E3 Judge’s Week Doesn’t Indicate Anything Special From Sony, Expo More About 3rd Party Games

The industry’s biggest expo is less than three weeks away.

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E3 2014 is inching closer and closer with each passing day and industry insider Ahsan Rasheed – also known as “Thuway” – has revealed some interesting tidbits about what we may (and may not) see from Microsoft and Sony.

Firstly, it doesn’t seem that Sony has anything special planned. “Sony’s E3 we’ve heard close to nothing about. Judge’s week also didn’t indicate anything special coming from Sony.”

‘Judge’s week’ is essentially an exclusive event where a few game journalists get to see the biggest titles of E3 in advance. That Sony showcased nothing during Judge’s week could also indicate it wants to keep things under wraps for its E3 media briefing so keep an open mind for now.

Nonetheless, if you’re expecting either Sony or Microsoft to flood you with first party exclusives, prepare to be disappointed. “This might pain people to hear this, but a majority of E3 will be dedicated to third parties showing off their titles.”

This doesn’t mean we won’t see some high profile Xbox One and PS4 titles though. It goes without saying that any insider information must be taken with a massive grain of salt, although Ahsan Rasheed’s track record has been pretty solid till date. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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  • ME3X12

    Sony is BROKE!!! PS4 is nothing more then an indie box with mainly remakes and indies with very few first party. MS is going to DESTROY Sony at E3 the tide is shifting and the general feeling around gaming especially with MS making big changes for the better is most gamers are going back to Xbox and coming to terms that PS4 is smoke and mirrors and an indie box.


    • Kasual7

      I don’t why you would contradict your argument by this gif, clearly it makes fun of Microsoft –> 792p

    • Hates bad writers.

      It’s implying that it isn’t that bad, which it isn’t. Resolution differences are nothing but an argument point for fanboys.

    • David

      Lol that gif is hilarious

    • ThePokeMaster

      The article talks about BOTH PS4 and Xbox One.

      “”if you’re expecting either Sony or Microsoft to flood you with first party exclusives, prepare to be disappointed.””

      It’s funny how you fanboys forget that all of Sony’s first-party studios (Worldwide Studios) are all working on PS4 exclusives. Not to mention exclusive third-party JP games.
      This just shows how ignorant you fanboys are if you really think PS4 won’t have many exclusives.

    • datdude

      “MS is going to DESTROY Sony at E3″……with what? More 792p gaming options for that new console? LOLOLOL!!! Get real man. Sony has the best first party developers on the planet. The argument ends there.

    • Nathan O

      “Sony has the best first party developers on the planet”

      yeah, and no money to pay them

  • sandman

    are you stupid microsolf is dead

    • ME3X12

      LMFAO!!! your fanboy denial is funny MS is going to DESTROY Sony at E3 everything is turning out better on X1

  • Michael Cardwell

    Wow what a surprise another boring E3….


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