Elite Dangerous Xbox One Runs at 1080p, 60fps in PvP And 30fps in Massively Multiplayer Open Galaxy

Senior producer for Xbox One Gary Richards also talks about the CQC update.

Posted By | On 02nd, Oct. 2015 Under News

Elite: Dangerous Powerplay

Elite: Dangerous will be releasing soon on the Xbox One and fans can expect a wide open universe with tons of activities to partake in. GamingBolt spoke to Gary Richards, senior producer for the Xbox One version, and asked about the resolution, frame rate and the upcoming CQC update.

With regards to the resolution and frame rate, Richards said that the massively multiplayer open galaxy would run at 1080p resolution and 30 FPS but there’s more. “We hit 1080p/30 FPS in the massively multiplayer open galaxy, and 1080p/60 FPS in our dedicated PVP mode, Close Quarter Combat.”

How is the CQC update shaping up on the Xbox One? According to Richards, it’s the same insane PvP mayhem. “We beta-tested CQC first on Xbox One because we wanted fresh players on the new way to play, without bringing hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of hours of expertise to the table, but we’ve found players on every platform have taken to CQC in the same way. Wherever you play it’s the same crazy PVP battleground with no up and no down, in these intricate custom-built arenas where threats can come from anywhere.

“Elite Dangerous 1.4 ships the very same day as Elite Dangerous for Xbox One, so Mac and PC will get CQC at the very same time. We’re going to keep supporting it going forwards, and we hope it becomes a really competitive space. We know the e-sports community doesn’t come for free, so we’re going to be developing it in a measured fashion, and if that community wants us, we’ll be there to support them.”

Elite: Dangerous releases for Xbox One on October 6th.

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  • Guest

    Played the hour demo or whatever it was earlier this fall…Seemed like it could be fun, but I couldn’t find the sweet spot on the controls and it either felt really sluggish or wildly out of control.

  • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

    Cool game….couldn’t get into eve…but this game…more satisfying having more control over ur ship

    • red2k

      Yeah i agreed. They need add a close combat mode when you are close to the enemies this mode is unlocked and you can fly like a military aircraft.

    • Sandra Chapa

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  • Deeboy

    My favorite game by far this Gen.

  • Rodney Patrick

    Where is that loser xbotmdk1 now what bullshit he got to say about the game

    • XbotMK1

      I’m not like you. I’m not a fanboy who bashes a game just because it’s on a specific platform. I troll Xbox fanboys and I bash games, developers, and companies that deserve it.

    • GHz

      How about this? Stop harassing Xbox gamers and game developers all together. You give real PS4 fans a really bad name. Stop with the lies and just enjoy your platform and games! Stop with the stalking, fake accounts and fanatical behavior. How about that?

  • Jason Shephard

    Cant……stop…..playing. Nothing else on my XB1 gets a look in.

  • Allfor1

    Love this gem! Glad its come over from PC. Been in the GPP since announced for the One. No regrets! Looking forward to Horizon add on. Also good to know that GPP get to keep their rank, ships and resources already aquired.


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