DX12 To Improve Xbox One eSRAM Performance, Late Gen XBO Games Will Be Far Faster Even Without DX12

Brad Wardell also talks about PS4, Vulkan and a few updates regarding what is coming next from Stardock Studios.

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Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock Studios has been constantly tweeting his thoughts and revealing new information regarding DirectX 12 and its potential impact on PC and Xbox One games development. According to Wardell, DX12 should improve Xbox One’s eSRAM performance despite its small size, but it eventually depends on how developers use it and accordingly update their game engines.

However, Brad notes that DDR3 memory in the Xbox One could still be an issue as it’s too slow but DX12 should help boost performance of the console regardless. He also requested players to stop thinking about DX12 as some magic bullet as developers will still need to optimize their games for the new API. In short, the results won’t show up automatically.

He also believes that PS4’s parallel processing could get a boost if the console implements Vulkan, which is a new open standard API enabling highly efficient graphics and compute on GPUs. Vulkan is pretty similar to AMD’s Mantle and we will make sure to cover that in a different article.

Finally he revealed that they plan to release a public demo of Starswarm DX12 soon and that they have invested in developing a asynchronous scheduler to maximize the potential of DX12 and AMD.

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  • HalfBlackCanuck

    I appreciate the “magic bullet” comment. People need to realize that the tools being there doesn’t mean they will be automatically used tomorrow.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      People need to realize that DX12 isn’t going to help the Xbox One in the battle with the PS4.

      The PS4 and Xbox One allready have lower level APIs but you only see it used in exclusives. The Order 1886, Driveclub, and Uncharted 4 use the PS4’s lower level. Forza Horizon 2 and Fable Legends use the Xbox One lower level. Fable Legends uses DX12 but does Fable Legends look better than Uncharted 4? No, not even close. Brad Wardell is a Microsoft supporter that only uses DX. He doesn’t support other APIs.

      The reason why 3rd party devs don’t use lower level is because it takes high customization and it would make it impossible to port, similar to how 3rd party devs didn’t utilize the PS3 cell processor. Currently, 3rd party devs are using DX11 and the PS4 equivalent to DX11. They can port freely between PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Any API that requires extreme customization will be ignored by devs. That is why 3rd party devs don’t use the PS4’s lower level API and why they won’t use DX12.

      DX12 is similar to Mantel. If you go back to when Mantel was released, people asked Naughty Dog if the PS4 will get Mantel. Naughty Dog replied, “No, it doesn’t need it.” Brad Wardell is ignorant. He admitted that he doesn’t know anything about the PS4’s APIs, yet he is trying to say that the PS4 needs Vulkan or Mantel which contradicts what Naughty Dog allready debunked 2 years ago. Brad Wardell is a Microsoft supporter that only uses DX. He doesn’t support other APIs so naturally he is going to lie and exaggerate the impacts of DX simply because he doesn’t know that the PS4 had lower level since the beginning.

      If you paid more for a weaker console but you hope DX12 will keep the performance of that console above the stronger console, you’re a sad loser and a completely ignorant degenerate that needs to be eradicated from the human race.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      I was up for debate on some of this then I read your last comment. Not worth the time…

    • archfiendx

      These people are stupid.

    • Graeme Willy

      On the contrary, DX12 makes some pretty significant changes to how things are handled, vs, DX11+…that, in itself is, makes it a huge update. Never mind the Xbox.

      DX11 automated routines, in an attempt to free developers of tasks that may have been tedious, but tasks that many wished they had more control over all the same. DX11 was about making development easy, is why. Unfortunately, it also meant that in order to automate some of these routines, extra resources had to be used that otherwise would not have been in the first place, had MS just left developers in Full-Control over all aspects of the API. This is the entire point with “completely, low level access” to the hardware: give the developers the control they need and free up much needed resources in the process, while consequently reducing the amount of overhead and latency that goes along with it.

      The other thing, is that DX12 is a big deal for the Xbox One because DX12 – or should I say, “The Xbox One” was designed around DX12.

  • Brian

    good things to look forward to on xb1

  • Sobekflakmonkey

    seems like a decent honest guy, if they XBO ramps up I might just have to buy one.

  • Omnipotent


    • I’m Flat Out Right


    • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

      that was funny….its almost like when the Sony fanboys thought that PS4 was 50% more powerful…..

    • Mark

      Lol! Cheers

  • Failz

    Oh snap another good news article for the X1. Incoming Sony drones.

  • Deeboy

    Also Brad turned around and said PS4 can’t use Vulkan because it already has a low level API. Search Twitter again and do another article on that. I bet it gets a lot of hits.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Funny I thought we were done with the sad hopeful secret sauce articles, LOL.

    • Guest

      The secret is out…the sauce is real….so yea, those articles are done. Just the facts from the horses mouth now.

  • Jeremy Freeman

    You will not notice any performance boost or graphical difference from DX12 or the ESRAM. They already free’d that up last year. And it made very little difference. DX12 is for software, not the hardware. What’s done is done, they chose to put a now “89$” GPU equivalent inside the Xbone. It may be slightly more optimized by MS themselves but it’s still not going to change the AA, AO, AF, Draw Distance or Framerate issues that the Xbox has. God I wish people would just get over this. I use my Xbox for DLNA content mostly and game a little. Also exclusives. Hardcore gamers need to stick with PS4. Which is still the best overall. MS just makes themselves look worse with all these gimmicks and conjecture. Did you hear anyone complain this much or make a stink about the lesser GPU power of the PS3? NO! They still managed to whip out some incredible looking/performing games. So if you’re a 3rd party person go for PS4. When they start releasing GOOD exclusives I’ll get one. For now Xbone is fine. Not much I’m interested in anyways. Then again I am 39, not 19. lol


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