 3 is is as big as all of DA2’s levels. It really looks like a pretty ambitious game.

All this info is being released by Cameron Lee via Twitter; he is the producer of the game. These details sound absolutely fantastic, now let’s just hope they execute it well.

Via Kotaku.

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  • I hope the interaction with all the characters is more in depth. I didn’t like how in DA2 that you weren’t really able to get into a full conversation with your companions like in DA:O. In DA:O you were able to find out a lot more about your companions than in 2. Some of them even asked you to do a quest for them. Also, the romances in 2 weren’t really interesting, you were able to get with any of your companions if you just asked them. In DA:O and the Mass Effect trilogy, you had to actually put effort into getting who you wanted to romance. Even then sometimes you weren’t able to get the person you wanted, which was really cool.

    I am excited to hear that the armor customization will be a lot better than DA:O. Because customization is one of my favorite things about rpg’s, as is the story. I’m also hoping that you can make DA:Inquisition more like DA:O and make a ton of different things that can happen depending on your choices. In DA2 it didn’t feel like your choices meant anything.

    I did, however, like how the combat in DA:2 was a little more fast pace. But I didn’t like how the strategy was wasn’t as good as DA:O. And can you please make the fights less of a drag and make them more interesting if you’re going to make them 15-20 minutes long.

    Hope you read this and take some of my opinions into thought, thanks!

    • And If you could do some kind of split screen, that would be awesome! Cause I would love to be able to experience DA3 with at least one friend.

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