Expect Great Things From PS4/Xbox One In Two Years, Advanced Warfare Barely Pushing Them: Schofield

Sledgehammer Games studio head Glen Schofield says “these things don’t come with instruction manuals”.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare defender map

Sledgehammer Games studio head and chief creative officer Glen Schofield has his hands full with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare these days, especially since the FPS will be the first true PS4/Xbox One title in the franchise (with the previous gen versions under development at High Moon Studios). But would he say that it’s coming close to pushing the power of both current gen consoles?

GamingBolt asked Schofield about the same. “In our game? No I wouldn’t. Based on the fact that this is my seventh console transition I would say that we’re barely…no we’re not pushing it yet. It’s going to take another two years before we understand.

“Remember these things don’t come with instruction manuals, so right now we’re just trying to get as much done as we can, trying to learn more, trying to get the game done. But yeah give the engineers another two years and you’re going to see some great s**t man.”

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be out November 4th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Psionicinversion

    lol yeah whatever

    • Michael Norris

      Pc is king we get that but he is right both consoles have more horse power.

    • Psionicinversion

      depends on how much COD pushed it. The problem is if theyve got more horsepower why is it that they can never achieve PC level top gfx in say Unity/witcher 3 etc?????

    • Guest

      Because those games were started into development on the very first SDKs and the game engines and middleware are going to improve with time as well. Lots of optimization to go around. It doesn’t just all come in one fell swoop.

  • MrKmal10

    I believe him. Developpers needs more times before they can fully exploit the potential of these consoles and show what they’re are capable of. When they will start tapping on GPGPU we’ll see great things !

    • Michael Norris

      Ps4 has so many ACE units can’t wait till developers start using them to their max.

    • MrKmal10

      Naughty Dog will show them how to get the job done. ^^

    • Psionicinversion

      ND are really good tbh but theres a certain point in development where it costs to much to try squeeze a few more % out of it for negligible gains…. thats when a console is maxed.

      Tbh i dont think either console will be maxed for 2 years as sony spends millions trying to optimise the rubbish cpu (which Ubisoft with AC has found that the xbox CPU is marginally more powerful than the PS4’s BUT both are about on par with PS3’s CPU, thats how rubbish they are) but the performance gains i reckon 20% at most whilst PC gets closer and closer to console architecture making the main things that gave consoles a big advantage are disappearing and thats why PC will always be king… of the ring!!!

    • Psionicinversion

      do you know what ACE units even do? the 290/290x has 8 ACE units to but nvidias new GPU’s smash it to bits on a 256bit bus and still 2 ACE queues

    • Mark

      8 ACES = 1 Command Processor, per AMD. They’re used for efficient utilization of Compute on the CU (Compute Units) on PS4. They aren’t extra units or anything to add on to the 18 CUs (really 14) of the PS4. But they will allow great things on the PS4 when devs use it for Compute that is really just CPU tasks (physics, AI etc) done better on the GPU.

      To be frank, per AMD, 8 ACES = 1 Command Processor. It is the part of the OS that receives and issues commands. The Xbox One has 4 Command Processors; 2 for GFX and 2 for Compute. So does this mean the X1 really has 24 ACES? It just means grater control of the app (or game). It doesn’t add anything to CUs. The ACES just allows better control of Compute.

    • Psionicinversion

      well the thing with that is GPGPU isnt limited to console any AMD and nvidia GPU can do it so as long as they apply it to PC version PC version will still be miles ahead. also the PC GPU’s can have alot more compute units free to for even more processing :d

    • MrKmal10

      But wether or not it GPGPU already exist on PC is not the question. The question is that developpers need to use it on PS4 as it has a powerful GPU compared to Xbox One. But the thing is tapping on GPGPU is not as simple as that. So Developpers from naughtyDogs (ICeTeam) are showing others devellopers how this can be done. As a matter of fact, recently Naughty Dog held a conference gathering games devellopers to show them the differents technic that can be used. Not so long ago we even heard about the ICE Team improving the SDK to allow games developers better libraries and an easier time of getting up and running so we should see an advancement of GPU Rendering. So yeah.yeah. As the console is GPU centric tapping on GPGPU will be the key to the console performance and the gap between Xbox One will keep widening as time goes by. And I said earlier Naughty Dog is the one showing the way forward… that’s particurlarly true with Uncharted 4 that looks just magnificient ! And they’re aiming for 1080p/60fps ! Because they know how to exploit the potential of the console. We just have to wait for the developpers to get familliar with the hadware to see great things. It’s just the beginning.

    • Mark

      U do realize that the PS4 cannot even do paralell rendering right? It has 1 pipeline for rendering. Even for GPGPU. Those 8 ACES that everyone’s talking about on PS4, is equal to 1 Command Processor, per AMD. X1 has 4 Command Processors; 2 for GFX, 2 for Compute. Command Processors are what devs use to issue commands to the pipeline (if I’m correct). It has dual pipe lines for dual rendering, simultaneously. So it can in fact calculate 2 times the commands the PS4 can in the same time frame. But only under DX12. That GPGPU test done by UbiSoft was under DX11, which is what current X1 is using.

      Brad Wardell talked about the X1 and paralell rendering, to give the GPU boost of 2x. Yes that’s still considering CPU multi-threading. His current DX12 game is seeing 40% gains currently on X1, due to this feature, from recent Tweets. We’re already seeing resolution and frame rate parity on a number of games between the 2 systems, and this is without the X1’s intended API (DX12), or even best usage of Esram (Move Engines aren’t even active currently). I have slides to prove this. I doubt the PS4 creates a wide gap, but both will improve obviously.

    • Psionicinversion

      you r stupid the only thing that can improve the compute performance is AMD, ND got nothing without AMD there got nothing. that increase is on driver level; so X1, ps4 and PC gets it. Next move

    • MrKmal10

      You’re the stupid one for thinking that consoles are not going to improve performance-wise whereas in the old geneneration of consoles we could see really big differences between first games and last games in terms of graphics. But i’m not suprised really, most of your comments are intented to put your PC forward and to criticize the consoles. So i’m gonna stop discussing with you as you’re to biaised to have a good reasoning. Oh and get a life.

  • Ricoh123

    Ps4 is a mid range pc. Of course it is going to run current games well.

    Xb1 has new and misunderstood architecture in it.

    I believe the xb1 will be better suited for the newer software.

    Give it 1-2 years and the graphics of both will be better still.

  • Ricoh123

    Pcs will always fall flat on its face time and time again as nothing ever works properly on pc lolol.

    • Psionicinversion

      only does that because of lazy developers

    • Ricoh123

      Completely agree.

      Unfortunately though, the reasons don’t make any difference to the outcome.

  • Alex Serrano

    Please explain this to me…i know pc has the greatest fan base but why is it that developers pay more attention to consoles?

    • Ricoh123

      Because shovelware sells very very well on PCs.

      Triple a games sell way better on consoles.

      PC gamers are mostly under the impression that the top new games look better, run better and sell better on PC.

      This really isnt the case. A minority of people own PCs powerful enough to make games look better on PC, many top new games have problems on PCs, and they simply don’t sell better on PCs, not to mention the very best exclusives never even get released on PC.

      PC gamers get sold on an illusion of what PC gaming is all about in many cases. Not to say PC gaming is rubbish, far from it, it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be. PC fanboys then defend it to high heavens, just the same as any fanboy does.

    • Matty England

      Piracy and torrents.
      Most of the PC gamers I know don’t actually pay for their games. Obviously a lot do pay, I don’t mean to stereotype but I think the devs have a safer bet of return on consoles.

    • James

      Console games sell more copies at a higher price than most Pc games.
      Publishers make more money on console and dont have to worry as much about piracy.
      Pc development also tends to be more difficult because the wide range of hardware configuration that have to be considered. Then you have content deals on the consoles that dont happen in the pc world.


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